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 I think output transformer amps pairs better like our WA6 if you're on a budget. http://wooaudio.com/products/wa6.html
 They are not available to U.S. resellers yet, but we will when it becomes available. 
 My work, Woo Audio is an authorized Sony Signature Series reseller. The WM we get is the U.S. version, no volume cap.
 I've used a variety of IEMs (Sony XBA-Z5, Westone W60, AKG K3003, UE Reference Remastered) at the reset settings with wonderful results. LPW-DE is dead silent with those IEMs.  Try the Diana Edition. It's a different beast. http://www.theevolutionofsound.com/lotoo/
 I didn't touch any of the settings because I was advised by The Evolution of Sound (LPW-Diana Edition distributor) that the player is preset to the ideal settings to drive most headphones on the market. I've used IEMs Sony Z5, Weston W60, AKG K3003 and all played incredibly well with the shipped settings. To answer your question, my unit is set at +6 db on digital gain and DSD gain at High level setting. LPW-DE (Lotoo Paw Gold Diana Edition) is the only player I've used...
Some holiday LOVE for my classic Denon D7000 headphones.  
Showing some LOVE for my classic Denon D7000 headphones with WA7 Fireflies.   
 Personally, I prefer the Nordost XLR termination + adaptors. It allows me to use one cable in different configurations. I have never had a cable failure. The cable is light weight so it doesn't drag your head down. I like that the Heimdall2 does not color the sound or change the characteristics of the headphones. Music sounds more open and more alive with the Heimdall2.
I found that Amiron Home likes POWER to sound its best. The sound is very smooth and laid-back compared to previous beyerdynamic sound. I can listen to them for many hours without any fatiguing. Comfort is very high. If you audition these, be sure to use a good quality amp.  
New Posts  All Forums: