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I'll get one I have to check out the comps.
 That's the fun part about tube rolling.  It's a rather small investment to get a different sound to suit your taste or type of music.   With solid state systems, one has to upgrade the system to get a different sound. Thank you for the kind words.   We try our best to answer questions or address concerns with the same expectations we have if we were the customer.  
Z7 is not listed on the U.S. store.  :(
 I would like that.  :)
thanks for the link.  That's pricey!
@baronkatz Thank you for the clarification.     This is a REAL Head-Fi meet.  Just like the good old days.  :)  What do you guys want me to bring?  I'll bring two or three systems.   Woo Audio amps:   - WA22   - WA2   - WA6   - WA6-SE   - WA7D+WA7tp   - WDS-1 reference DAC   Headphones:   - HiFiMan HE-560   - Beyer T1   - HD700   - HD650   - Grado PS500e   - Grado RS1e
It looks great.  Hope they sound good.    
that is interesting.  I have PHA-1 and PHA-2 so I guess I have to get PHA-3AC.  
I want them!!!  RHA did a great job on the design and the price makes it a no brainier.  
I'll see if I can bring some Woo gear.
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