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Keep it heavy random, wussies.  Knights of the Abyss 
The machine is never going to stop. You just can't let it get to you. If you didn't buy it, your word doesn't mean ****. Well, that's my stance. I buy what I like, I''m not here to spread any gospel or really ******** anyone. Find your own truths, sheep. Bah.
Theorem: Oh, I'm going to die trying to love this ******* tank.   First off; Cons - Flavor. Probably the notch coil. So underwhelming. Pros - Everything else.   Size is great, I have no issue refilling with 60ml droppers. O ring tolerances are perfect, perfect. There's no leaking whatsoever. At all.   And I love top airflow, right. This isn't even close to Aeolus flavor. Next up I'll throw some aliens in there to stir the pot.     Aliens are much better....
You try the Juul? None of those have been stellar in the past, but that Juul is an absolute no-brainer. 
****. Grab a Pax Juul and call it a day.
The Red Shore - Unconsecrated
Dark Sermon - The Oracle
I ran into work issues and so I'll need a raincheck. Have a blast gentlemen.
Your only issue may be the dilution of your flavorings.  It's a good start either way to see if you find it satisfactory and perhaps to compare to some DIY of your own.
You can do that. Are you using concentrates or plan to just spike your flavored liquid with nic? I would almost just encourage you to pick up a kit and start playing aroundwith full DIY.
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