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Upcoming WA8 'TransPortable' DAC/amp Prototype #2.  We can't wait to show it to you.  :)  
Do you really think that Audeze would spend the money to design, engineer, and implement a new connector that would only work on their headphones? Bigger things are coming... be patient.
 What are you referring to and trying to do with this Y cable?
EL-8 will make an appearance at the Woo Audio table at CanJam next weekend. Come check it out on WA7+WA7tp.
My first experience with Nordost cables was with @mikeMercer. He knew I was using high-end cables already so he handed me his personal pair of Heimdall2 RCA cables and said nothing. After a couple of weeks of use, I was just floored by the improvements those cables made. Nordost cables won't boost or reduce a certain frequency. It enhance what you already love about your system's sound without changing the signature. Like the clouds/fog has lifted from what you were...
A couple of beautiful night shots shared with us by a WA22 and WA6-SE customer.    
Unboxing and first look video:  
 Try reseating the tubes.  The fuse won't have anything to do with the sound if the system powers ON.
Shout out to @cCasper TFG for doing the mod.  I know... the Nordost cable is overkill.    
We hope you guys and gals will join us.  
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