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 sounds like a software issue. Disconnect WA7 and all other USB devices, reboot the PC and reconnect once it's booted up. If you have audio programs or plug-in running, they may be taking priority (most non-native apps do this). The proper way to troubleshoot is to isolate the WA7 from everything else. We recommend a dedicated PC or Mac for music playback for best results.
 WA7 can drive any IEMs. We recommend the 1/4" output for most. The ultra-sensetive ones, use the 3.5mm port.  
 There are many points to consider when it comes to implementing a new USB type for audio (3.0, USB-C, Thunderbolt 3). One primary factor is noise in the line. Right now, USB 2.0 is still ideal for audio. We also chose to use a Type-B connector so the user can use their existing (standard) high-end USB cable with WA8. And if they misplaced the cable while on a trip, a replacement USB cable can be found just about anywhere in the world. Also, the USB type-B has many contact...
 Happy to hear the concern is all sorted out. Enjoy!  "Just out of curiosity why no USB 3.0 B instead of the USB 2.x B?" Audio does not require the speed of 3.0 but more importantly 99% if the high-end USB cables on the market are standard USB 2.0. So going 3.0 USB-B connector would be no benefit for this product. If you want to experiment with high-end USB cables, we recommend and sell Nordost Blue Heaven and Heimdall2. Just let us know if you're...
 Double check that the charger is getting AC power. Connect directly to wall outlet, not conditioners or strips for testing. LED on charger should run RED when charging and WA8 powered ON. If the WA8 battery is fully-charged, the charger will have RED LED.   Send us a pic of yours just like this example to 
My personal travel Hi-Fi system.   Sony Walkman is the best way to enjoy DSD music through WA8 Eclipse.   
 very good selection of phones.  
Hi-Fi travel system....   
Best way to listen to DSD music on WA8 Eclipse. :)  
Be careful with aftermarket 4.4mm balanced cables and adapters. We don't know the amplifier circuit design. Improper wiring may damage the circuit. 
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