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Anyone here knows how to reduce the gain on BHA-1?  I'm not referring to the dip switches...  lol.
I'm looking forward to hearing the HE-1000 again on EF-1000 at Newport show in a couple of weeks.
no issues at all with my personal unit      
I can't wait to get my paws on the jr. for some quality ear time.  :)     I'm rocking the AK120II right now, but the jr is more pocketable.   
Yes we will be at Newport High-End show in room #446.  WA8 (prototype), WA234mono, WES, WA7, WA5-LE, and many many more.  :)
We use Nordost Blue Heaven and Heimdall2 at shows and on our personal systems.
So the VB is a passive system, like the Beyer COP?
A shout out to the person with the WA6.    
My AK120 & AK120II are rock solid.  zero issues from day one.  Will likely get AK Jr. because it's so damn sexy.
 Don't have to, UrAvgConsumer did already.  :) 
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