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How is this sound even possible for $5?!  
 The quality / price jump relationship isn't going to be linear (diminishing returns, dependent on your marginal SQ - price appreciation curve). However, if you were to upgrade from the W30, I would imagine going straight to the W60 would be more to your liking as the W50 is a much warmer sounding IEM. W60 has a well balanced sound with great timbre on the top end.
Busting out my old relics for a listen  
I believe the iphone 7 does have a DAC, since it does need to output sound to the built-in stereo speakers. The question is whether or not the DAC is connected to the lightning port and/or whether the apple certification standard requires a DAC built into the adapter/cable/external device.
I would rather carry wires over a dental floss box.
If they managed to replicate the sound of the nautilus tube loaded tweeter, i'm in.
I'm selling my Sennheiser Momentum 2.0's (ivory colour, over ear version) with the Android/Samsung galaxy remote cable (including original box, soft pouch and carrying case). I received these as a gift, unfortunately, my ears are too large for the ear cups and so experience some discomfort after an hour. Otherwise, the headphones have been used for less than 10 hours, sound excellent and are in excellent condition. I have checked the QR authenticity sticker on the box and...
 Looking forward to it! I was most impressed by the E50 out of the entire lineup as well.
I think you would have better luck getting them to design a MX1000 .
 Preliminary reviews on kakaku are mixed, with some indicating a lack of improvement (considering the great improvement in price lol).
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