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 be sure to keep us posted and share some pics. 
 The audio player controls the output. Check to ensure the application is set correctly and that the music file being played is above 24/192kHz.
I put the new Focal Elear in this thread. Hits HARD for an open hp.  
 happens all the time. Nothing to be alarmed about. Only a brief delay...
 Did you install the audio driver from our site? http://wooaudio.com/products/wa7fireflies.html
 Focal Utopia fits the bill. 
 LCD4 needs a lot of power to reach its potential. Most desktop amps don't have the power to drive it. Try them on a WA5-LE and they'll SING.
sound quality alone, my vote is on Amarra by Sonic Studio   http://www.sonicstudio.com/amarra/products     On a side note. I wish people would stop using FLAC. IMHO, FLAC is the Flash of audio.
Feedback from another WA8 customer.   "I am just simply amazed with its performance. I probably can't write up a professional review like most of these guys on the forums nor I plan on ever writing like that. But I can tell you how extremely happy I am with the WA8. I've auditioned several other portable amps and own few myself. I can say that I am absolutely in love with Woo Audio amps sound. I guess last time I just did not spend enough time with the dealer's display...
All-in-one is best. Less things to interfere with the sound, no cables, no extra AC power and shorter distance from DAC to amp circuits. 
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