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 We will have features and look finalized by RMAF this year. Our engineers will continuously work on the performance leading up to official release in early 2017. If you're coming to the S.F. meet this weekend or RMAF, bring your favorite hps to try out WA22-SE (prototype).  
Here's another quick pic before we pack the amp up for FedEx. We can't wait for you to hear it!  
AKG Q701 in lime green Quincy Jones Edition. China (right) vs Austria (left).   
 We will have WA22-SE driving Abyss AB-1266.
Made a quick video on how to update the ear pads.  
 Try removing the conditioner and going direct from Nordost to wall outlet. http://www.nordost.com/leif/blue-heaven/blue-heaven-power-cord.php
 Here's a quick pic. great quality cable and I like the 4-pin XLR to 1/4" adapter. 
Peter @doublehelix made me a purple braided cable for LCD-X. I'm sure he can make you one for Abyss.   http://www.doublehelixcables.com/store/index.php?main_page=contact_us&zenid=02c53c43541bf6a6df2f0f60e36bdc9f
 90% volume is not normal listening level. Any amplifier would have some noise at nearly full throttle... It's like driving your car at 7,000 RPM. 
 What is in the "Special Mode"?  I own two HPA-Z1es with 2TB internal HD. Zero issues and I want to buy a third unit.
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