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My review unit and personally own unit has zero issues.  I've used preamp out and fixed out to Woo Audio WA7 and hps port on D100.  No noise from the unit or through the outputs.  I recommend to reach out to your dealer to have them test the unit.
 Z1es is a steal at $2k.  Sony could charge $4k if it didn't have the Sony name....
 technically Low setting, but which ever sounds best for you.  It won't harm the amp or the hps on either setting.
 WA7 out to AUX input is ok for D/A mode.
 Those are not even close to Abyss....  HE-1000 is next in line behind Abyss on sound alone.  Both headphones require high quality power and lots of it to reach potential. 
My reference IEM is the Sony XBA-4 & AKG K3003 both are @ 8 Ohms.   http://store.sony.com/4-driver-in-ear-headphones-zid27-XBA4/cat-27-catid-EOL-Headphones-Earbuds   This is a tricky IEM for a lot of solid state amplifiers to drive effectively.  I see that most SS headphone amps if not all are rated to be used with hps between 16-600 Ohms.  Besides the negative effects of high output impedance on an amp when using this IEM (must be 1 Ohm or below), how come amps can't...
Production units are out.  Looks like someone has already post my faux unboxing video.    LOL,....
The Abyss is the most dynamic, smooth, and big sounding headphones I've used to-date.  These are comfortable to wear (once it's fitted to you) for an extended period and does not feel like they'll fall off my head.  Proper amplification and fit are VERY important with this headphone.   I think if the Abyss was all white in color (gloss pure white), they would have a softer look.  
 I hope it's Beats by Apple/Dre!  
in case you missed it.  Congrats to the entire Audeze team!   
New Posts  All Forums: