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I was hoping Z2 would have dual mono balanced out like PHA-3.  I guess I'll have to wait till Z3.
 D5000 is better.
 I tried that today.  Plugged it into AC power when the green light on PHA-3 flashes.  Once the battery was completely drained, no sound.  :( 
WA6 pairs very well with Fostex TH600.  These headphones have very clean deep bass.  
video from CES.  
 what about U.S. version?  Can I at least power it via USB during use when the battery is drained?   One concern I have with my PHA-3 is when I use 3.5mm analog input from Sony HAP-Z1es output the audio is overloaded, distorted.  Only from Sony HAP-Z1es with this issue.  No problem with my Meridian Direct DAC.
anyone has access to the service manual on PHA-3?
 for generic, this would work fine.
Mike at Audio Classic is the best in the biz. I've been a customer for many years.
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