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I guess I'll get a Magni 2 Uber and save up for a Lyr 2, thanks for all the input, guys!
Gotcha, I think I'll go ahead and go with the Magni 2, or maybe a second hand Asgard 2 if I can get one for ~$175.
Gotcha, what do you think of the Little Dot 1+? I know that the Magni 2 Uber basically has the Sys built inside, minus a second analog input, so that's nice. And this tube?
Yeah I'd stick with my Aune until I get a modi 2 Uber (The SPDIF inputs are actually useful for me), just debating between the Asgard 2 and magni 2, along with any other options in the price range. One thing I do love is soundstage and detail. I think the main thing issue I have with the T1 right now is it doesn't seem to be powering the bass very well, but it could just be the headphones lol. I'll keep a look out for the Gustard, along with the Audio-GD. A later DAC...
Oh yeah I'd get the modi 2 Uber for sure. Just trying to find a nice amp that will stay with me for a long time.
I'm even thinking of the Valhalla lol, opinions on that?
So I'm still looking into an amp for these, and have a budget of $300, what should I be looking at? I could get a Valhalla 2, not sure how well it'd pair with the HE-400i though, I guess if it was really worth it I could get a second hand Lyr 2 or something.
Oh I'm just fretting cause I'm wanting to buy one lol, which do you think would drove the HE-400i better?
Technically the Magni 2 Uber has better specs and power output than the Asgard 2 according to the website, that's weird.
Me too, I guess the idea died...
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