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  What do those magic words translate too? I have not yet built a Pimeta, so I don't understand how that translate's to this.   do you mean to replicate the "trickle charger" part of the pimeta on a bread board or similar? Sorry for the silly questions :(
Silly question probably but: if a recharable battery was used would you have to remove the batteries to charge it?
PM'ed.   Any other tips on what parts I can use to substitute would be great   EDIT: Changed my mind a bit. Instead of leaving out the batteries and not populating that section of the boards I decided that I will go ahead and populate the battery section, just in case I decide to use it as a fully portable unit later.
Herp de derp! I could have swore I read that at least twice, I however was so concerned with learning trying to give my self a google education on terms and such I totally missed the bit where he suggests a 24v power supply.    Seems most of the parts on his part list are discontinued, It's going to take a bit to source them :) I feel like Peanut (Jeff Dunham) right about now lol.
Ok, so from the sound of it, the PIMETA v2 would be great! the first thing I want to sort out is the power supply. So here is what I have figured out so far, please interject if I'm going in the wrong direction. Keep in mind this is my first headphone amp of any kind ever.     So I'm reading on about how to build the amp and I have some really noobish questions about powering the device.   The suggested power supply is no longer availible (wm080)...
Sweet thanks. I have read his guide a few times. I'm going to read over it and start making up a parts list. I'm sure that I will have some silly questions here and there but it seems to be straight forward enough. Thanks for the luck, I just might need it!
  Hey guys, been a member for a while. I have been looking to get into DIY audio for a while now. I thought my first project would be a CMOY. After tossing the idea around I decided that a CMOY, while cheap and some what easy to build would be impractical for my uses.      I want a semi cheap DIY amp to use with my PC. I don't want to fiddle with batteries at all really. I want to plug it in, leave it on my desk and "be done with it" so to speak. Size is important,...
Lol, its an internet thing, he's the 3x person to say that the m-audio Q-40 would be good for you. I have no opinion, just thought I would answer that.
    I'm still having trouble keeping my mouth closed. I do not have the skill, or knowledge to accomplish something of this caliber yet but I find this to be very inspirational to keep learning. Amazing work. Can I ask about how long this took? For design, fabrication and troubleshooting and stuff. Just amazing.
  At the low end I'm looking at the ScanDisk Clip+ or the Zip. Leaning to the zip.    Here is the breakdown. I'll have about 275 (maybe more) at the end of the month. My wife needs a pair of beater headphone's and I would like to get away from my dieing 377. Then the last MP3 player we had broke so we need 2 somewhat cheap ones. I also would like to try my hand at a Cmoy build, just for giggles.   Right now its looking like: $55 or so to Monoprice for 2 of the...
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