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Pics from the launch event last Saturday at The Source AV. I like the Elear + Nordost Heimdall2 cable a LOT. Will have to get my paws on a pair.     
Pics from Pepcom in NYC last week. Our very own Jack Wu and the Focal team.        
 Tubes are user replaceable. We will have tubes kit and upgrade tubes available in the near future. Right now, the focus is to fill the long backorder queue. 
 WA7 with TI DAC have been in production since 2012 and there are many customers who prefers that sound. We keep WA7d unchanged for those customers. 
 The most recent product that received a refresh was WA7 Fireflies which have been in production since 2012, revised in 2016. We do not refresh products every year or two. We get it right the first time and then wait for technology to advance far enough to warrant a change. You can buy WA8 Eclipse today with confidence.  Optical input was originally considered. Additional digital inputs means more parts and a way to switch between them. We decided on a single digital input...
 Included with Utopia, optional on Elear.
 no. You need WA5-LE to drive HE-6 effectively. 
 There are no plans to update WA7d. This product will remain in our products portfolio. 
 Pls. check your Spam box in case our reply landed there.
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