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 Jack carried on 4 WA8 in his carry-on bag on an international flight to Toronto for TAVES show last year with zero issues. Not even a question on what they are. We've traveled all over the U.S. for trade shows in 2016 without any issues from TSA. Most airlines have AC power outlet in the seat. Just use the included charger to re-charge the battery or play while charging. Many good quality OTG cables on Amazon. WA8 in black and space gray are next day shipping, gold color...
 Like jailbreaking an iPhone. A cat and mouse game....
I'm running 1Z Walkman via USB out to WA7 Fireflies (2nd gen) to play DSD music in full resolution.   
The best way to enjoy DSD music on WA7 Fireflies (2nd gen) is through Sony 1Z Walkman via USB Audio out.   
 Congratulations! Be sure to give the system a couple of hundred hours to break-in. Nothing special you need to do, just enjoy as normal. The sound should improve with every use.  Please keep us posted with your listening impressions. 
 You can not beat WA6 for $699. It can drive T1.2 to its potential and more. Step up to WA7 and you'll get a high-end DAC too. 
I was very impressed by the AK version so I'm excited to see and hear this one.
 I wasn't at CES, but Jack was and he likes the sound of the flagship model. We look forward to hearing the production version.
We have brand new U.S. version TA-ZH1es in stock and ready to ship. Email to buy.    
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