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It's pretty simple. Let him post all he wants he has no credibility.
And people will contend you spent too little time with them and were variably switching gears. The real issue I see, you "evaluated" the HD800 and whatever else on gear youweren't familiar with. Period. Not very solid basis to berate these "flagships." 
He has measured a buttload. The HD800 is pretty much the most consistent headphone ever made. 
You realize a bunch of us sent our HD800's to Purrin for measurements. And yep, no meaningful differences. 
No. Money relayed the information, he just couldn't seem to track down the links. But it's definitely out there, somewhere. For sure.
You're not Money. He'll surely provide another source showing demonstrable differences, though.
And why would your sharing of this information warrant a ban?  Clarification: For those who don't know or are curious/concerned. It's the Woo line WEE/WES. Andthere's been ample discussion on the matter.  Hope that surely doesn't warrant a ban on my part.
Mind providing a link to the controlled tests of amps and DACs?
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