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I've listened on both the V200 and ZDSE. Gotta say the ZDSE wins out 9 X out 10.
Price drop.  Motivated seller here :)
Can't speak to the GCHA, but I'm using the PS Audio PWD MKII with the TH900 today and the combination is awesome feeding through the V200 from my PC.  Hoping to have the network bridge soon to hear how it plays files over wifi.
Selling my PWD MK I bought from seller Pustik (see original ad: ) after acquiring the PWD MK II from another seller. It's in great condition with the plastic covering still on its top. It works perfectly from my PC connected to a Violectric V200 with XLR cables. I wanted to upgrade it to an MK II, but found a local deal on a new MK II that I could not refuse. Shipping will be included to the CONUS and Canada....
I like your taste in cars! Totally agree.
  Welcome aboard Fortis!  While I haven't heard the 4Ai or 5.0, I can definitely say that I enjoy the 8.A over the 4.A in nearly all instances.  The only time I actually want to grab the 4.A is when I'm out and about or at the gym and don't care about getting the best SQ out of my gear (i.e. Samsung Note 2).
On the pre-order page, the Black DA8 is listed as Black Color D18 (pre-order) $1199 USD.  This could be confusing for folks.  Please fix it, as I'm interested in the black version.
  Fixed and they look horrible and pale in comparison to the LCD series.
  To my ears, the HD650 sounds very lush and more intimate.  The 8.A, on the other hand, actually sounds more expansive with a larger soundstage, with better extended highs and much more bass emphasis.  They both have rolled off highs, however, but the HD650's highs are much more "veiled."   They're both extremely coherent where every part of the sound frequency blends together very well.
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