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 I've forward your concerns to Jack for his opinion before asking you to send the unit to us for inspection.   I leave my personal WA7 ON or playing music all day.  At shows, systems are ON all day, sometimes over night to keep the tubes warmed.  At Capital Audio Fest, Dan (MrSpeakers) left his WA7d + WA7tp system powered ON all three days of the show (day & night).  We don't recommend to do that because it does shortens the life of the tubes, but you can if you choose.
 I'm getting my T90 Jubilee in two days.  UPS is so slow...  Will let you know which of the Woo Audio amps sounds best with it. That is very interesting.  I love the Lehmann Linear so much I have two here.
I really like the HD700.  Here's a quick pic I took.  
Anyone has a PDF of the M8 manual?  When used as Line Out on the Pro version, do you have to set the volume all the way up?
 Welcome!  :) 
took a pic of my T1  :)  
 I'll have to get my paws on the X-Sabre at the LA meet.  Heard good things about it.
DACmini is much older than M8 so you guys are saying they sound the same?
gear list for the meet   - WA2   - WA22   - WA6   - WA6-SE   - WA7 silver   - WA7d + WA7tp black   - NOS RCA 12AU7-ct Clear Top   - EH gold-pin 6C45 tubes   - GES for Stax 404-LTD   - WDS-1 DAC   - Grado eSeries RS1e, PS500e   - Sennheiser HD700, HD650   - HiFiMan HE-560   - HPS-RS silver headphone stand   - HPS-RC chrome headphone stand   Everything arriving from NY on Thursday.  Show special 10% OFF cash deals, 8% OFF credit card deals....
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