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I'm eyeing these too.  Love my H3.  
Nov. will be a good month for Meridian.  ;)
The Young Guru version is worth owning.  Studio version is not.
I paid $70 for OEM pads from JP.  I think it's worth the cost considering other pads because it effects the sound signature so much.
 oh...?  Something good coming?  :)
 Congrats!  The more you use it the more you'll love it.  Wish it was still here for me.  :(
 I'll bring Nordost Heimdall2 cable for you to try with your HD800.  :)
K812 is a fantastic headphone.  Highly recommend it.  Proper pairing is important.    
 WA2 is really hard to beat for the money.  T1, HD800 and HD600/650 all sounds wonderful with it.
 Very impressive collection.  Tubes are a lot of fun and can be a smart investment.  :)
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