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So, Currawong has PM'ed me regarding my comment. Trust me, I don't want to be banned.There's really two sides to this, though.  A. This manufacturer didn't just send out a review sample (which is fine, I mean, what else do you expect reviewers to do, right.) They specifically stated they would only do so if intent was to not write a negative review. This is way ethically wrong and in part why I flat out don't trust this industry. (i,e. subjectivity, trust your own ears...
I know for a fact a very popular manufacturer in the portable industry has offered incentives for reviews. 
Yup. Just keep driving this down Jason's throat until he gives in.
Egos? Cartomizer? Soo 2007. (you wussy carto guys, I'm kidding.) You have so much stuff coming in - I miss those days. I'm only waiting on the Archon to drop - but besides that I feel boring. Ha. 
Well, nobody said vaping was easy cheap. You know your juices have never tasted better than with the Dark Horse. So you don't really even have a choice.
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