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Every amplifier is guaranteed to perform as designed when purchased new from us or through an authorized reseller. We back this with a 14 day full refund policy, 30 day warranty on tubes, and one year warranty on amp. We can not guarantee performance of the amp if the user use tubes purchased from a third-party or makes modifications to the amplifier.    If you're experiencing an issue with our products, please email us at info@wooaudio.com or call us during business...
 Bring any balanced portable or small desktop amp to our room at CanJam SoCal or anywhere WA8 is exhibited and listen for yourself if balanced is really that much better. I am assure you it is not.  specs are just numbers. Don't consider a product based on specs. There are many amps with exceptional specs, but sound like cheap toys.  Connect WA8 via USB and Windows will find the latest audio driver online.  
FYI, we'll be on the 3rd Floor Del Mar room with Abyss by JPS Labs. Look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.    
See what new products we'll be showing this weekend.  
NEW! Woo Audio WA8 Eclipse pairs exceptionally well with HD800 and HD800S.  
WA8's goal was to have desktop-class performance in a small, transportable form factor. One listen to WA8 with your favorite high-end headphones and you'll see why it took us this long to bring it to market.   New Record Day reviews WA8 Eclipse.    
Be sure to spot by our room upstairs to see and audition NEW WA8 Eclipse.  
 http://www.aloaudio.com/amplifiers/continental-dual-mono We didn't remove your post nor have the ability to. Perhaps you should reach out to mods in PM for an explanation. 
 Because you're incorrect... WA8 IS the world's first battery-operated vacuum tube headphone amp with DAC.
More info on WA8 Eclipse   http://wooaudio.com/products/wa8eclipse.html  
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