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 Preliminary reviews on kakaku are mixed, with some indicating a lack of improvement (considering the great improvement in price lol).
 The E50's do have replaceable cables and are over the ear design as well.
 Looking forward to your impressions
 Interesting that you mention this. I have auditioned the E70s at two places and wasn't left with a favourable impression as you described, peaky and harsh treble (for female vocals). I doubt they were "burned-in", but surely the disparity should not be this large? Probably worth noting was that I didn't get a consistent seal with the E70's since the angle of the nozzle is rather extreme for my ear anatomy (SE846 and W60 nozzle angle is perfect for me though)
 Is this a common practice?
 Not at the moment. Though I have to say, I really love the cable on the e70, very soft yet very flexible (one of the best I have seen and felt). Fit is far superior on the E50 and E70 compared to the E40 owing to their more ergonomic and smaller designs (though still not at the level of the Shure SE846 or Westone W60, both of which, are more comfortable, less angular, with a better nozzle angle [almost perpendicular to the body]).
 Absolutely. I wouldn't be concerned if it was just the paint peeling off as such, but the actual faceplate has cracked physically near the screw area which is disappointing from a build quality view.
 Mine has been straight out of the box and used, never changed the faceplates as I like the gold colour . Still cracks. My other conjecture is due to the heat, rapid expansion and contraction over a period of time causes the cracks to occur. A shame about the 90 day warranty considering this is their flagship universal.
 Interesting that you mention this. I've only had a close inspection of my W60's just today. I have the "W" faceplates and only one side has a partial crack under the screw (I can tell its cracked by squeezing the sides of the W60 gently, theres movement on the cracked side, and its a solid feeling on earpiece thats not cracked). I think the problem is that the plastic is thin and curved in such a manner that it cracks due to the pre-stress and not from actual usage....
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