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More info on WA8 Eclipse   http://wooaudio.com/products/wa8eclipse.html  
 It works for me in original post and in your quote. Perhaps you have ad block or something that blocks videos installed on your web browser?  More info on WA8 Eclipse. 
We're thrilled to announce WA8 Eclipse. Check out Jude's video
We're live! Check out Jude's review.
Balanced is not always better. A well designed single-ended amp can be as good if not better. Don't buy into the marketing of balanced... 
in less than two weeks, we'll be showing TWO new products at CanJam SoCal. Be sure to stop by our room upstairs to see the new toys. 
 Audeze phones are heavy and high clamping force so your head really feel the weight. Abyss distributes the weight evenly. When properly fitted, you don't feel its weight and it's rather secured on the head. I walk around the house and even prepare meals for my three dogs while wearing AB. The ear pads should only lightly touch the side of your head so there's no clamping force to be concerned with.
 Someone on HF is selling excellent condition F1.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/793263/sony-mdr-f1-a-collectors-item
 Abyss gives me the BIG speakers like sound. No other headphone on the market comes close. Once your ears are used to AB, everything else sounds mid-Fi.
 It's an easy repair at the shop. Ship just the unit, no glass, no power supply. email to info@wooaudio.com for shipping address.
New Posts  All Forums: