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Or he could have sent another email reminder. DA! Sounds like another whiner to me.
So I am a flavor chaser first and foremost, but I have a lot of fun blowing the hugest clouds as well.   For that - the CCI Militia. A completely modified Patriot. Note the much, much bigger deck posts. You can fit literally any kind of wire in there. Also, airflow - it's one of the most important aspects to cloud chasing. The hole drill out pattern creates a cool spiral effect that helps in cooling the vape. When running at such super sub ohm levels, you're talking a...
Yakiboy also makes really nice stands. Easy to work with also if you have a custom design in mind.
Hey, I did this! Not even an regrettable decision. 
I'm not going to waste anymore time with you. You said your piece, I said mine.
I'm not going to treat an Apple case the same as Audez'e and so on, it's a completely different market and is very much apples to oranges. It's common sense.    Schiit: They upgrade stuff on their boards and don't tell the public, but it doesn't change the sound - it's small stuff. Now, if Schiit switched from AKM chips to Sabre, it would be a very different conversation. Also, think about trickle-down technology, right. Schiit doesn't always charge more for these...
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