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 Thank you for the clarification. We're not attending purely to sell. We're bringing some well respected and desirable products so attendees can give them a listen and enjoy the gathering. If someone wants to buy the demo products, they know where to find us online.  
Good news everybody! For the meet, I'll have the following for audition.    - WA8 Eclipse in Space Gray with Focal Utopia   - WA7 (2nd gen) + WA7tp in silver with Sennheiser HD800S   - WA7D in silver with solid state PSU with beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro   Learn more about these products at:
 For HD800, we recommend with WA7tp (tube power supply). No need to buy the solid state power supply separately.
Jude likes WA8 Eclipse. Focal use it as well at shows.    
My recommendation for Z7 owners is not to audition Z1R unless you're ready to buy it. You won't enjoy your Z7 anymore after Z1R. You can't unhear it...
W60 with 2.5mm balanced cable for AK380 is awesome.  
 Yeah, we've met a few times. :) WA8 + Utopia is what I had in mind. 
I just bought another K712 as spare for my collection. I'll know in two days if it's made in Austria. The UPC code from seller shows the same as my Austria unit. Fingers crossed! 
 that's a killer deal! I love my W60 with 2.5mm balanced cable upgrade. 
EQ causes distortion. Turn it off....
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