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  Thanks. maybe others that have experience with other superlux models can give some insight. MOst people said they find superlux too bright with overemphasized treble.
The most important question, how is the treble, is it very similar to oyjer superlux model?
  It is in mono. It's a recorded internet conference so it sounds worse than the average podcast.
Yeah. So I need something that good enough so that the podcast will not sound overly bad or harsh with random noise.   The most important is that maybe it concentrated on the frequency of human speech better and no treble peak which can make you wince when they suddenly come to you when you're listening. ( because of the bad recording)  
Is there much space for your ear inside the cup?
postrock and warren, I see, I thought that including the two superlux means a somewhat bigger portable headphone (although I actually don;t know the size of them)
Can you guys recommend a cheap over ear headphone with good/great isolation that is good for listening to speech and podcast and also maybe for music?   some of the podcast recording that i have are very bad with random noise so i need something that can allow me to hear the spoken word clearly.   Also the isolation nedd to be good enough to isolate from external noise, fan noise, nagging etc..   Something that sound gentle and clear for speech.
what do you mean?  
How about the cheap hd202 mkII  and also hd439 (to include closed headphone that use velour instead of pleather for those who like velour more than pleather)
I'm sorry to hijack your thread, for OP's need maybe open headphones are better but what are some good headphone with isolation for the kind of music OP listen to?
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