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The Young Guru version is worth owning.  Studio version is not.
I paid $70 for OEM pads from JP.  I think it's worth the cost considering other pads because it effects the sound signature so much.
 oh...?  Something good coming?  :)
 Congrats!  The more you use it the more you'll love it.  Wish it was still here for me.  :(
 I'll bring Nordost Heimdall2 cable for you to try with your HD800.  :)
K812 is a fantastic headphone.  Highly recommend it.  Proper pairing is important.    
 WA2 is really hard to beat for the money.  T1, HD800 and HD600/650 all sounds wonderful with it.
 Very impressive collection.  Tubes are a lot of fun and can be a smart investment.  :)
    We're working on getting Fostex TH500, TH600, TH900 to use at meets and trade shows for everyone to audition with our amps.  Keep an eye out for pics on our social media channels.  
 Glad it was a simple fix.  :)
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