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I did this last year, just stop trying so hard and if it will happen it will and if not it won't. Ironically the girl I was in your shoes over now is actually over cause my sisters birthday and crushes on me but I'm with someone else who suits me much better. But when I was acting like a lost dog all I did was turn her away from me but after stopping caring that changed. Anyways just stop with the gifts and do your own thing, you have your whole life to find the perfect...
with throwing them around everywhere 5 days a week under all my books, there's nothing wrong with mine, sound great, they're tanks man.
^This, these are the only headphones I'll feel safe shoving in the bottom of a 10 pound backpack I tthrow around all day, fall on the ground a lot, take on car rides and to school and camps, etc... These are definitely keepers, though I have been wanting to try a brighter sound, the new Grado SR80e grabbed my attention well, the SR80i was a can I've always wanted so can anyone compare the SR80x to the JVCs?
nice. I forgot to say that my mouse is vertical, I'll post a video of it sometime late tomorrow with the LEDs, it's pretty cool, I love it, so comfy.
MX Greens are my favorite switch, so much better than blue, they're great, I just realized I never sold them so that means that I'll put them in sometime soon. I also just got in something I've been waiting for for a while, color changing LEDs for my mouse, putting them in tonight, also, the anker vertical mouse is great, I just replaced all the switches to omrons I harvested from old mouses I got from my school last week, even the weird 90° ones.
Well any decent tv or projector will do 24hz, and a whole bunch of older more square monitors use 75hz.EDIT: Also, the hz is known as the refresh rate.
Ducky has the labeling only on the bottom and on the PCB.
Oh yeah I enjoyed it greatly, I kind of want to watch it again now, some of the scenes were just gorgeous.
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