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I wish I could port the ZX100 OS to ZX2. I hate ZX2 software...
"Fostex Japan teased us with the new TH610 Premium Reference Series headphones. Not much information is available at this time. Judging by the picture posted on their Japanese website, the new headphone will have removable cables, Denon D5000/7000 like ear pads (our recommendation) and wood cups instead of magnesium on the outgoing TH600. More info to come..."  
Watch out TH600, new TH610 is coming... :)
 Direct links to the two I recommend are in the tutorial under "Things you need". 
 $1799 for black and Space Gray, $1899 for gold.
 Official confirmation from beyerdynamic: "The material we are using for the ear pads is a protein-coated synthetic leather. It looks like genuine leather but in fact it is not. The advantage of synthetic leather material is that it doesn´t absorb sweat and is easy to clean with a moist cloth.​" To me, comfort is extremely high. I've been using mine for 5-7 hrs. straight.  
 Give it time and a good amp. D100 won't make them shine.
I just finished a tutorial with lots of pics on how to upgrade the internal hard drive. Just Google "Sony HAP-Z1es hard drive upgrade, HiFiInsider". Hope it'll help someone here to enjoy this great server further. I own two of these beauties.   
 Visit The Source AV Group. The stuff there will blow your mind. I can spend days there... http://thesourceav.com/photo-gallery/ 
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