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new WA8 video.  
You can use WDS-1 with Apple iOS devices. Just need to pick up this Apple adapter + high quality USB cable. *** it is important to buy this adapter from Apple only. There are a TON of counterfeits on the web.     We recommend Nordost USB cable if you don't already have a good quality USB cable.   http://www.nordost.com/usb-cables.php     TIDAL on iOS is good sounding streaming service. Try for free for 30 days.   http://tidal.com/us
 These two adapters from Apple would work. *** important to buy them from Apple only. There are a TON of counterfeits on the web. http://tinyurl.com/j8uuyhk  http://tinyurl.com/jh3jcrs  For USB cable, we recommend Nordost Blue Heaven or Heimdall2 http://www.nordost.com/usb-cables.php 
Sony ZX2 Walkman with Woo Audio WA8 Eclipse and T 5 P 2nd gen.   
 Try a better source. With DT1770 Pro, you get what you feed it.
ZX2 with Woo Audio WA8 Eclipse and beyerdynamic T 5 P 2nd gen headphones.  
 BIG effortless sound. We use this combo at trade shows. 
 The promotion changed since my post on Head-Fi. We feel that customers would enjoy $60 cash savings + FREE $34 value HP stand + FREE shipping more. This is a bigger savings than free adjustable stand ($69 value) + free shipping.  Anyone who wants to pay full price for DT1770 Pro $599 to receive FREE adjustable HP stand + FREE shipping, we can accommodate that. 
Stop by our exhibit at AXPONA next weekend and experience Abyss with WA5-LE.   http://www.axpona.com/exhibitors.asp?s=woo%20audio  
 @Questyle  QP-1r pairs exceptionally well with UERR. 
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