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I love this setup, BUT once the battery goes down to 50%, it won't power the DF any more.  :(
 Unfortunately no, the volume Up/Down does it work.  We have Apple to blame for that due to their rules and costs for MIF cert. I wonder why they included two L and only one M.  M fits be best.
 Thank you!  :)
no U.S. market?  :(
 Thank you for the initial impressions.  We would love to see a pic or two as well.  
 At at this time.  The good thing is our products have excellent if not the best resale value.  Things move very quickly on @Head-Fi Marketplace.
 Yeah, we love that FedEx doesn't charge for that option.  UPS wants $10 from our customers to do that which is why we don't use them.  :)
 That's great news!  Pls. keep us posted on your impressions.  We would love some pics too.  ;)
It's gonna be a busy weekend     
 We're glad everything is sorted out now and the amp is singing nicely.  Thank you for sharing your #WooAudioStories here on Head-Fi.  
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