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Hi-Fi travel system....   
Best way to listen to DSD music on WA8 Eclipse. :)  
Be careful with aftermarket 4.4mm balanced cables and adapters. We don't know the amplifier circuit design. Improper wiring may damage the circuit. 
 Congrats! I just received mine (personal purchase/use). I think black looks great. Makes the tubes stand out. Need to break-in mine for about 200 hrs.  Be sure to post pics of your system when you get it. Here's a quick pic of my work desk. 
 We look forward to your findings after 150–200 hrs. of initial break-in. Be sure to post some pics. 
Upgraded my 1Z to "Hi-Res Audio"    Looks good?  
Upgraded my gold Walkman to "Hi-Res Audio"     Looks good?  
Show us your work desk! There's mine this week. #audioporn  
 Woo Audio is an authorized Signature Series reseller.  We have all three products.
 As a customer and reseller of Focal products, I think it is extremely valuable to have access to the manufacturer. There are things the press and users don't know or get wrong. I much prefer to get information from the horse's' mouth than hearsay or rumors.  Imagine if Jony Ive from Apple was on a forum engaging with the end users. How valuable would that be?!? Unfortunately, that's only in my dreams. 
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