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 http://www.elusivedisc.com/Lehmann-Audio-Linear-Headphone-Amp-Black/productinfo/LEHBCHAB/ http://www.needledoctor.com/Lehmann-Audio-Linear-Headphone-Amp?sc=7&category=18576  @jpimentelc what is your music source?
 I'm not holding my breath...  lol.
DT1770 isn't impressive right out of the box. Give it 200 hrs. of listening and you'll appreciate it.
@moriez You missed the reference in my response. Please take a look at the screen shot as well.  
had to do it...  Nordost fanboy....  
 This was taken a few weeks ago. They've added more since. 
 Fingers crossed!
 Because I love you...  It scans and mounts, but the music is not loaded, only the LOST+FOUND folder shows up. It's empty...
 You don't need 7d. Just get WA7 with Apple Lightening to USB adapter + good quality standard USB cable. http://tinyurl.com/pp95k7m
 Some people may find this helpful since it's not posted anywhere else.  
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