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Perhaps you should try hearing some gears before dismissing them all. Ignorance is not an excuse.
I really still don't get the warranty thing. PJ sent them back to Stax for testing and they found no problems. Spritzer alluded that there isn't really a imbalance problem, it's just certain environmental factors can affect stats. I believe there have been a few who reported imbalance issues, had them sent to Stax - passing whatever tests Stax conducts and sent back noting no issues were found - yet owners find their pair are back to normal. Just goes back to the whole...
Quote: Originally Posted by astrostar59    Wrong. The max Ma for the on-board KGSShv is 5.5Ma due to the heat dissipation. The Off-board as standard is 10Ma, but many have tweaked it up to 14Ma.     You can build out the HV to whatever flavor you truly desire. As Kevin has said that's the beauty of DIY you can use the overpriced RK50 and silver wire or crank the bias to all hell. So there's no real standard.
I feel $200-400 more than the maybe estimated price isn't a whole lot considering this is their statement DAC.
Yggdrasil was always to be around $2k.
And . . . nobody cares.
Depends really. I think it comes down to how much down-time at work you have or if you work rigorously (construction, skydiving instructor, etc.) A good example of how RDA's aren't convenient is while driving. For RTA's there's a few. Fogger, Taifun, Kayfun, Squape, Aqua, etc. Those are all rebuildable tanks. As for carrying a case - I have a small container with cotton, o rings, drill bits, pliers,wire cutters, screwdriver, tweezers, kanthal and maybe another RDA or two....
What a badass cable, kphfrail. Nice work slacker, er, Steve. 
Yup. I sold him a custom white HD800, which he thrashed and tried to drag my name through the mud. He worked with Artemis Cables, fwiw (both scams) I still repaired them and sent them back. Pitty.
PK is really good - Krypto is just that much better. Grandma's is another I've heard lots of good things about, DT has me by the balls though. A very popular juice - it's in the top 5 right now for best ejuice of 2014. Innevape Heisenberg.  It's said to taste like the color blue, well, it does, I think. I am not quite sure how I feel about this juice (on the scale of best of the year,) but it's really quite tasty.It's pretty much a blue icee. Be it a ice pop or...
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