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Purely from comfort I think the Fidelio X2 is the ONLY headphone you mentioned I would recommend for extended gaming sessions.   Dont underestimate comfort if you plan to play long sessions.
I had only a super short listening in a store in Bangkok so i wont comment on the sound besides that it was laidback.   However, guys, comfort wise they were great. What good is great sound if the head/ears/whatever hurts after a few songs.
I have to say that i liked the comfort and isolation so far very much. not sure i will go back.
Main point for the M50 would be that they are a respected headphone with a solid reputation.   So to say a "save" recommendation.   Every other self proclaimed expert can respect that recommendation :)
I got SRH1540 pads on the HP100.I removed the old pads and loosened the screws a few turns, just to have a little more space between speaker plate and ear cup. very comfortable result, however some highs seem to be gone. Ok, maybe that statement was over the top, lets just say i remember it mroe sparkling :)
For 2 reasons i didn't like them:   1.) Comfort is just terrible for me. Clamping force is too high, ear cups are too shallow and the headband has not enough cushion. The cable is remarkable stiff and not very flexible.   2.) "for bass heads", well apparently i am not a bass head. Bloated and muddy is as what i would describe them.   I am for sure not a very experienced listener but i clearly preferred the v6 over the m100, and that is like 25% of the...
V-Moda M-100 = totally unsuitable for PC gaming due to the bass overkill. Well okay, depends how serious you take your gaming. But if you think this will work in i.e. LoL or Dota2 for you, forget about it. The vmoda is great for bassheads tho, and if you due to your personal music preference prefer that, yeah maybe they are for you. An additional cable can tunr them into a headset (with mic).   Only downside i can think off with the hd 650 is the cable on both sides. If...
Also "back" up to 195 € on Amazon - wow - i bought it for 179 and tbh i think thats where it belongs.
Entirely focusing on comfort:   It felt a tad lose and a tad heavy. Clamping force was similar to other AKG (i own a k702 as reference) but due to the weight it almost felt like the headband could easily slip towards the back or the front.   This was very apparent as I tried it in a taiwanese shop and i had to bend over as they did not consider the cable length for european size listeners :).   The headband cushion (reminds me of the fidelio x1) seems to be better...
From over ear momentum thats a sidestep not an upgrade? Not sure i only have the x1 not the momentum
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