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If anyone watched today's episode of Dr Who, right at the beginning I noticed one of the guest stars on the episode had a pair of AKGs on, it looked like the akg240
Regarding the key placements you will get used to it after awhile, that's the nice thing about the human brain, it adapts so well.  And if you want a mechanical keyboard and you don't want the clicky noises, don't get a dampener, just get black switches, most people bottom out the keys while gaming anyway and if you are one of those rare people who don't do that, then the browns will work just fine because if you don't bottom out the you don't hear the click.
I lol'd   As for my buddies who can't get enough of beats and keep trying to convince me to buy a pair, I love the face they make after I let them listen to my headphones, properly amped with the bass up just to get them to stop complaining that they have no bass of course.  I even had one person get up on the table in the campus cafeteria and sell his beats right there on the spot, he went out and came back with a proper dac, amp and hd 650s, I was so proud of him.
M50's have an extremely generous price to performance ratio, even for audio technica, I would definitely recommend getting them as they are worth every penny you pay.  Great set of cans to take to work or school or w/e and the street price of the m50s is around 115 dollars if you get them online.   At the time of this post, ebay has new ones for around 120 USD and amazon has them for about 110 USD
A lot of people dump on sennheisers because they tend to be more dark and natural sounding than many other headphones.  Bassheads tend to not like sennheisers as much because they a tighter, but much quieter bass response which can be increased with proper amplification but it will never be that INYOURFACEBASS that you hear from the basshead groups.  Another thing that I hear people say about sennheisers and I've found this myself is that they are picky headphones and...
  The frequency argument is only partially correct here, everyone's ears are different and some people can hear more than average and some people less than average.  Also, the fact that you can't actually hear some of the much higher and lower frequencies doesn't mean that you won't feel them (you will) and that can change the sonic signature that your ear perceives.
for full cans, I like my pxc 450s when i go flying and as far as not full I would just go with ATH-CKM500s, they're great little IEMs for the price bracket that they are in fitting audio technica's usually generous price/performance ratio
Just grab a little fiio amp, you could probably do with an e6 honestly
Sonic artifacting is when the sound is distorted through compression, sometimes it warbles, maybe sounds like your are underwater, or gets metallic, ect.  It's kind of like when you take a small image on the computer, blow it up and you see all the weird stuff around the lines, only in this case it's music and the weird stuff is all this extra distortion around the existing sounds.
I completely lost it when I saw the Dr who ad, only thing I could think of was both of those headphones are probably more destructive (to your ears) than a sonic screwdriver (to machines)
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