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I am interested in attending. I do not however have much in the way of high end equipment. I have some modded HE-400's and V moda M-100's. I would be happy to contribute to the prepared food fund and can assist with set up if needed.
Man I do not know of any. The only shop that even carried and kind of cans and gear that I knew of was in clear lake Webster area and it closed a couple of years ago. Anybody have any other info. I would like to attend a meet here in H town!
Maybe the few of on here should just meet up somewhere with what ever portable gear we have and see where it takes us.  I am always up for meeting people with the same interest as me!  I am in East Houston and we have incredible Mexican food over here!
Still nothing in Houston?
Yes it sold last month
Price reduced to $525.00 shipped to con us.
PRICE REDUCED to $550.00 shipped to Con US.  + $45.00 shipping internationally.
Up for sale is my beloved pair of Grado RS1's and a Creek Audio OBH-11 amplifier.  Both are in excellent condition and work flawlessly.  I have original box for both and original receipt for RS1's.  I am the second owner of the RS1's and have put 10 hrs on them since I have had them.  Purchased them locally and original owner used them very little.  They sound really great with the creek amp. I purchased the creek amp new and also purchased the upgraded (at the time)...
Got my Alpen yesterday and have played with it a little bit.  I like it so far.  The one thing I have noticed that using it in with my ipod classic as a portable rig is that there is only one place that you can strap it together.  It interferes with the ipod controls and that is a little pain in the butt.  Minor detail but it is the one thing that stood out to me from beginning.
I got an email from Fed Ex that it was shipped yesterday and scheduled delivery date is tomorrow.   Seem fast but we will see.   I pre-ordered not being in a rush about getting it.  So the delay is no big deal to me.  Looking forward to checking it out.  
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