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Purrin, or hell, even Mike Moffat, have you not considered explaining why you think the Ygg/Theta, etc improve with warm up time. I mean, the discussion on jitter is interesting, and at times this is something subtle and in many cases a lot of people won't be able to pick up on it. i.e. having had more experience/exposure and there in better trained ears with being able to pick up on subtleties.
Tonight I've got Cloudy Collaborations Waitress.   Out of the mail this had a nice orange/cream taste to the actual juice. When I tried it all I got was a faint cream. I had been dripping Astronaut just previous. Today I'd been dripping Tourist quite a bit and decided to bust Waitress out for another go. I was hit with a natural zesty orange. I swore I had grabbed Astronaut. Haha.   So I'm going with a zesty type of orange with a hit of cream on the exhale. This took...
No sir. I haven't picked up the MFSL of either yet. One of those I'm apprehensive about. MoP DCC is really good though. I'd like to compare the two eventually.
Got my Cloudy Collaborations 5 sampler pack, but no Archon! Argh.   Tourist and Astronaut are my favorites as it stands. Will steep them for a bit.   Astronaut is really yum. It's an orangy-peely-zesty flavor. Quite the crispness not very sweet like I expected from "OJ." I can already tell this line of juice is on the lighter side of flavor. I like this stuff more than Kryptonite, mayyyybe.  
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