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Posts by vale25   Can someone explain this? Sennheiser recently understood  that can ask  much more to the headphones market
Hello guys,  When I use my headphones with remote and mic on my mobiles (htc one sv, sony xperia e1) I can hear a souspicious pop when I pull out my headphones, so I measured with a multimer and a  jack-jack cable the voltage at the output and I found more than one DC volt (for an istant) when the jack goes out! I know that I should use an oscilloscope to measure a transient of this kind, but I think I can however receive an indication from my multimer, no? Can this damage...
I'm selling  because I don't use it
 I also found a great improvement in the high with this trick... but don't you think that this can cause some stress to nozzle when it's inserted in the ear canal? (I'm very scared by nozzle  breaking)
Bought in february 2014 (this month) 65 Euro + shipping cost
PM sent
maybe they are only very worn out
maybe, but the photo I posted was taken by me!
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