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It's gonna be a great year ...  
Focal Professional Monitors will kick the ass of any computer speakers.  
I hope to be able to give you guys the unboxing/first look
 I have the same Sony CDP!  The WDS-1 great improves CD playback on this player. 
Woo Audio WDS-1 reference DAC and wired with Nordost cables. A2 is blacker background, more fidelity, more depth. It's the remaining 5% of the music that summit-fi gets you which usually cost a lot to obtain.
some great vintage ES.  Thank you for sharing.
Get D100 and Beyer A2 amp.
 Genuine.  New packaging and price $108 is new retail.
My genuine CD900st ear pads are finally in the U.S.  I'll do a video on how it compares to genuine V6/7506 pads because they are not the same.
 it could use a shirt clip.
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