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Road trip! Heading out from HQ to SoCal.
 Thank you for liking my pic.  :) dropbox link:
I've done additional research and it appears to be a issue with the audio driver in OS X 10.9.  Before asking you to revert to OS X 10.8 audio driver, please try the following Terminal commands first.   Please use Time Machine to back up your Mac before doing this.   *** Must Log into Admin account on Mac ***   Run the "Terminal" application under /Applications/Utilities/Terminal or type “Terminal” in Spotlight   Then COPY (use copy and paste command) this line:...
 They were notified not to because it is not a standalone product.  
 You are using the WA7 with solid state power supply correctly.   Users with WA7tp (tube power supply), use the Power ON/OFF button on the front of tube power supply.  Think of this button as a Standby feature.  The flip switch on the back of the amplifier the main power switch.  Only need to flip the switch to OFF position if you are not using the system for an extended period of time or on holiday.
Here's another quick pic.  Love this combo!  
If anyone here has a KOSS ESP950, I'll bring the adaptor to use with Woo Audio GES amp.  I have a feeling it will beat the stock KOSS amp. ;)  
 I've compared the WA7's internal DAC to others costing between $1k - $2K, you get more bang for the buck going with EH 6C45 upgrade tubes and WA7tp (with stock tubes).  
 We recommend to purchase the combo together to save money.  Buying the WA7tp at a later date will cost $649.
 I've forward your concerns to Jack for his opinion before asking you to send the unit to us for inspection.   I leave my personal WA7 ON or playing music all day.  At shows, systems are ON all day, sometimes over night to keep the tubes warmed.  At Capital Audio Fest, Dan (MrSpeakers) left his WA7d + WA7tp system powered ON all three days of the show (day & night).  We don't recommend to do that because it does shortens the life of the tubes, but you can if you choose.
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