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 RED is positive terminal and BLACK is negative terminal on WEE.  We will update the manual in the morning.  :)
 I wish my house was that neat and clean.  :)
 one on HF is ok because FB, Instagram aren't high-res anyways.  :)  THANK YOU for letting us share your wonderful pics.  
Thank you for the feedback. Did you hear any difference with SSD? People said on a computer server, ssd makes a big difference in sound. Wonder if that applied here. Firmware v 0013814r software just became available. Don't know what's changed
 DA300's gain is very low with high impedance headphones.
 Congratulations! gorgeous shot.  Mind if we use it on our FB page?  :)   natural...  :D
I have the Z1es.  Wondering if a 7200rpm HD would move files faster?   Has anyone upgraded to 2TB HD?  Any issues with searching files?   I've come to the conclusion that I need to think of this server the same usage as a CD player.  When you try to use it like a Mac server, you'll be disappointed.  The sound of the Z1es makes it worth the UI pain.  
Cell phones have strong radio frequency emission so it's not uncommon to have EMI.  I have speakers that would buzz and make radio transmission noises if I place my iPhone on it. 
Perhaps to include WA7tp in the title since the 12AU7 tube is more common and will likely be rolled by many.  :)
 That's good to know.  What's the retail on the DA-10?  $399 USD?
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