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 Tom really enjoyed the system.  Thank you for sharing the link.
 HD700 is more forgiving with lessor quality recordings so I enjoy it more than HD800.  I own both, but only one of each.  :)  Next purchase is Fostex TH500rp and TH600.
I urge/challenge everyone to compare WA7's internal DAC against DACs costing up to $999 on sound alone.  You'll be surprised and pleased to know how well WA7's internal DAC stacks up.  Just use the analog RCA input on back of WA7 and switch to RCA on the 3-postiion switch.  This will turn WA7 into standalone headphone amplifier.    Ask yourself if you're enjoying music or are you just hearing sound.
I guess I'll open mine and inspect it.
tube reference DAC is certainly interesting.  :)
 Perhaps @dL. can chime in a bit or we can just wait for his review. post #1575
 We designed a custom screw head and tool for WA7 so people can't open it.  We're chiefs with a secret recipe.   
We can talk DAC chips all day and name drop parts brands, but at the end of the day it's the final result that matters - the music.  I urge you to give WDS-1 a try.  We don't make products with fancy parts to catch eyeballs.  We design and build solid, tried and true, no gimmicks, timeless products.  
 You can use Concero with WA7 via the analog input.  That turns WA7 into a standalone headphone amplifier.  I urge you to give WA7 a try.  :)
 Thank you!! :)  It's the Sony top of the line music server HAP-Z1es.  Sounds amazing if you can get over the set up challenges.  
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