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Thank you very much . I believe I will build one now, I am in the middle of a research report so it will take a while to finish but I will post on the starving student thread when complete. Im thinking that I will build the 12au7 version unless I can find 19j6 for a little better price.
Anyone have ideas
Also how would one of th starving students compare to something like a Hi-fi man ef2a disregarding the dac
ok thank you very much for the help, one last question though. is the 19j6 better sounding than the substitutes, enough to justify the price? or would they be the same
Ooo I really like that starving student design, it would look good on my chassis. But where exactly would I find those tubes I can only find them on eBay for like 30$ a pair? Is there any similar circuits that use different tubes, or are the 19j6s worth it?
Actually I think I might have all the parts for that Cmoy amp. I think I might build one of those too, I still reallyy want a vacuum amp though as well.
Oh sorry I forgot to say that it's not that old its just made to look old, it's like a project kit that I got for my birthday about 5-7 years ago. I did see that a coupple sold on eBay for about 80$ though.I'll see if I can find the rest of the parts and get it to work and put it up on eBay if you still think it would be worth it. I have about 200 bucks in my computer building fund that I could spend too if there's anything good I could get.Thanks - chaseEdit: yes it has...
Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to use the parts out of this and the cool looking chassis to build a DIY vacuum tube amp, I figure it wouldn't be that great of quality but I don't have any amps right now so I would be ok with has a 12au7 vacuum tube a transformer and a potentiometer. If anyone has a guide or anything that would be...
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