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If you're in the Sydney, Australia area please join us for a special event.   https://www.facebook.com/events/126801370993458/  
 Please note, we don't merely buy the tubes from Takasuki and instantly flip them to our customers.  We test every tube we buy individually to ensure the batch we received is at the quality we expect and they are hand matched before it is shipped to our customers.  We also back every tube we sell with a 30 day warranty.  I won't mention the company, but there have been times we reject the entire batch of tubes because they don't meet our high standards.  Where those tubes...
 Zero issues with mine. I'm on MacBook Pro with Retina display.  
Is this model in the wild yet?
 Thank you for the early impressions.  The sound should improve with every use. 
 After using my K10, just sold my IE800 today.  
Video on my experiences with the process my custom K10 Wizard.  
New AK380 unboxed.  
 That's one fantastic system!  
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