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I'm rocking Nordost upgrade cable for AKG with my DT 1990.  
 The "balanced" pads (pre-installed). You?  I'm waiting for an open-back McIntosh. I love my MHP1000.
 We'll have our flagship WA234MONO and upcoming WA22-SE (Prototype #2) in the JPS Labs room #6000.  
I hope this sounds like the DT 1990 Pro because I love that hp. This looks to have dual entry removable cable so the optional XLR cable from beyer would work.
I love my W60 so I am really excited to try these.
 Make sure the volume slider in music app. is set at MAX. on iOS device.
iPhone 7 users, here's a workaround to listen & charge at the same time. This is an Apple made adapter.     
A quick pic from our customer. WA22 amp + Elear and Utopia.  
  Thank you! Your kind comments and support means a LOT to us. As much as we are a business, we try to have fun and build things we would enjoy using. The audio industry is both big and small. Small in the way that the people behind the companies and our customers are often friends outside the business. We didn't get to where we are today by mistreating our customers and trash talking our friends in the industry. Every decisions we make in product offerings and in service,...
Beautiful pic of WA8 + beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro from StudioArunKuplas   https://www.instagram.com/p/BKnr0xAjYQa/?taken-by=studio_arun_kuplas  
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