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Sorry, $280 is my best.
Final price drop. If no one's interested I'm gonna keep it. Thanks.
Up. Couldn't find the bump button.
Still available.
Bought them in 27/3/2012. It comes with electronic receipt, and I've already registered for another year of warranty with Westone (with my email).   I've upgraded to ES3X so no need for this one.   Paypal and shipping included. Will ship worldwide
Bought them for 3 months. Used for ~20 hours. Not much to say, everything is excellent, it's just not my style.   Asking for $260 already including paypal fee and shipping fee in Australia. I'll charge additional shipping for nternational buyer.   This is the first time I come here but I've sold many valuable things on ebay with perfect feedback you can check:   Thanks.
OMG, S3 seems to have it all. Wolfson, replacable battery, sd slot..Great.
Thanks man.
I've got to sell my ATH CK100. It's good with Iphone but not my musical style.
Waiting to try this on, hopefully the design will change.
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