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Hey everyone, we will be at the San Francisco Bay Area Head-Fi meet on July 19th.  Here's more info on the meet.  Look forward to meeting some of you.
Anyone compared the ZX1 to PCM-D100?  
Got me a spare 702-65 before they're all gone.  :)
I couldn't get the grill off.  :(  Once you remove the cloth, you can't reuse it right?  I'm using MA900 ear pads with wonderful results.
 +1 Get HD700 instead.
I may be biased, but Woo Audio WA22 is on my purchase list to pair with HD800.  I have a lot of SS amps, but no high-end tube amp yet.  
 No offerings yet.  It's a bit more involved than picking the best sounding tube and offer it our customers.  We will definitely announce it here and on social media when that time comes. The option to DAC roll was why we included an Analog Input on WA7 and WA7d.  :)
Ear pads Part number: 5035077 $54.75 USD in case anyone is interested.
anyone here has them yet?  I see it on eBay already.
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