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Need to start new thread soon. "iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Audio Quality" 
This headphone is simply amazing. Loving it!  
Noise isolation on CIEM is so much better than UIEM. I'm looking forward to using my K10 on my flight to CanJam/RMAF to block out annoying talkers. I sit next to them on every flight!    
I'm looking forward to getting my paws on the 380 AMP to drive my Abyss headphones.  
Wow! first hp and you got the T1 v2. Congrats! Your next will be a tough one cause T1 v2 is so amazing for only $1099. 
 You can't predict the future.... Sennheiser HD800 started at $999 in 2008 then went to $1299 then $1499 and now $1599. I would have stocked up back when it was $999 if I knew the retail price would go up that high.    There were changes made to the driver as well. T1 v2  T1 v1   Stay  for my unboxing/fist look video. 
 Agree! v2 would also be more fun rolling cables. v2 will have very limited distribution so prices will likely stay at the retail $1099. 
 Impressive considering the little guy is only $699. Plenty of drive for the new T1. $1099 + $699 = $1800 Hi-Fi system. You'll have to spend a LOT more to get the same sound from speakers.
Here are some quick pics.        
 What's a $100 between friends right?  Changed in video description. Thanks for letting me know.
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