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It's definitely on my list, as is the TH900. I just want to hear impressions of all these pairings before jumping, and I can't find much on the K812 combo. I also have a slight interest in staying loyal to AKG since I love the K701 so much and naively assume the K812 might be my favorite flagship, even if it isn't everyone else's.
Hey Guys, Looking for your impressions on using the AKG K812 with the WA7... Looking for that perfect flagship phone for my fireflies that caters to my large-soundstage and slightly treble-favoring preferences. Current phones are the K701s and I love the combo, but I know I can do better. Thanks!
Right, I was messaging him about it and he sent me your exact description of the mods vs. the stock. My only concern is that the dampening is going to accentuate the bass more than I'm comfortable with. I prefer bright phones to dark as it is. Anyway, it's not the only headphone I'm looking at right now so I'm just kind of getting a feel for the market before I jump on something. I also have a post for WTB AKG K812s. 
Upgrading from the K701s, want to stay within the AKG family. Amping with the Woo WA7 Fireflies. Please PM offers. Thanks everyone!
Looking to bite on the right offer. Must ship to US. Thanks!
Pm sent
Thread revival...   Anyone figure out where to buy the K702 Anniversary Edition Earpads? I'm looking to upgrade my worn out K701 pads as well.   Thanks!   Edit: Got through to their parts department. The Anny pads are currently $29/ea + shipping, while the stock K701 pads are about half that. Call (818) 920-3279 and ask for Frank if you want to skip navigating through the recorded messages.
Really? I'm not sure which DAC you're referring to, but the one I'm selling is $450 new. I thought $275 was more than fair.   Edit: Ok, I see what you're referring to. The NuForce Icon DAC does sell for $299. But that's not what I'm selling, so I'm not sure why it's relevant. They are different pieces of equipment. The HDP that I'm selling is more high end, so it still sells...
Selling my NuForce Icon HDP DAC/Amp - perfect aesthetic condition. $275 - $250 shipped, fees on me. I am the first owner and I've had it for about two years. I used it as a dedicated headamp for six months and then as a DAC in various larger hi-fi and head-fi setups. The versatility of this amp is incredible. Large, detailed soundstage; crisp, clean highs and rich mids. Bass is not overpowering, but very smooth. Read some reviews, widely acclaimed piece of...
Looking for these phones! Used is fine, mods are fine. Should be fully functional. Looking to pay around 200USD. I live in CONUS. Thanks!
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