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I'll be there behind the amps for Woo Audio. :)
Yes. It sounds wonderful. Certainly makes going balanced worth the extra cash for the cable. You will need this cable from Peter at Double Helix cables
Just want to let everyone know the WA7d info and order page is now live.
 For the privacy of our customers, we do not disclose order status on public forums.  Please email your order number to and I'll check on the ship status
  Upgrade tubes are estimated for late May due to supplier delays.  You should have received an email with this advisory and options to take on your order. Standard lead time on WA7 and WA7d Fireflies is two weeks (this have been the standard wait time).   Orders of the new WA7tp (tube PSU) is slated for late May if you missed the first batch.  If you ordered the WA7 or WA7d with the WA7tp, standard two weeks wait time applies because we ship the amp and the WA7tp...
 Please Pay Pal $349 + $20 shipping for U.S. with your WA7 S/N in Pay Pal Message.  Shipping on WA7tp is around late May.
 If you currently own a WA7, we'll make sure you're taken care of.  ;)
 You should receive shipping info by Friday or early next week.  
 Sounds like a party!  Keep us posted in the impressions thread.  :)
 I'll try to grab some pics for ya.  ;) We will have the system for everyone to audition at AXPONA.
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