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 Of course, the material bill of quantities is going to be substantially less than the retail price. The retail costs must factor in research and development, marketing, overheads and include a markup for profit in order for healthy survival. Yes, I agree that the prices of earphones have skyrocketed in not-so-recent times (probably around the akg k3003i era lol), but it is difficult to find alternatives with an equivalent standard of SQ at a much lower price (in a similar...
I'm selling my Audio Technica ATH-IM04's to make space for newer earphones. The IM04's are in good condition, there are some abrasions on the face of the shell from general usage, but only visible on close-distance visual inspection. Only the earphones are supplied along with the stock medium tips and stock cable (no box, no manual, no additional ear-tips).   SOLD AUD price includes paypal fees but excludes shipping costs (I am based in Australia, so shipping cost varies...
 Sounds like they achieved their design goals then, to improve soundstaging and imaging .
 Could you describe which aspects of the sound were better than the W60s? Its ok to have subjective opinions, there is likely common ground amongst most listeners
I would try changing the tips around and examining their effects. I experienced a similar phenomenon with my W60's where the treble would be prone to slight harshness on cymbal crashes with the long blue star tip. Changed it over the the standard short star tip and the treble became much smoother with a nice realistic timbre for cymbals.
Sharing some IM04 love
The models for the LS70 and LS400 are the same though. Could it be the first dynamic thats actually more flush than BA model? lol
hard to compare since the pictures are actually different ears, but interesting nonetheless:   Source: AT Japan   And LS70: Source: AT Japan
Damn, just when I ordered a second set of IM04's with the HDC5 cable!   A few things about the live sound series I noted: are they using a new model for the IEMs? The housing of the LS400 looks like it sticks out the ear a lot different nozzle angle compared to IM-series sharp angles! :( same driver configuration for LS400 (2x bass, 1x mid, 1x high) but newly designed crossover network Will we be able to change the sound tubes?    
frequency response looks pretty good too!
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