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Yea, but considering regardless of those 'select few' negative impressions.. products still move. I don't think that's the issue. The safety concerns are legit, plus, yea, the market is limited comparatively.    Funny enough, those 'few' who don't think very highly of the LL or the A-10 tend to like Schiit's way of doing things. Lastly, these politics are just as rampant in the dynamic world.
The Valhalla's are now rollable. This was announced some time ago. You can check the specs out on Schiit's site.
Just gleaning all this knowledge you have on offer.
Yea. Blah-blah. So what you're saying is there's a chance.  
I personally have no interest in the Emotiva DAcs. Plus, comparatively I simply like the AKM sound. 
Look who's talkin'.
Yea! Jason, put up or shut up. Er, or not. Don't kill our hope.
That is actually the key. Haven't heard the DC-1, but I've heard the prior XDA line and I'd take Bifrost over 'em. Never been a fan of converters and the Gen 2 USB has stepped up the performance. So to me, Gun seems like the clear choice.
I ran straight into that one. 
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