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I've been wanting a laptop just to run Linux on, basic stuff, I just want 4G of ram, an i3, good screen, aluminum, good battery, and doesn't flex when you use the keyboard. Expandability for the drives or ram would be nice though. *impossible dreams* I wanna kinda suck it up and get a lenovo x1 because the track point and ultra portable but the price is so high... I may still get it, just gotta save up money from working for hardware I won't utilize... Just a 13 or 14 inch...
I've been using arch just fine but systemd was bothering me and I decided to install funtoo and its so different, hopefully I can pick up and learn it pretty soon, it took like 2 days to get tired of i3 and I went back to open box... Then immediately went back, tiling is so great. But yeah hopefully I can understand funtoo because atm use flags and different kernels and stuff are getting real confusing. :/ oh but I never have had to restart the install process and got it...
Run arch or archbsd or puppy linux lol. Also someone has ran netbsd on a toaster. Srs.
my first was a steel and mesh one that was weird and gimmicky, annex air or some ****, and my second one was their second case.
Lel just a sister.Also, can you guys like this contest submission?
Also did anyone else get excited while reading the webvtt page on w3schools? Get this, external subtitles... With freaking style sheets. Perfect.
This thread loves you!
her sisters wedding.
great! Still with the gf and everything's going great! I'm going to Oregon in August with her and I'm so pumped.
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