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Just wanted to report back. My Mouser Box showed up with the rest of the stuff to make my Recharging CMoy BB. It took me about an hour to re-check my parts list and get it all soldered up. This was my first time soldering a PCB, second time soldering so there was a bit of a "learning curve". The back side of the PCB board looks bad, I mean bad! but all solder connection's are solid and I didn't burn up the board! I also messed up my first two Altoids Tin's punching...
yea, I figured finding replacments was what was needed. But as this is the first project of this caliber its a little difficult tracking down what will work. Most of the stuff on Tangentsoft is WAY over my head, but I'm learning.   Another update. JDSLabs, Digikey and the privet seller have all shipped parts, They have all shown up! The only one left is the package from mouser with the bulk of the CMoyBB parts.   Changing back to doing a CMoy is a good learning experiance...
Thought I would post back on progress. I have been making a (sad) attempt to track down all the parts for my PEMITAv2 project. A good portion of the stuff listed on Tangentsoft.net are no longer offered for sale. I have been almost raging to try find everything and lastnight I decided "Screw IT" and ordered the stuff for a CMOY with BB and a recharging curcit(from JDSLabs).     Where are you guys finding the stuff to make there PEMITA's?
  All of those appeal to the cheapskate in me! Thanks for chiming in. Yea, the review's seem to be pretty decent, Buds may have some distinct advantage's but I have found my ear's to be hard to fit for some buds Thanks for the suggestion.
Your not late at all, I'm looking up review's of them now, but I'm not sure I like that price tag on buds. IEM's are more what I'm looking at. But if price's right bud's are not out of the question.
Well I wanted to thank you all very much. I have just placed an order for some new phones. Hers: Black Skull Candy Ink'd(no mic). She tried a friends and liked them a lot. His: undecided. Her Clip+ power's the Ink'd SC's well, and have enough bass for her.   I'm still browsing my options as I have just changed player's. My needs in earbuds have changed too.   I am now using my Samsung Vitality. I'm looking for some highish impedance(I'm on with a portable...
ok, I'm kind of digging the RE-0's for myself, would they do better with a small amp? or would the little clip be enough. the review's seem great, but the color's uck! and the flat cord seems weird for my over the ear taste's. I'll see if I cannot find some locally to look at... but those color's.....lol
sweet, getting my google on now :) thanks for the suggestions.
I need some decent cheap earbuds to replace our old ones. We are still using the Stock Earbuds that came with our galaxy tab's(7.0+) for our MP3 players and when we travel. We both think they sound alright but she's sick of them and I hated the way they fit.. I just cannot get a seal with them   So we need two set's of earbuds on the cheap($50 each... Could be talked up to $75 IF they are spiffy)   A few details: She listens to Techno and other bass heavy music,...
ok, I was unaware of that difference between the Pimeta v1 vs v2. I'm about to get my Google on    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
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