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 Thanks for the heads up. I have two HAP-Z1es and just turned OFF update notification. 
Official confirmation from beyerdynamic on the ear pads: "The material we are using for the ear pads is a protein-coated synthetic leather. It looks like genuine leather but in fact it is not. The advantage of synthetic leather material is that it doesn´t absorb sweat and is easy to clean with a moist cloth.​"  
 I'm glad you like the sound right out of the box. It'll get better...    Thank you for the update. We look forward to more impressions.
New Nordost Blue Heaven cable sounds great with Z7. I like it more than the Sony upgrade version.  
 http://www.elusivedisc.com/Lehmann-Audio-Linear-Headphone-Amp-Black/productinfo/LEHBCHAB/ http://www.needledoctor.com/Lehmann-Audio-Linear-Headphone-Amp?sc=7&category=18576  @jpimentelc what is your music source?
 I'm not holding my breath...  lol.
DT1770 isn't impressive right out of the box. Give it 200 hrs. of listening and you'll appreciate it.
@moriez You missed the reference in my response. Please take a look at the screen shot as well.  
had to do it...  Nordost fanboy....  
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