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 I own the Solo6 + Sub. While it's a fantastic little monitor system, the room and positioning are essential for them to sound good. I also own the Focal Mezzo Utopia speakers as reference. If the Utopia HP sounds as good as the speakers, $4K is a bargain. Additionally, you don't have to deal with room acoustics. Put them on and they'll sound great in any room! I am happy to see Focal taking HP listening to the next level. Right now, there are too many "good" and "great"...
 Could it be dust or something inside? Send us an email and we'll provide you instructions on how to remove the glass and clean the inside. info@wooaudio.com
In my personal opinion, $4K is a bargain if it sounds anything like their Utopia speakers. With headphones, there's no room acoustic to mess with. You get the BEST sound no matter which room you're listening in.
 Hope this helps.   
quick video on the Utopia  
Woo Audio is proud to launch the NEW Focal Utopia headphones with The Source AV Group @TSAVJason. Experience this system this Saturday. Space is limited. RSVP without delay.   
Experience this system at @TSAVJason this Saturday. Space is LIMITED... RSVP without delay.    
Experience this combo at @TSAVJason this Saturday. Space is limited. RSVP without delay!  
WA7+WA7tp with NEW Focal Utopia headphone.  Learn more: http://wooaudio.com/headphones/  
 Thank you for sharing your experience. 
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