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 Are there wires I should be concerned with?
I just bought a F1 used that needs some work.  Here's the service doc if anyone is interested.  For those who needs ear pads, the cloth pads for Sony MDR-MA900 (part# 429674101 at $18 each) works identical to the original F1 pads.     Question for you guys.  How do I remove Ref #5 in the service doc?  
Hearing the WA5 powering the Abyss headphones and AKG K1000 was quite an incredible experience.  We had this combo at the Newport show over the weekend.  If there's a demand, we'll bring them to the upcoming S.F. Head-Fi meet.  Let me know!  
UPDATE:   Early-bird offer is coming to an end on May 31, 2014. Those who have purchased a WA7 Fireflies prior to 4/21/2014 will remain to have the opportunity to purchase WA7tp (tube power supply) at $349 $399 at anytime as long as the serial number to your WA7 have not been used. Those who purchased a WA7 or WA7d Fireflies after 4/21/2014 can purchase the WA7tp (tube power supply) at $399 until 5/31/2014 (early-bird offer). Starting June 1st, all single unit orders of...
 More of a personal preference than snake oil.  ;)
@Earbones we should take a look at your unit to ensure it wasn't damage during shipping.  Would you be able to send it to us?  We'll go over it bumper to bumper including the tubes.
 Are you connecting the AK240 with analog cables to WA7's RCA input on the back? Do you have USB from Mac to AK240? You may have to set the AK240’s volume to MAX as AK240 does not feature a Line Out via its headphones jack. Note: this may not sound better than the WA7’s internal DAC, but let us know what you think.
 You've got some nice gear.  Look forward to your impressions after the amp and tubes break-in.
Yes, original DC cord works with WA7tp.  The short 1ft. cord is for those who wants less clutter behind the units.
both are great headphones.
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