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Eh, **** happens. This is all enthusiast ******** anyways. You are back for good.  
I have a feeling you are very happy. Looks great!
Should have bought my Phantom :D My buddy Jamie has a real slick red maximus. This one's pretty nice too. Glad you got back on your horse.  
For the masses, sure, Birgir makes nice amps. Lojay, you can find a better builder, though. And build it to whatever specs you have in mind as well. Whilst saving cash. 
He has done the same dogging with the T2. Of which, he ****ed building. I also think he has been held accountable in that regard on the other forum. I definitely wouldn't take any one persons findings as any absolute. Talk to different Cabon, BHSE, T2 owners and gleam tidbits. but always try to listen for yourself and draw your own conclusions.
Misread. :D
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Let's say I'm skeptical of that. The glass was only $8 anyway. Actually, it looks like PC-1000 has a high chemical resistance. 
Glass section for Nextiny. Grenada here we come! This is a great atty and for $90 I stole it, I believe.
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