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 Thank you for your continued support. Pls. send us an email when you're ready. We'll give you all the deets. info@wooaudio.com 
I want to say that a1uc is not telling everyone the entire story, only his side. He received a full refund on the Abyss he bought from us. We even took a loss on the shipping cost because we gave him FREE shipping in addition to a discount. We don't know what else we can do to make him happy.   I've spent many many hours on the phone with him giving my professional and unbiased opinion on Woo Audio and non Woo Audio products. He purchased a Sim Audio MOON NEO 430HAD,...
 You are not telling the entire story. I have treated you with the most respect and spent many many many... HOURS helping you even on non Woo Audio products. Some days you call a few times. Jack and I have gone above and beyond helping you in the form of discounts and fast shipping. You turned around and filed a Pay Pal claim on your purchase without giving us a chance to work with you. You have ZERO respect for me or Jack. I am getting upset now so I'll stop here...
 Apple changed the look in macOS Sierra. You get a different looking dropdown in El Capitan  2nd gen uses XMOS USB controller with branding, 1st gen is Cmedia no branding. 
New WA7 Fireflies (2nd gen) is Mac OSX Sierra compatible. Update and enjoy!  
New WA7 Fireflies (2nd gen) is Mac OSX Sierra compatible. Update and enjoy!  
I love my AK380 + AK380amp. Pairs really well with Westone W60 with balanced cable upgrade.  
unboxing video W60 with balanced 2.5mm upgrade cable. This is my first Westone product and I am very impressed by the sound.  
sells for $399 in U.S. I wonder how it compares to K3003.
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