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 Performance/the sound was our priority. Big and powerful sound needs current to deliver and that draws power. We rather have 4 hrs. of incredible music listening experience than 5 hours of compromised performance.  You can use WA8 while charging if 4 hours of continuous playback is not enough. The amp/DAC runs off the battery so the sound is not effected while charging. We are shipping to customers who ordered early on so I'll let them speak for WA8's performance. 
Headfonia reviewed WA8 against other small amps. Check it out.  
 For 1st gen WA7 use this PC driver. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8coxkadcl0n06xk/d7v0EhBNXv Driver on this page is for 2nd get WA7. http://wooaudio.com/products/wa7fireflies.html email info@wooaudio.com if you need additional help.
2016 Beats urBeats in Rose Gold hits HARD driven by my pink MacBook.      
 The one I'm using is Blue Heaven. They make a next level Heimdall2 with 4-pin XLR. I am thinking of upgrading to Heimdall2. http://nordost.com/leif/blue-heaven/blue-heaven-headphone-cable.php http://nordost.com/norse2/heimdall2/heimdall2-headphone-cable.php
Too bad we don't make the chrome headphones stand anymore... this system looks SICK.  
 Sony WM-Port to USB adapter. This allows digital pass-thru to WA8.
More Sony MDR-Z7 + Nordost cable porn...     NEW! Space Gray color Woo Audio headphones stand.  
 Very nice pairing. 
 Edition X pairs well and Sennheiser HD800S too. 
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