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I love my AK380 + AK380amp. Pairs really well with Westone W60 with balanced cable upgrade.  
unboxing video W60 with balanced 2.5mm upgrade cable. This is my first Westone product and I am very impressed by the sound.  
sells for $399 in U.S. I wonder how it compares to K3003.
What's the app? Do you have any other audio apps or plug-ins running? This sounds to be a software issue. Is this a dedicated PC for music playback?
someone should drill some holes in Z7 and make it open-back.  @PETEREK  I'm looking at you. 
One of the wonderful things about our tube amps is that the user can 'customize' the sound by experimenting with a variety of tubes to achieve the sound that best match their system and personal preference. Look how much fun @Shini44 is having. 
 That is surprising to hear. We reply to emails generally within 24 hrs. even on weekends. Please resend to info@wooaudio.com and someone will get back to you.
New Posts  All Forums: