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We'll bring WES + STAX SR-009.    
 I am dying to try the MHP1000 in my system.  
 the DAC in MJA-100 takes a second or so to lock.  It may be that Spotify is dropping data each time the song ends.  So yeah, it's likely a Spotify issue.
The idea is valid.    In my personal opinion, there are a lot of benefits in using a full featured preamp i.e. tone controls, EQ, multiple inputs and on some modern preamps, a DAC.  You can also mix and match between solid state and tubes.  Just like you would in a Hi-Fi system.  
Has someone started an impressions thread yet?
 I love Seasons 54!  Wish we had one here in the Bay Area.  Great company as well that evening.  :)  You guys are the BEST!
unboxing video if anyone is interested.  BTW, these are certainly worth owning.    
Depending on the amp, that may be high noise floor.
@Stereocilia thank you for your feedback.     WA7 have been in production since 2012 and we have not had a single quality concern with the RCA connectors.  In order to use the Cardas RCA connectors, the chassis will have to increase slightly in size.  We recommend to use high quality RCA cables for the best connection and improved sound quality when using external sources.
 Hi,  Does the interference persists if you move the Mac Mini or WA7 further apart?  Is there a cellphone, MicroCell 3G tower, or WiFi router near the system?  Can you send us a picture of your system and what headphones you are using? Mikeemail:
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