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 the 3.5mm output is best for IEMs. Full-size hps like the X2 should use 1/4". Try a different cable on X2. It could also be microphonics from the tubes being moved slightly when connecting the hps. This is normal and should go away in 5–10 seconds if the tubes are good quality. Try new tubes if the ringing doesn't go away.
for the life of me, I can't find them. Maybe it'll turn up when I'm not looking. 
 Congrats! Be sure to share some pics. We would love to see them!
Removed... I must have sold mine already or gave it away because I can't find it.   Update: let me get some sleep and look again tomorrow. I don't recall giving it to anyone or selling it.   Mike
 WA22-SE is still in development phase right now. We will have public prototype #2 at CanJam, RMAF in Oct. We're shooting for Spring/Summer 2017 launch.  WA5-LE/WA5 are relatively big amps in size. We wanted to make a smaller, high power, fully-balanced amplifier for those who doesn't have the real estate for WA5-LE/WA5. WA22-SE is much more desk friendly for the home or office.
 WA7d adds optical (TOSLINK) digital input. No D/A mode RCA out on WA7d.
 WA7d is a currently selling model.  http://wooaudio.com/products/wa7d-fireflies.html
Here you go... same as K712.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/814873/k702-65th-anniversary-edition-pads-pair
 For stationary use, we recommend WA7+WA7tp.   WA8 Eclipse has internal 24/384kHz ESS SABER DAC as well + 3.5mm analog input.
New Record Day reviews WA8 Eclipse.  
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