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What did your LCD-3's sell for? I was going to try out the LCD-X myself. Thanks, Andrew
My Amperex are harsher. Weird.Anyone tried a 6c45pi?
S/N 4 for me. It seems to be taking its time breaking in. I'm on day six but it could still use a little help on transients. They were crazy at first. The Shuguan Nature Sound are pretty nice. Great extension but a little light on mid-bass. Great treble. I currently have a pair of dual mono plate's and a RCA clone both from Sylvania. Pretty nice. I want to try some Kron's once I recover from buying the amp. I can compare it to the Mk2 once it settles down.
Send tech support a note. You need a different user to be created for the forums to be able to download. Even if you are logged on to the site...crazy.
I worked at Microsoft for a while. Every Phd candidate I interviewed with a great résumé couldn't code their way out of a wet paper bag. I knew before they got to my office. It was the same every time. HR was totally worthless with their screening. My wife (still at Microsoft) now goes with a totally non-msft interview. She's the hiring manager. She will hire someone with all non-hire recommendations from the previous interviews. She has a very happy efficient team....
What did you guys think of the Eddie Current 2a3 amp that they sent up for the meet? It's not mine you won't hurt my feelings. I know Gil wasn't a fan of my tubes (a little u-shaped). AC/DC wasn't working for him. Send some impressions. Everyone is too quiet. Throw them under the bus, I'm sure they'd want to know that as much as any positive feedback. I'd say to give Doc some love, but half the attendees had a Crack already :-). Who liked the mainline?
The HD-800 was very nice with the 2A3. Good bass and mid-bass. It always sounds so hollow to me on other setups. The highs were nice. Still too bright for me. Crazy detail, of course and great sound stage. Best I've heard it. Nearly tolerable Not many impressions yet, but here's the Seattle meet impressions
The Mjolnir power cord comes with a serious warning on it. Who can't use a power cord? I was at least hoping for some good Schiit humor...
Thanks for having us Doc, it was fun as always. Just a couple impressions. I can't say the AKG 812 did anything for me either. It was a tad bright, just not very musical or something. For $399 it would be good. I liked miceblue's Stax setup. I don't know why i didn't try it before. The HiFi man 400i was nice. I just wish they (incl the He-6) were more comfortable. I should have tried the 400 on my setup. It never occurs to me to borrow cans until I'm on the...
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