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I really like the HD700.  Here's a quick pic I took.  
Anyone has a PDF of the M8 manual?  When used as Line Out on the Pro version, do you have to set the volume all the way up?
 Welcome!  :) 
took a pic of my T1  :)  
 I'll have to get my paws on the X-Sabre at the LA meet.  Heard good things about it.
DACmini is much older than M8 so you guys are saying they sound the same?
gear list for the meet   - WA2   - WA22   - WA6   - WA6-SE   - WA7 silver   - WA7d + WA7tp black   - NOS RCA 12AU7-ct Clear Top   - EH gold-pin 6C45 tubes   - GES for Stax 404-LTD   - WDS-1 DAC   - Grado eSeries RS1e, PS500e   - Sennheiser HD700, HD650   - HiFiMan HE-560   - HPS-RS silver headphone stand   - HPS-RC chrome headphone stand   Everything arriving from NY on Thursday.  Show special 10% OFF cash deals, 8% OFF credit card deals....
 Disconnect all USB and Thunderbolt devices except the monitor since you're using Mac Mini.  Start a guest account and boot into Guest to see if WA7 shows up in AudioMidi as a "speaker" device. If you're using Apple Thunderbolt display, try the USB ports on the display. 
 Great IEMs
A great pairing!  
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