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Craig surely knows. He said just not to mix them (A vs non-A) and all would be well.
i have tried the EY500A from Telefunken in my ZDSE and it changes the sound. A decent amount more body. I didn't have luck matching them though. Not sure if the mismatch is what changes the sound. It should just add some 60 hz distortion. I assume they have to be matched in the 2A3 as well. i also tried some Valvo's and they sound exactly like the stock ones. Hard to find I thought. Didn't know that the 6EC4 would work as well. $0.02
I should have paid more attention. My 650's are loud at 9 o'clock. I'm sure the HE-6 was less than noon. I was sitting on the right side of the amp and would have noticed. It was certainly less than the Abyss which I paid attention too. Not important in any case. They both sounded great.
I heard the Abyss this weekend at the Seattle Head-Fi meet. They were just amazing on my EC 2A3x4. The bass was better than the LCD-3. The sound stage is crazy. Much better than the HD-800 IMHO. I was listening to a 20 year old EDM track, which is normally muddy and pretty boring truthfully. It was just awesome on the Abyss. The mids are just so clear is kind of triply. I didn't listen near long enough. The combo got lots of wow's and holy ****s....from long time...
At this weekend's Seattle meet I got to try some new / different headphones. It sounded great with all of them. No surprise there. I really liked the HE-6. It sounded great to me. The guy with the HE-6 and speaker amp liked it as well. It's only at 9-10 o'clock on the volume knob if memory serves. Plenty of headroom. The HE-560 sounded good as well. It didn't wow me or anything, but it's a nice headphone. Now the Abyss was just amazing. The sound stage is...
What did your LCD-3's sell for? I was going to try out the LCD-X myself. Thanks, Andrew
My Amperex are harsher. Weird.Anyone tried a 6c45pi?
S/N 4 for me. It seems to be taking its time breaking in. I'm on day six but it could still use a little help on transients. They were crazy at first. The Shuguan Nature Sound are pretty nice. Great extension but a little light on mid-bass. Great treble. I currently have a pair of dual mono plate's and a RCA clone both from Sylvania. Pretty nice. I want to try some Kron's once I recover from buying the amp. I can compare it to the Mk2 once it settles down.
Send tech support a note. You need a different user to be created for the forums to be able to download. Even if you are logged on to the site...crazy.
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