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Registered for rooftop party!  :)
Hear the new Woo Audio WA5-LE with @MrSpeaker  ETHER and @Hifiman  HE-1000 headphones at this meet.   Jack Wu will also be on hand to answer questions.   Photo: prototype of new WA5-LE:  
In case of you missed it.  This is a great thread posted by @Jeb Listens    [Review] WA7 & LCD-2F: DAC shoot-out & tube guide [UPDATED]
Once again, THANK YOU to @Jeb Listens for sharing his thoughts on the variety of tubes he's used on the system.  
 I have not used the Cambridge Audio Azur so I can't comment on how it stacks against Z1es.   S1 is background music.  Z1es is Hi-Fi....
Looks like the Direct DAC is now discontinued with a reduced price of $349.
 yes I have.  No comparison.... 
 WA7+WA7tp or WA22 would be my personal recommendations.
First and fore most, the AK JR is a music player.  Why are we trying to navigate through its menus and features like it was a smart phone?  Just choose an album and let the damn thing play MUSIC.  What I love about it is there are no distractions.  I can't check my Facebook or Twitter on it.  It forces me to relax and enjoy my favorite tunes.
 Buy Nordost if you want the best results. http://www.nordost.com/leif/purple-flare/purple-flare-usb2.0-cable.php
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