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I recently went to radio shack and purchased a pair of Klipsch s3's for $40 because I kept breaking sets of meelectronics m9's. Through my research I have found another set the m2's are very highly regarded and can be had for $50 pre-ordered. Is it worth it to take back the s3's and order the m2's? Or will it make little to no difference? Thanks in advance for your help!
Well I went to the mall earlier and Radio Shack had the Klipsch s3 on sale for $40 so I decided to give them a try. Did I screw up too bad or are they a solid IEM for that price? Cant seem to find much info for them on here, thanks in advance!
I use them for lifting/running and for some reason one side always stops working, pretty annoying and not worth it to keep sending them back to meelectronics every 2 weeks
Can someone please reccomend me a pair of durable budget IEM's, i've now went through 2 pairs of meelectronics m9's and just want a set of IEM's that will take a little bit of abuse but are still ~$30. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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