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If you look closely you may see the HA-1.  ;)
 My Alpha Dog went to Dan for an upgrade.  Should have it back next week.
quite a few things were changed from beta to production so those who has the production version should give the headphones some quality ear time before commenting on a public forum.  That's my recommendation.  :)
 Wow!!  You're faster than me!  LOL...
here's a quick unboxed pic.    
 No, because I am sending the unit out to the guys on my web site for the review.  I was in the beta testing group so I don't think I should also review it.  The video will show what comes in the retail box, a close-up look at the PM-1 and how it looks when worn.  
Waiting for Google to approve the video....
We are getting this for review. Bookmark us!
reviewers have more experience with a large variety of headphones and headphone amps. Say like if you put a guy who drives a Honda Accord daily in a 2014 Porsche 911, he will tell you it's the BEST Porsche to-date. But if you put a guy who reviewed every 911 models for the last five years, that guy can tell you what is good and what is bad about the new 911. has the Primo 8 in review.  Here's a quick pic I took before I sent them off to the reviewers.  
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