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Seems a little steep based on the current line up but maybe it will targeted at the higher end stuff and have incredible performance for that price. These guys are out of the box thinkers after all!
Give the Grado line a try. Look at the sr60, sr80i and sr125i. They are in your price range and are all excellent for the money and will do well with the type of music you listen to. Check out as many as you can though. The 125i's are at the edge of your range but well worth it
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NA Blur I want to thank you for taking the time to explain this for us new guys. I am sure this question has been asked and answered before but you didn't just post the all to often seen "dude there are already hundreds of threads on this". Thanks
I am new to this community but have been learning everything I can.  I just picked up my first pair of good HeadPhones and am looking for an amp and dac.  (GRado RS-1 btw)  I thought maybe that I wanted a rig for both home and portable and am very close to pulling the trigger on the Cypher Labs Algorythm Solo and Ray Samuels SR-71B.  Now having learned about the Schiit line I am thinking I could save myself some money on the components and use it to buy other headphones...
I have heard the 225's with my Corda headsix amp and they sound really good.  I have the RS-1's and in fact am listening to them right now  through the headsix and they sound really really good.  The amp can be had in the for sale forum from time to time and is in your price range.  I am new to this so I am still learning this stuff but to my untrained ears it sounds very clean, with crisp highs and nice balanced mids and lows.  Good luck.  
I agree with the above.  You are the one who needs to be satisfied with the sound.  Seems like you have a negative opinion of the E11 now so you may not be able to get past that and enjoy it.  I am like that sometimes.  If I get a negative impression of something initially, it is difficult for me to ever feel good about it.  I say check it out for a while and if you don't change your mind about it you can always sell it here.  Good luck!  
Got the RS-1's and a Creek OBH-11 amp.  Nice sounding combo.  Now looking for HD650,  
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