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 Disconnect all USB and Thunderbolt devices except the monitor since you're using Mac Mini.  Start a guest account and boot into Guest to see if WA7 shows up in AudioMidi as a "speaker" device. If you're using Apple Thunderbolt display, try the USB ports on the display. 
 Great IEMs
A great pairing!  
 three days went by so fast. 
 I can do without the stupid cap.  :)  All I could understand was "dj", dj, dj, dj, dj, dj, dj, dj, dj, dj......
I'm using the Clear Tops too.  Great stuff!  
I heard the @CEntrance #HiFiM8 at Capital Audio Fest.  I am very very impressed by the sound.  I may have to get one.
 Those are actually decent sounding headphones.  I'm using them right now on my Woo Audio WA6 tube amp.  LOL... #OverKill 
 +1 on that.  I was pleasantly surprised. 
Got to hear the HiFiMan HE-560 on our WA5-LE.  That's the amp for this headphone!    
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