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so is the PHA-3 worth owning?  Considering the Centrance M8 is $300 less....
DA-10 vs. Sony PHA-3!  fight!
I've reached out to my contact at Denon.  Hope to get my paws on it soon.  No holding my breath though...
 it was great seeing Lyndsey again and meeting Ian for the first time.  You two are cool cats!  :)
the AK120II is certainly an overkill for T10i, but they sound so great together... :)    
If you're a Deadmau5 fan like me, you'll enjoy the T10i immensely.  :)  
 Get Z5 first.  Hold on the Z7... Stay subscribed to my channel for unboxing/first look.  Should be ready in a couple of days.  :)
 Didn't like the Z5, LOVED it!  Used my iPhone 6 with it cause I was getting ready to pack up the booth.  If I had more time I would have used the AK120II in my backpack.  I was blown away by how amazing the Z5 sounded.  The resolution was beyond anything I heard without any hint of sibilance.  Low frequencies are well defined, not boomy or muddy at all listening to electric guitar.  Sony could charge $1499 for the Z5 and I would still buy it.  At $699, it's a no brainer!
 My comment about isolation is not about noise isolation.  It's in reference to having the same feeling as being in a anechoic chamber.  You can hear your heart beat.  :)
 Sony could charge $1499 for Z5.  It's that GREAT!  Sony online is now sold out showing backorder.
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