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W60 is my first Westone IEM. I own a lot of high-end IEMs (AKG K3003 without remote, UE, Sony, Etymotic ER4, iSine20, etc. W60 are my go-to because it is super comfy and the sound is non-fatquing. I can use them all day and on long flights. Took this pic in Spain. :) The thin cable for AK players is awesome. Highly recommended for anyone with an AK player.      
 That store is awesome!  
I am trying to figure out why is this. I have Westone W80 which is a 5 Ohms BA so the "other regions" ZH1es would 'technically' be a better pairing.   For US Region: The impedance of headphones corresponds to 12-600 ohm. For Other Regions: The impedance of headphones corresponds to 8-600 ohm.  
 Woo Audio has all the Signature Series products. Email 
 That was me and a few others. :) Sammy has good micro-SD cards. 
The TA-ZH1ES has very very low noise floor even at HIGH gain. It is OK to drive it at full throttle to achieve your desired listening level.   
very nice! Updating my two units right now. :)
We have a small supply of NOS (new old stock) Tung Sol 5998 on hand right now. Send an email to if you're interested.
There's a Sony/Kimber MUC-S12SB1 for sale in the marketplace. I would jump on this if I didn't already own one. I paid more on eBay.
you can buy on Amazon.
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