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I redid cable management on my PC...
If Microsoft
Yeah edge seems actually pretty nice, kinda like vivaldi... I still prefer Firefox though.
yeah, I'm just impatient and I've been wanting to do a fresh install for a while.
Well, I'm installing windows 10...
Yeah Motorola is not the best but my GF loves her Moto X (2014) otherwise, it is a nice phone as well. And the one concern I had with the nexus 6 was the size but now there's no way I could use anything smaller. Also, guys, check out Fleksy, it's a super badass keyboard! (the only one I have found better than stock Google.) Once you get used to the swiping at least. The chameleon keyboard theme is awesome too, worth the 3 bucks imho. I have the size to the medium setting...
Not sure if the OS they use supports Google's new camera API, but try Manual Camera, it's pretty nice and would allow you to set a fixed shutter time/gain or w/e it's called.
How do you feel about the Nexus phones? I love my Nexus 6, and while it's more $$$ than the OPO, I love the bigger qHD screen!
Okay guys, maybe I don't have trained ears, but I cannot tell a difference between amps, I'm going through a switcher where I just turn a knob to change which amp is outputting and it's the exact same to me. Just putting my input in before you rush out and spend $200 on an amp. (I was comparing the amp of the Aune T1 to the Asgard 2)
Sadly, yes.
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