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 stock TH900 is unlistenable compared to Abyss. Stock TH900 is harsh on the treble and very sibilant....
T1 2.0 and T5p 2.0 are both must have. Exceptional value by today's standards. Be sure to get the XLR cable as well.
 the 3.5mm port is for ultra-sensitive IEMs (in-ear monitors). If you wish to drive two of the SAME headphones simultaneously, use the 1/4" port. Pls. note: performance would be effected when driving two hps.
For those looking for a great closed-back headphone, the new beyerdynamic T5p 2.0 is exceptional with WA7. This headphone sells for $1099 with FREE headphones stand and FREE shipping within CONUS. Email us to order info@wooaudio.com  
Guys, this is my new favorite closed-back. Sounds amazing... 10x better than original T5p. $1099 is too cheap!   I need to get the balanced cable...   email info@wooaudio.com to order. Free headphones stand and FREE shipping within CONUS.  
 hehehehe.... I'm a Sony fanboy... 
Edition X unboxed/first look video if anyone is interested.  
oh boy.... HiFiMan Edition X is impressive right out of the box!  
received mine yesterday. They fit well. Will break them in with some playtime.   
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