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Wyred4Sound makes a great converter.µlink
all the good stuff aren't in the U.S.  :(
Perhaps there are no plans to offer it beyond JP due to it's 100v only power input.
Is this unit 110v US power?
Got the Smartphone cable option.  Yay!!!  
 from Sony
 If I can afford it, I would get 240.  However, I would have buyers remorse with AK-120II.  It's a kick as player and worth upgrading from AK120 or AK100 version one.
Still listed as out of stock.
 Congratulations!  We would love to see some pics.  :)
 How does iE8i compares to IE800 or IE80?  I like the sound of IE800, but I worry about losing the ear tips or breaking them if I use on the go. So the Nokia AD-53 adaptor will work with Amperior iOS cable?
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