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I am interested!  I need a few stands.  Where can we get them when available?
Thanks for the heads up bowie006.      
I'm sure this is nothing new to many but I purchased a Corda Headsix last week from a local Headfier and used it in the car through the Aux port....WOW what a difference it made!  I don't think I will ever listen in the car without it.   anyone have a similar experience?  What amp did you use?  
I pre-ordered one.  Looking forward to checking it out.  
Thanks Azathoth.  I appreciate the input.  I will definitely check those out.  Am close to purchasing some Grado RS-1's today.  Thanks again
Hi everyone, I am wanting to purchase my first portable rig and would like a little advise from those of you that would like to help a newbie.  My listening tastes are very varied from Angel Romero (Classical/flamenco Guitar) to Lil Wayne to Country, Rock , Jazz, folk, pop and a lot of other genres as well.  I recently pick up a pair of Senn. HD 25 Originals and some Grado PS500's and will probably add some higher end cans next month.  I am looking for a rig that is...
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