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500+ hours for burn in?!
 I was going to write a detailed review on my newly purchased EX650AP until I heard them. Bass response is impressive for a small canalphone, unfortunately I found the treble region to be harsh, sibilant and distorted (the kind you can't fix with EQ). That kind of killed my enthusiasm for these, considering the rave reviews they have gotten from popular websites.
 I think one of the main problems could be the angled nozzle and the shape of the ear canals. When I try to insert it deep the sound just cuts out completely, indicating a complete blockage of the nozzle by the tips. Shame, I like spinning them on my fingertips lol.
 So I ended up trying the S, M and L spinfit tips with the IM70. Unfortunately I couldn't get a proper seal with either of the tip sizes, so won't make any comment on sound. 
Long story short: Try everything.
 Should be 1 to 2 weeks until I receive the tips. I don't have any issues with comply, only that they need to be replaced periodically which requires an upkeep cost.
 I ordered SpinFits a few days ago, and will let you know how they go. Actually comply shouldn't reduce the sound quality of your earphones, the key is to roll them (correctly) such that the nozzle is clearly exposed and wont be obstructed when the foam expands in your ears. Tyll from Innerfidelity had a good article and video on how to correctly roll the tips and explained why sound gets muffled when they aren't rolled properly.
I think they had a lot of QA issues on top of all that which really eroded many potential customers trust in their products. Issues such as cracking from removing the treble filters all the way to guaranteed cable problems (1st and 2nd revision) plagued their products. Despite that, I really liked the superb fit and sound coming out from my SA6 (while it lasted) and thought that the tunable system was quite intuitive.
Does it reach W60 levels of detail?
Westone W60 and the Audio Technica IM03/CKR9 are worth an audition if you are after good treble rendition.
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