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 Well said.  (Y)  Hey, does the micro-USB drop out when you tilt the unit while playing?  Mine does.... I really liked the DA-300usb and was hoping the DA-10 would be a portable version of it.  I guess I'll see what the next version would bring.  :) Sony is a good example.  PHA-1 was so so... PHA-2 got better, PHA-3 they are getting serious.  Perhaps PHA-4 would be killer.  :)
 Do consider that there would be analog cables involved e.g. RCA and power cord when using an external DAC with WA7 which does effect the overall sound.  IMHO, less is more. To get real high-end sound from a DAC you would need to buy either WDS-1 or the McIntosh D100 (my personal reference DAC).  The McIntosh is $2500 and I'm using Nordost cables on the entire system.   I've compared WA7's internal DAC against DACs costing up to $1000.  I won't mention the brands and...
 That's a serious combo if you can swing it.  D100's DAC is no joke.... but it's $2500.  LOL.... Doing a variety of DACs comparison against WA7d internal DAC.  I won't mention the names of those DACs, but the internal DAC is no slouch.
 Thank you for the kind words.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the system.   Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have questions or concerns with your Woo Audio product.  We’re here to help. :)  Mike
 Thank you for your input.  CES is next week, if there's no new flagship Walkman I'll get the ZX1.
 I just checked the WA7d currently on my work desk.  Volume in OS X 10.10 is locked.   I recalled my original WA7 had adjustable volume control in OS X 10.9, but that could be my bad memory.  I prefer it to be locked so there's no risk of non-bit perfect operations which satisfies my OCD.   Here's a shot at my current work desk.  Please excuse the mess.  :) 
 The OS (system) output and music app's volume should be set at maximum to ensure bit perfect transmission. iTunes would drop bits if volume is not set to MAX.
On the manufacturer's side of things in case anyone didn't know.     Here at Woo Audio, we do not send free gear to reviewers.  We require the reviewer to sign a 30, 60 or 90 day loaner agreement.  If we have not worked with the reviewer in the past, we place a credit card hold at retail value of the loaner.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Michael Mercer, Warren, and Frank are my good friends.  I talk to them on a daily basis and they have to sign a loaner...
 The most disappointing part is the volume pot and even "normal" gain was too high for my Sony XBA-Z5 because you have to turn the volume knob beyond 10 o'clock for both channels to balance.  I have to try more headphones, but so far I am disappointed by the performance.  I wish it sounded as good as Denon DA-300usb.  Love the design though.  :) To be fair, it is a first gen product for Denon so I think the next will be a lot better.  Took Sony three times to get it good...
 Hi @pacino, Please order WA7 direct on our web site at your convenience.  We will invoice you the difference in shipping cost when your order is in our system. ~ Mike
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