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 Thank you for the lovely pics. I rarely use my Focal Mezzo Utopia speakers... The sweet spot is on my head with Abyss.
 Sit down one day and listen to music 4 hours straight. It's a long time...Take a 2 hr. break to charge and enjoy again for another 4. Additionally, WA8 can play while charging and the audio circuit is powered by the battery so no sonic loss.  
 congratulations! We would love to see some pics of your system. 
beautiful site. Well done! 
 We were unable to duplicate the issue with the other two WA8s on display. We're looking into why that one unit had the issue with our MacBook Air. The show units are pre-productions. We are scheduled to begin production in early April, shipping mid April.
WA8 Eclipse unboxed with optional leather case for $149 ea.   We will have tube kits available in the near future. Right now, we are focused on getting WA8 into customers' hands. 
 We will announce the upgrade program in a few months. Right now, our production staff are focused on getting WA8 Eclipse to waiting customers' hands.  2nd gen WA7 with WA7tp. Black with silver doesn't look too bad...  
It's official... available to ship in 1 week.  
It's official... 2nd gen WA7 Fireflies is now available.  
New 2nd gen WA7 Fireflies will be on hand at CanJam SoCal.  
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