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you may have better luck getting your questions answered by posting here.
Ever since Beats took over the production of their products from Monster, I've been saying they are making good headphones.  I'm happy to see Tyll decided to review the Solo2 without any audiophile bias. :)
 Correct!  You can use DAC via USB even if WA7 is not connected to PSU at all.  We do it all the time at shows.  A wonderful feature.
 Thank you for watching my videos.  :) Serial # 0222
 I have the Linear and Linear USB.  Impressive amps for sure.
 Not the amp, it's your source.  I have mine set at 0 Ohms and 0db through T90 Jubilee with plenty of headroom. Instrument separation on A2 is up there with some of the BEST amps I've used.  It's very very impressive.  Beyer needs to make a DAC with the same chassis.
 I was busy at the Woo Audio table and did not get a chance to hear it.  :(
 If you are experiencing issues and need replacement fuses, pls. send us a note at  OK to use 400 - 500mA. Treat the power button on front of WA7tp as a standby ON/OFF switch.  No need to flip the power switch on back of WA7 amp ON and OFF every time.  Treat the flip switch as a main power ON/OFF.   Use the flip switch when transporting unit or when on holiday and the amp will not be used for extended periods.  
We recently done additional testing, OK to use 500mA for international customers.  
 PM sent with instructions.  
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