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Are the L3000 pads circum aural or do they rest on your ears?
I know this probably a long shot but does the Sennheiser Momentum have any resemblance sonically to the HD800?
The ear pad material is very nice but I wish they'd have made them a bit more plush with more padding.
Some people are saying the uber increases the highs and some say it rounds them off. So which is it?
Yes, they were very kind. Even paid for return shipping.
Some people were saying that it looked like new but the one I ordered looked like it fell off the back of a truck. You might have more luck though.
Does the WA2 have bass slam comparable to an SS amp like the Soloist? I'm thinking about getting a WA2 to tame the highs on the HD800 but I don't want to lose the slam the Soloist SL gives me.
I'm using a Squeezebox Duet into a Bifrost. Have you heard the WA2, if so, can you comment on the difference between it and the SL?
Anyone know of any after market ear pads that are more dense and plush than stock? I find the stock pads a bit on the hard side.
What do you guys think of the WA2 with HD800? I'm enjoying the Burson SL but it can still be a little edgy at times in the highs and I'm looking to smooth it out more and add a more body to the sound.
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