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 Read the online manual and this is why. I'm on a Mac. Sony Hi-Res Audio app shows PCM as well.  PHA-2A does playback native DSD with Signature Series 1Z Walkman. 
 That is strange that mine only shows up to 32/196kHz in OS X Sierra. I should read the manual. lol.... 
PHA-2A is good especially via the 4.4mm balanced output, but no DSD playback.  You need PHA-3 to get DSD.   UPDATE: Read the online manual and this is why. I'm on a Mac.      
 That is a Samsung phone with custom Android OTG cable. Can't do this with Apple because Lightning is a proprietary connector, not like micro-USB on Android.
 The Sony/Kimber balanced cable is excellent for only $249 + $10 shipping. We have it in stock if you're interested. email  
 Nice! so it works with U.S. 1Z without hacks?
 pic of the tubes?
Very good reference material when it's completed.  
 "I don't have access to a Mac for testing but I've tried a few PCs. Two other users here have reported the exact same issue. At this point I don't think it's reasonable anymore to assume user error." Do you have an iPhone or Android phone for testing? We have tens of thousands of users without any problems so two users does not confirm that the issue is with the unit.  "Either way the unit is out of warranty so of course all responsibility lies with me." We will work with...
We just received another shipment of the Sony/Kimber Kable 4.4mm balanced cable. Email us if you want one before they are all gone. No crazy markup... $249 + $10 shipping within CONUS.  
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