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 Exciting times for our wallets They are marketing the 3 R's, resolution, sound reality and high response. I hope it is incredibly detailed and accurate 
Its more of a collectors item now that the new IM series have been released. If you are looking to upgrade in that price range (and like the new Audio Technica sound signature), I would give the IM70 and IM02 a good look.   I tried the TF10's many years ago, so I don't think my memory comparison is relevant anymore. Its nice to see the price drop on the CKW1000 so much.. because I paid around $500 for my pair
Does anyone know if there is a compatible cable with iphone/mic controls?
Perhaps, but I have found that few professional reviewers attempt to dissect the sound as such.
I've got the blue ones, the sound is fantastic! Balanced, with just a tad bit of bass kick. Very detailed and delicious .   Comfortable as well, 5 hours straight with no problems
They are the iPhones on apples docks (not mine), being iTunes music files I presume they are vbr AACs
Hmm.. could be apple's poor wiring, because the P7 sounds fine to me, but H6 sounds poor. I might try connecting my phone directly to the headphone next time!
Today, I tried out the B&O H6 at the apple store. I found the treble quite harsh on every single track I listened to, they were using iPhone 5C's, and I had turned the EQ off.   I was just wondering whether anyone shares my experience in this regard. Of course we could pair it up with an amp, but considering that the headphone only comes with an iPhone mic cable, one would expect it to be paired as such.   I should note that the volume was unrestricted and over 3/4...
 Roomfeel technology not doing it for you?
Did you end up giving him positive feedback?
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