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AFAIK Stax will replace mk 1 drivers with mk 2, but I highly doubt they'd be willing to do a transplant.   If you want the nitty-gritty it'd be best to message Birgir.
Not trying to be a dick to you Astro. You keep regurgitating this anti 'sigma' spiel. Please frame context for us. What have you heard in length and what have you heard in your own rig? The whole 'expensive DACs crap' is vague.  Lest we not forget the AN isn't cheap. I always feel your comments are simply blanket statement, which is annoying as all hell.
Much more interesting than this pile of crap.  
That's for you to decide. I was merely sharing how the 009 isn't bass deficient. More to the point, I find it to be the ultimate headphone for metal - where price isn't even a consideration.
I rather enjoy progressive/technical type metal more, surely. But I really don't put my 009's in a bubble. For example, play, say,  That'll indeed give you whatever type of physical feedback you think is missing. Very much visceral. Sometimes it's simply about source material.To me, it's a bunch of bologna, all types of misconceptions. I also get that you've heard these phones - just live with 'em a little longer to discover their true limits.
I listen to pretty much everything. Opeth >The Red Chord > Periphery, etc.    To me, visceral is always used to express how you can feel the bass. Like, head rattling - just quality throughout. No boomy/wooly or distortion. People have always said the same about the HD800 and that's just not the case. Then again, plenty have always raved about the DT's bass quantity over any ortho, so... I like to feel impact but I can also appreciate complete clarity in texture. I'd...
Good luck with the sale Mike. What a great price.
I feel the 009 out of HV or BHSE has that same type of visceralness the HE-6 does. The 009 is just more resolving than the HE-6 or anything else out theresave for Omega, which I haven't had the privilege of hearing.
Ultimate solution for metal. SR-009 - amped right and paired with a great source, they'll reward you in spades. I also think an HE-6 rig is worthy of being an alternative ultimate solution.
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