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WA8 Eclipse driving new Klipsch flagship headphones at CES 2017.  
New Klipsch flagship headphones at CES 2017.  
 Thank YOU!!!
I'm considering buying two Zr1. One for desktop use wired with 4-pin XLR and the other with gold Walkman via 4mm balanced. This way, I don't have to flip the cables back and forth.
 Brilliant! Glad to hear it works well. Now I need to get me a Kimber Kable version. :) Hey everyone, is there a slim fit leather case for gold WM?
5 days into my Z1r + gold WM. They are breaking in nicely.     
 Remote runs on BT which means the radio has to be ON all the time which may effect the sound of the gold WM. I am not so sure about this feature... I would love a Kimber Kable 4mm balanced --> dual 3-pin XLR cable. Use my gold WM as source for my balanced hp amplifier.   Don't steal my idea people! 
 WA6-SE with Sophia 274B upgrade tube would sing with T1. You should get a good DAC for computer music playback. Meridian Direct DAC is a great choice for only $379 now. 
 We have Z1r in stock and ready to ship. Thanks @Mediahound for the referral. 
 I'm not the Lord.... 
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