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I'm in!!!
Greatly appreciate!!!! Grab a pair and it's on the way...
Not yet, still browsing around for the best deal on HD 800
Thank you, also works for my new pair of HD800
Is there anyone going to Japan Headphone Festival tomorrow to try out the Denon's new headphone?
I mean my friends will look at D7K and say "wood cups, big deal" and toss them around will damage the wood cups, none of my friends will spend more than $50 for a pair of headphones, so they have absolutely no idea. And with D7.1K, it looks like a monster beats headphone, which most people think they are expensive, and will treat them nicely....
  For the nowadays audio world, to have a improved quality, you will need a pair of new drivers, but here's the problem: if Denon puts a different driver in the D7100, then D7100 should not be called D7100, they should start a new series instead of a minor upgrade on the model number. And IMO, most of the traditional headphones(Grado, ATH, Denon), woodie cups housing always provide better music quality, and for sure I don't see a single little piece of wood on these new...
Sorry man, they are confirmed as real now. BTW I just picked up a pair of D7000 last week, everywhere has them on sale, looks like Denon is trying to move their old inventory.       Thx for the detailed info. Anybody knows what's the name of the song at the end of that video? I know the name of the singer is Suara.     NVM, I founded it, it's called 桜(sakura)
Thank you so much, just ordered my pair :)
Somehow the more I research, the result is more disappointing... Denon D7100 C810 C910 are new models....And they are real.... D7000 is going to fade out...   Original from  
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