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Can some please post a picture of the UPC, SKU, EAN sticker on the back of the box from their Slovakia made K712? I have Austria made and want to see if these numbers are the same. Thank you in advanced. Here's mine.
Does anyone have a manual on this? I'm trying to figure out if it's balanced design or the 4-pin XLR is simply for convenience. I don't see XLR input on the back, just 4-pin XLR output for HPs.
I am looking forward to getting my paws on these. I love the DT1990, but I want to use the XLR and 2.5mm balanced cable from T1 with Amiron Home, can't use them on DT1990.
 Follow the discussion here. post #2261
 Where did you see the low price? I just searched Amazon.ca and this is what I got. 
Nice pic shared with us by customer Robert S.  
buy from Apple. They are the real deal.
 W60 is a LOT smoother than 846. I can listen for hours and hours without fatigue. I upgraded to 2.5mm balanced cable for AK380. I have not spent much time with W80 yet other than at CanJam.   
I missed this one again, but I was able to grab GH-1 when it was available. 
 Wow! the intrusive ad hangs my web browser. Too bad... I would have read the review. DT1990 travels well too! Used it on my holiday in Spain. 
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