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 No offerings yet.  It's a bit more involved than picking the best sounding tube and offer it our customers.  We will definitely announce it here and on social media when that time comes. The option to DAC roll was why we included an Analog Input on WA7 and WA7d.  :)
Ear pads Part number: 5035077 $54.75 USD in case anyone is interested.
anyone here has them yet?  I see it on eBay already.
 We are working non-stop to get more units out to customers without sacrificing our strict quality control.  It's better delay ship if something doesn't meet our QC than to ship a product to our customers just to keep the original ship date.  We hope you understand and we appreciate your patience. 
is it metal case?  Are there any hiss noise on IEMs?
I've requested one for my YouTube channel.  Hope it arrives soon.  :)
We will supply our new WA7d Fireflies Duo for the meet.  And if we get review units back, maybe the WA7tp tube power supply as well.  :)  
Stay tuned for my popular First Look video.  :)
Check the first full review on the new WA7d and WA7tp by Brain at  
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