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I rediscovered my 75's for use with an iPhone 5S and what sheer listening pleasure over my iPod classic. I'm carrying the 75's more and more and in its stock state.
I like my 75's un-modded thus far sound-wise. :)
A wax guard to someone on security detail at Madame Tussauds.
It's like we have two different pairs. Try the Sesaphonics test for seal. I found that to be an eye opener when dissatisfied with an IEM. I think I found a sweet spot with these. I tried pushing in deep and no good. Less fuss and bingo. I also noticed my seal improved as the ear heated the tip. Like it conformed better after a while.
Something's wierd. No bass in Extreme Explosives?
Mine reach down deep. I put on some Total Recall soundtrack (2012) with its LFE and hear just about all of it. Very engaging overall. Using included dual flange. iPod classic through a Leckerton amp; (I forget the optional op-amp I installed into it. )
It's an SE-215 thread, zamorin. There are other threads suitable for coming out of left field.
For me, the black is thick enough. Clear shell could give impression of being a hearing aid.
Mark, are these an improvement over SE-215?   Would the Blox be good for watching action movies with explosions and LFE effects?
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