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in case you missed it.  Congrats to the entire Audeze team!   
 Great system!  Thank you for sharing. 
 I didn't want to change the characteristic of TH500.  The Denon pads provide a more open sound than stock pads.  I've sent my TH500 to mod so I can use Nordost upgrade cable.  :)
 It's no secret that I am a Nordost fanboy.  I do have to say that the Kimber is no slouch in this application.  Nordost wins in being more musical (toe tapping factor), but the difference isn't as big as on other hps with stock cables.  Thumbs up to Kimber and Sony.  $249 for the Kimber is cheap!
 I didn't get to hear it, but Jack felt confident enough to place an order so we'll have one for demo and a few to offer to our customers.  As soon as production HE-1000s ships, we'll have one for everybody to demo at trade shows.  Hopefully in time for Newport show in a few weeks.  We will have ETHER for demo and for sale as well.  :) 
TH500rp with TH600 ear pads.  :)     With Denon ear pads.  :)  these sound the BEST.  
TH600 with Denon ear pads.  :)   what an improvement! no more harsh sibilance  
WA5 is the official power source for MrSpeakers' new ETHER headphones.  Here's a pic of Dan's personal WA5 at CanJam SoCal.  
Yes, we offer Nordost cables if the customer needs high quality power cords and audio cables.   We don't sell Sony, yet.  :)
Got some adaptors to use Nordost cable with Z7.
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