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MMCX connectors are my only complaint with Z5 and H3.  Love the EX1000 and 7550 screw on type.
Just unboxed the new Burson.  Color me impressed by the build quality and design.  The volume display is intriguing.  I really like the out of box experience so far.  I had the first gen Conductor.  This one is much improved.  Will report back with listening impressions after cook time.   
 We often say, it's easy to make a loud amplifier.  It's not so easy to make a musical sounding amplifier.  Happy to hear you're enjoying your WA7 system.  
 Is there a way to change the voltage to U.S. from JP?
 Summer.  Follow us on social media for the latest.  (y)
 + 1 +1  (y)
Sony U.S. store have been out of Kimber "balanced" cable for some time with no ETA.    What are you guys saying about the Z7 isn't wired for balanced?  Are we talking with even with the "balanced" cable from Kimber?  
I was impressed by the GT40.  It's too bad that ADL doesn't get as much love as other brands.  I own their H118 and it's a great headphone.
I was hoping Z2 would have dual mono balanced out like PHA-3.  I guess I'll have to wait till Z3.
 D5000 is better.
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