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Yes. I'm going to be using this set to replace my gamecom 377's as my "cheap" 24/7 usage phone's at my PC.  take them with me to all kinds of place's (lan partys and the like) and I tend to kill the cord pretty quick. I like the idea of being able to get a 3.5 m/m cable and problem solved. My cat also like's to chew though headphone cable's.... only headphone cables too....   Yea, I know I'm limiting myself alot with the removable cable bit. I could mod another set so the...
Yea, I understand I can't have my cake and eat it too. I'm being a tad cheap ATM. My headphone's need to be replaced, and both my wife and my MP3 players broke recently..on top of that she wants a pair of new headphone's too lol. Kinda funny. I'm looking into both of your suggestions. I could spend closer to $150+ on a nice pair but that would mean a crap MP3 player and I kinda am looking at a low end PMP to replace the MP3 player. Thanks for the suggestions.
Bump. Are there any other products in this price range worth looking at? Thanks
  I'm looking for good quality parts for the BB build lol.   EDIT: anyone have any good OPAMP recommendations? 
 Hey guys. I'll keep this short and sweet. My current headset (paltronics gamecom 377) are about dead and I want a new set of ears (no mic). Looking for general use. Movie's, music, gaming on the PC.. little bit of everything. I would like to keep it to around $70-ish or less.   Main feature's I'm looking for are: removable cable (not custom like sennheiser please), Comfy for long hours of usage, and around the ear style. Outside of that I'm totally up to...
That would be amazing! I would love to hear how it goes. I'm very excited. As soon as I figure out what headphone's I want to get(being picky...cant find the right ones yet) I'll have more of an idea of what bits to build it with.
Thank you. I have been looking at his site but had not made it to the video section just yet.
 Hello guys. First post:P Anyway I have a little experience with audio and have decided that I want to build a CMoy amp to play with. I've been lurking on past threads here and other place's and think I want to try the CmoyBB. Any tip's hint's or anything? this will be my first full blown DIY audio project.I have installed car stereos and made sub box's(crappy ones...) I can solder (not the best but I can), I don't know how to read an electrical diagram fully but I can...
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