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They're not that power hungry, my 18v cmoy comes close to powering them. The battery's don't last long tho. 
I need a better amp for my k340's. Now I would love to buy a old tube amp and fix it up, but I would probably get in over my head with that.   I was looking at the the little dot mkII, but I'm not a fan of buying something that is made in China.     Any suggestions? I'm not spending more than 200$ but I'd like to spend more around 150.
I have the original Screamtracker file from before that game was made
I have a set of k340's and my amp I have now sucks with these cans I'm looking to get a tube amp that can power them and one that is on the small side. It does not have to be new or modern, but it must be in working order without hum or other problems.   My spending cap is 200 USD after shipping but I'd like to keep it around $150.
soldhave fun
pending, but not sold.
I found a DENON-LA2300 Multi-Laser Disc/CD Player on ebay for 35$ (worth about 150$) For those who do not know what a Laser Disc is I'll tell you Laser Disc was a older format not well know in the US even tho is was better then anything at the time. it was mostly used for analog video. Even to this day a proper LD setup will beat DVD's. Wile DVD are better for most people LD's can be better. The sound is on par with blu rays and far ahead of DVDs. Not only that but they...
Buy it now for full price and I'll toss in my fiio E6
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