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I got the blue ones, and, they are beautiful, they were like $25 extra when I bought them but I think they were worth it.
Or a Nexus? I love my Nexus 6, I still don't feel the need to upgrade from it.
Still available if you are interested.
A great DAC/Amp to try out the tube sound for a reasonable price, and can use the line-out to an amp if you are looking for an improvement. Looking to sell for $115 plus shipping and PayPal fees if buying as goods. Price is firm. Will trade for a Modi 2 Uber.
Is that the only update? On-board will be more than enough for me, I won't game or do any intensive work besides some programming if I feel like it.Exactly, I am looking for size, weight, battery, display, keyboard, and trackpad in a laptop. I could get a quad-core with a discrete gpu probably for the price, but, that just is not what I am looking for. If a laptop doesn't feel nice, it will just feel cheapy no matter the specs, IMO.
I've used Macrium Reflect Free a few times, works perfectly!Using the deal Boweii posted, I got a fully spec'd out XPS 13 with a 2 year protection plan for $1,078 plus tax. (The code wouldn't work on Saturday, so I called them today and they would make the offer valid if I bought the warranty)Specs:6th Generation Intel Core i7-6500U (Dual core, but this won't be a PC for intensive tasks)Windows 10 Professional8GB LPDDR3 1866MHz (Soldered. )256GB PCIe Solid State...
Non-tumblr news: just had my 2 year anniversary!
I found out I'm happy with my gear too! I didn't listen to the LCD-4 though. Also, thanks for the picture Hsubox!
Hey guys, I had a blast! I loved the HE1000, definitely the best at the show to my ears. Also figured I'm gonna buy the ODAC probably, does anyone have a comparison to the Modi 2 Uber? Those extra inputs seem nice. (plus I have an Asgard 2 so it would match, I enjoyed the jerg modded he500 also)
You know, I felt that the bass was lacking with it always, but I have never tried anything other than the stock tube, aside from a few that I got at a garage sale but just sounded distant. The Asgard did help slightly with the bass, but I mean the difference was so small I could hardly tell.Okay, I'm selling my Aune T1 for an ODAC or a Modi 2 Uber, I just am looking for something more detailed. What price should I go for though?
New Posts  All Forums: