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She's almost ready. With another to follow shortly after.
In the same boat. Also interested in comparisons with the Kalliope. Seems an in-home trial is the only way to go, which seems rather difficult.
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Part of the problem is the sensitivity where any criticism is seen as an attack. I admit I can be a dick at times as I'm working on my diplomacy. Nope. It was in relation to subjectivity and comparative performance.
I've been banned, eh, a few times. And have had good discussions with Mods, so I get it. My above post was indicative to how sensitive people are to criticism.  And no, the world isn't perfect, Moderators have a full plate, etc. Currawong asked, I replied.
People are thin skinned, that's why. Hell, I've been warned for criticism toward someone who was speaking about gear, which they've never had any experience with. Clear TOS violation, but whatever, right.
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This slipped my radar. Will have my butler pick up a real copy, or, er, use this thing called the Internet. Great anticipation behind this for me as well.
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