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I wish Nordost makes a cable for Z7.  
One of my favorite products of CES.      
Custom Studio is a Guitar Center exclusive, but that may change in the future.  It does have my interest because I love the Custom One Pro.
Yes this is still on track to be released late spring/summer.  Current prototype is a lot nicer than show was shown last year.  Stay tuned to our social media channels for pics when final design is ready.  :)
 From Nordost site: The minimum recommended lengths of Nordost cables are as follows:Power cables – 2 metersAnalog interconnects – 1 meterDigital interconnects – 1.5 metersTonearm cables – 1.25 meters Loudspeaker cables – 2 meters Reality is that nothing can protect your system from a lightening strike.  The bigger concern for most of us is power surge and brown outs.  Our products are protected, but it doesn't harm to apply a layer of...
 Very nice!  I will have to get my paws on some Mullards.  :)   I'm using Sony MDR-Z7 with my personal WA7 + WA7tp system (EH 6c45 and stock 12au7 tubes) wired with all Nordost cables.    
 check the output level in software.  Perhaps it's set lower when using WA7.  Do note that it's not about how loud an amp can output, it's about how well it reproduce music.  Easy to make a loud amp, not so easy to make a musical sounding amp.  :)
 Z7 pairs very well with WA7 + WA7tp.  I am warming up to this headphone.  It's not as resolving as other high-end headphones like Denon D7000, but there are a lot about the Z7 I do like and outweighs the less than ideal sound.  e.g. build quality, design, comfort, looks, and bass.
 Numbers doesn't tell the entire story.  Don't be confused with gain vs. real power when it comes to output levels. 
 congratulations!  Beautiful amp and tubes.  
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