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my upgrade is easy and effective. Nordost Blue Heaven cable.   
 We didn't have WES in our room at CanJam. Maybe our dealer The Source AV Group did... If that's the case, it had stock tubes and parts. We normally do not use upgraded components at trade shows unless it was already purchased by a customer for pickup at the show.
 Yes, we have plans to offer an upgrade option for existing WA7 customers in the near future. WA8 Eclipse and 2nd gen WA7 orders are overwhelming our production team at the moment. As soon as we’re a little more caught up, we’ll open the gates for WA7 upgrades. We’ll keep you posted when the details are available.
Just landed from Germany. New DT1770pro in stock and ready to ship with FREE headphones stand. Brand new!   http://wooaudio.com/headphones/  
 Please reach out to AVOne in sg. for an audition. Battery is serviceable when it's time to replace. Under normal use, it should last a few years. 
 WA8 can play while charging and the audio circuit is powered by the battery so no sonic loss. 
Computer Audiophile reviews 2nd gen WA7.   http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/688-woo-audio-wa7-fireflies/#comments_start  
In case you guys missed it...  
UERR + Woo Audio 2nd gen WA7 at CanJam SoCal.  
Possible to make WM --> USB type B?
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