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Unboxing video is now live.  
Unboxing video in the works. Stay   
 I am surprised. HD800 with WA7+WA7tp is a great pairing. That is my personal system as well. I mostly use the internal DAC. Are you using TIDAL HiFi and are your FLAC files at least CD quality (16/44.1)? 
 All WA22 manufactured after 10/28/2014 features a RCA to balanced converter internally. Sorry for the confusion. We will update the owner's manual today.      
CES 2016 will be the one to watch....
Did you guys hear the new IEMs at RHA exhibit at CanJam London?  
I am surprised that P2 drives the AB very well.    
 I'll take it!  
Mine arrives on Thursday as well. Damn UPS! Stay  for my unboxing/first look video. I will also take it to CanJam@RMAF. Stop by the Woo Audio exhibit for a listen. 
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