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Check out what you missed at CanJam 2014.  
when I compared the stock cable against the Kimber (unbalanced), the difference was HUGE.  Makes the stock cable unlistenable.  :(
much improved over the 1R.  A bit hot on the treble so pair carefully.  
 Our amps are self biasing.  We do encourage to use matched pair tubes.
 Not at all if you care about getting the best sound possible from your headphones investment.  :)
 amazon has Z7 in stock.
 It was great seeing you again too Jim.  I hope you can make it out to more shows.  :) I may have to get the PHA-3 just because I have the 1 & 2.
We had the Noble 6 by the WA7+WA7tp system for demo.  Next time you see us we'll have Noble 4, 6, & K10 available for you to audition.  :)
 AppStore reviews states otherwise.  Charges per device too?  CRAZY!
anyone knows how to get artwork to show up on DSF files?  I've imported some but the artwork are missing.
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