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 Very nice setup.  Excellent pairing with HEK
We've made a lot of changes to WA8 since v.2  Internal circuit and DAC are completely new and much improved.  We could have put v.2 out to production, but we weren't 100% happy so we made the difficult decision to go back to the drawing board and push back launch date to Oct. or Nov.  The new DAC chip is an audiophile favorite.  We just need to fit everything from the prototype DAC inside the WA8.    
 We have a backlog of customer orders to fill before we can build review units for professional reviewers.  I guess that's a good problem to have...   This pairing is absolutely stunning (new WA5-LE).  The best I've heard out of TH900.  Settings at Lo power, Lo impedance, Lo level.  In this setting, I can ride the volume level between 3 o'clock to MAX. without any hint of listening fatigue or distortion.  It's so musical....  The new settings feature is equally important...
 Well said   Thank you! It is important to note that there are a LOT of counterfeit Apple adaptors on the web.  Some even has nearly identical retail packaging.  I recommend to buy Apple Lightening to USB adaptor or 30-pin camera adaptor from Apple online or retail store...
 I don't see that replacement stickers are available.  Once you remove it, it won't adhere as good anymore.  I'm waiting to get the AK380.  Should be here sometime this month.  Have the A17 coming today.  The new 128GB iPod Touch this week.  Perhaps a big battle of DAPs.  :)
 can you pls. link me to that seller?
 wouldn't the "hi-res" sticker get in the way?  I don't want to remove it.  Pls. link me to a screen protector that fits just the screen part and not the entire glass. 
the lack of oleophobic coating on ZX2 is nearly unacceptable for a $1200 DAP
 How much is the cable, shortest?
 significantly more detail, wider soundstage, blacker background.  I don't want to announce the chipset yet because we're testing a couple of USB controllers.  Let's just say that the chip is an audiophile favorite.  ;)
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