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I just got the H6 (2nd gen) from Amazon. The sound is much much improved over the 1st. gen H6. I like it!  
 We are getting our shipment soon. Order today and be one of the first few people to get one. http://wooaudio.com/headphones/sony/z1r.html
 WA22-SE is still in development phase. The sound is far from being finalized. Look for more prototype showings and estimated launch in Spring / Summer 2017.
 Which Tung Sol? pic or link?
 New tube sockets are Teflon which is a more porous material so the light shines through more. 
 Not today's tube amps. In the past tube amps were OTL (output transformerless), WA8 is transformer-coupled which has a wider range of hp impedance compatibility (8–600 Ohms). We still make WA2 and WA3 which are OTL.
Is the battery life truly too short or we're simply enjoying music on WA8 longer? My iPhone 6S' battery lasts about 7 hrs while my mom's flip phone can go for days without charging, but it doesn't have the same capabilities & usage enjoyment of my iPhone 6S. I'll keep using my iPhone and charge it when I can to make it through the day.  
 Congratulations! We recommend 100–150 hrs. of normal use with music playback to "break-in" the amp/tubes. The sound should improve with every use. :) We intentionally made the switches slightly recessed so they can not be accidentally switched ON/OFF in transport. Please keep in mind to power OFF the unit before changing the tubes output, this resets the circuit. We look forward to your extended listening impressions and pics. 
I wish there are more info on "USB DAC". What does that mean?   https://esupport.sony.com/US/p/swu-download.pl?mdl=HAPZ1ES&upd_id=10956&os_group_id=18   On my Z1es is shows this.   I updated the FW. Looks to be using an external DAC with Z1es. I wish I could tap into the internal DAC instead.    info from Sony: http://tinyurl.com/zhuyndl  
 Very nice setup and collection of headphones. 
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