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Shout out to @cCasper TFG for doing the mod.  I know... the Nordost cable is overkill.    
We hope you guys and gals will join us.  
 This is a great DAC for your budget.µdac  
 @cCasper TFG made some changes to my Sony/Kimber cable.   
the longer the USB cable run, the higher quality you should get.  
 Hum.... we never got your email.   We're working on the next prototype WA8.  Hopefully in time to show it off at CanJam.  
 + 1
I want a P3 v2.  Nothing wrong with P7 for me.
Add one MrSpeakers Dog Treat the the Guru and you'll have a fantastic sounding headphone that's also sexy looking.  :D
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