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I would 100% be interested in this! I think it would be ideal for nearfield systems where the $700 Vidar is too large and expensive.
Count me in too! Hopefully I'll be able to stay longer, I've been dying to try out some amps with my modded HD650!
Huh, I've had the exact opposite experience. I've never had any issues getting DACs to work with my Nexus 6. About the 16bit, why don't you try Neutron Player? Anyways, I doubt a difference will be heard on a mobile setup, I just convert my stuff to 320bit OPUS, and that's more transparent than what my IEMs can resolve anyways. For desktop though I understand, but I think neutron player + USB OTG to a DAC would suffice. There's also rockbox for android, but I don't know...
Just to butt in - the IBM Model F is clearly the best sounding keyboard. Those things are capacitive buckling spring goodness. They feel better than the Model M's too.
I'm selling my HE-400i for $299 here. It's the old versions with the SMC connectors.
Looking to sell my HE-400i for $279.99 + shipping. If you want to do PayPal as goods, add 4%. I bought it two years ago from a shop demo for $419.99 + shipping. It is the model with the older cable connectors. I actually prefer them more as the 2.5mm jacks can fall out easier. I'd say condition is 9/10, with a small chip on one cup. It won't affect sound quality at all.
Just so you know guys, Schiit has explicitely said that they wouldn't make transducers. Mostly bacause there are so many good options available and because they don't want to hurt their relationehip with other audio companies.
You could probably solder a socket onto it and then you could roll op amps.
Just saying if you're on the fence about getting a Modi 2, get the Uber. Schiit started putting the 4490 DAC chip in it but not the non-uber. I just got mine in and I'm still deciding how I like it.
Still available.
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