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Gun is a bity shouty as is Mjolnir on their own. Gun paired with a more laid back or smoother amp become a 'synergistic' combo. Same goes for Mjolnir with a less assertive DAC i.e. PWD or M51. All this with the HD800. With the Audez'es Mojo and Gun are a fantastic pairing.
What are you guys talking about. Ragnarok mk II v 1.3 drops during the first full moon of November. 
A while back Jason reiterated they'll be using their own digital filter algorithm and a D/A conversion scheme that's never been seen before.  That is, a D/A stage not commercially available, or ever used in an audio product.
As is the directstream, totaldac and so on. It's really nothing new.
This mornings vape. 20g twisted flat ribbon . Single coil as per my usual. Flat ribbon burns much too hot for my liking, but I needed that kick this AM. Vaping some Indigo.  
If you anodize or powder coat it's not a problem.
Again, if you read his post he said recoating the diaphragm can often fix an imbalance. And again, this comes from firsthand experience working with electrostatic headphones. Get it? And more importantly, this is all after the fact that Meraias has sent his phones into Stax multiple times.   And further clarification, there have been units sent to Stax for service, which they only tested - they did not disassemble for inspection. So..
As many have said, Wachara is the man! (no different from the slew of DIY amps that aren't made by Stax ) Dude knows what he's doing. And he never encouraged anyone to open up their phones, he simply stated how recoating the diaphragm can fix the imbalance. 
Gotta agree. Julian do your homework before opening your mouth, bud.
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