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 Thank you!  + 1  No issues here on OS X latest 10.9.4 with MacBook Pro Retina display USB 3 and MacBook Air USB 3.  I use BitPerfect and Amarra.
The MHA-100 is on its way back to the mothership.  Full review on audio360 in the coming days.  
@warrenpchi is spot on with all the models.  I don't have all the models, but I have 120 and 120II and reviewed the 240.  For me, the 120II is sweet spot in as it has the sound signature of 240 and 120.
I'm eyeing the Sony.  
I have been using the DA-300usb for about a week.  I am pleasantly surprised by this DAC/amp.  The DAC extracted good amount details.  Midrange has life and gave a sense intimacy.  Bass comes through tight and lively.  The headphone amp is respectable being most comfortable with headphones under 100 Ohms.  I would like more gain.  On high impedance headphones such as HD650, the Denon don't have enough gain for normal listening levels.  I could not find a way to increase...
Perhaps some of you may know what these are for.   #ExtremelyLimited  
 Beautiful pics!  Thank you for sharing.
Wyred4Sound makes a great converter.µlink
all the good stuff aren't in the U.S.  :(
Perhaps there are no plans to offer it beyond JP due to it's 100v only power input.
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