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My wallet cant take much more! I was quite impressed by their new CM series S2 and 600 series S2 speakers, they are really making some genuine improvements across the line. I along with others hope that the P5 S2 is also substantially improved
 Have you considered getting your W40's reshelled into a custom in ear monitor? If its only the connector that has broken off, it can be exchanged with a new and even a different type of connector. Though it is odd that Westone themselves cannot get it fixed considering that it is still under warranty.
 I liked it just as much as my 8.A's Oops, cats out of the bag.
 I sure hope not either. But my prediction is that they will abandon the high end line (actually just one product now and not a line per se lol) of earbuds and just focus on the mainstream line where it might be slightly better from a cost recovery perspective. But we are seeing new releases of earbuds from the major manufacturers declining significantly compared to a decade ago, luckily there are new market players that are willing to fill this gap. At least we saw some...
 A wonderful insight into their design methods! Thanks! Now I need to get Mozart's piano sonata!
 Once the filter is removed is there a way to place it back on the nozzle? I was thinking of replacing the filter material sometime lol.
 Nice, do the volume control buttons work on your iphone/ipod?
 Ahh thank you, that was an interesting read. I own the PV1D subwoofer (dual driver design) actually in a dual opposing concentric configuration to improve pressure distribution inside the cabinet. Not entirely sure about the phase wiring for the CKR though. The example on DM is somewhat different to the actual configuration used by audio technica, as they have concentric drivers facing each other (as opposed to one into the cabinet and one out). If I remember correctly,...
 Yes, unfortunately I was not left with a favourable impression with these either considering the price. I suspect it may be aimed as a CKM1000 replacement, but whether one would have enough reason to upgrade would be an entirely different question. I think the key in this case is to achieve a more natural and balanced sound, as opposed to one that is just simply bassy. If I read correctly, one of the drivers is wired out of phase, that to me would seem to create alot of...
 Exciting times for our wallets They are marketing the 3 R's, resolution, sound reality and high response. I hope it is incredibly detailed and accurate 
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