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I just use my laptop directly with the headphone. With the related inboard sound. Don't have amp or dac
I could try keeping both and maybe sell them when i found out that one of them is not interesting to me anymore. It's just that I'm not used to spend so much for audio and somewhat feels guilty spending so much on it. Though I have the means to buy it. I used to have hd280 pro but lost it when moving house. Oh that clamp! So i bought the hd202 and it's enjoyable eventhough not very detailed.    I read most people agree that msr7 is a bright headphone, and k553 pro is not...
The bass is more delicious there, I must admit. Eventhough it's not as controlled as k553. Eddie Vedder deep voice in Long Night sounds real good with the hd202. Yeah I also think your enjoyment must be immediate. No need to wait for a long time for brain to burn in or become acclimatized. I usually listen at a low volume but the hd202 I won't get any ear pain if I turn the volume up. k553, not so much. maybe I'm sensitive to brightness and need tamed treble.
I have k553 pro but, seems crazy that somehow senn hd202 is sometimes more enjoyable. It seems hd202 ate more relaxing to the ear. While the akg k553 I get some uncomfortable feeling in the ear. Not really pain. Hd202 lose to k553 in detail clarity and seperation. It does sound muffled. I thought of getting msr7 but people seems to says it's a very bright headphone. Maybe mdr1a suits me better?
So you mean didn't sound sig?
Is it true that is sort of m50x tuned for upper mids and treble?
Z7 would not be good out of laptop or smartphone without an amp. Would it?
Hi Rockstar! Lol wrong quoting again. It's a bummer if they still user propriety cable Again. Well I can get other cable but micro usb is so convenience. Everyone have them. What I like about the ac series is they are so small and slim. So nice and real portable. Though everything is portable to some head fier lol.
Elektron, no I haven't heard the k550. Only the k553 pro. I actually means that the mdr1r sounds fuller and more fun compared to k553 pro, though it was a short listen. I would guess mdr1a would sounds better than mdr1r based ohm on people's impression here. I liked the ideas of mdr1abt better than mdr1a but I would use I red so will serve done money by buying 1a version vs 1abt. I probably have to go the dac amp or Dap route someday. Thing is the reason I won't go for...
Seems pretty expensive. At that time of testing there are a few 320kb mp3 I used but when I used the same mp3 k553 don't sound as much fun. Using better File on my desktop gives same impression. Bluetooth would be very good for portable though but In still not sure If it is totally OK to have bluetooth signal on your head a couple of hours a day. No conclusive revealed research thought
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