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Hey Zulkr9,   Just click the image link of the headphones, and enter coupon code MARCH2012 at checkout.   Thanks!   Electronics Expo Team
Great!  Thanks for your support.   Electronics Expo Team
Hello Head-Fiers!   Electronics Expo has made a special purchase on Denon 1100s.  We would like to pass our savings along to you, so we are offering these amazing over-ear headphones at 50% off MSRP.   If you have been on the fence about investing in a fantastic set of Denons at an incredible price, let Expo bring these to you today!   Forgot to mention!  We have a limited amount of these babies in stock at this price, so swing by today!       As...
Dear Head-fi'rs,   Electronics Expo just teamed up with HeadFi as a sponsor to this great community!   We are authorized retailers for over 100 brands, including Denon, Sennheiser, AKG, Yamaha, and many more.    We sincerely thank the community for your past support, and we look forward to an interactive relationship in the future.   The Electronics Expo Team
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