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Feedback from another WA8 customer.   "I am just simply amazed with its performance. I probably can't write up a professional review like most of these guys on the forums nor I plan on ever writing like that. But I can tell you how extremely happy I am with the WA8. I've auditioned several other portable amps and own few myself. I can say that I am absolutely in love with Woo Audio amps sound. I guess last time I just did not spend enough time with the dealer's display...
All-in-one is best. Less things to interfere with the sound, no cables, no extra AC power and shorter distance from DAC to amp circuits. 
 Same cable as for the McIntosh MHP-1000 headphone or the Sony MDR-Z7.  Price of the Elear is spot IMO. Anything else would devalues its performance.  No comparison... LCD3 is the BMW M3, Utopia is the Lamborghini HURACÁN. A quick video on Elear 
 This is how I see it. If the song or concert is not available then a mediocre sounding file is better then nothing. The sound quality really depends on the DVD. Some sound as good as a commercial CD while some sounds like bootleg.
a quick video on the Elear.  
XBA-4 is a gem. XBA-Z5 beats it, but cost a LOT more.
I think the Elear will hit the high-end hp market hard. Performance, build, design, comfort, and price will make it very difficult for others to compete. I'm buying one too with Nordost Heimdall2 upgrade cable when it's in stock.  
 We say that to be on the safe side so people don't leave the amp ON 24/7 and unattended. Just use it as normal, power OFF when not in use for an extended period of time (beyond 30 min.).
I have the Samsung 64GB (better) + 128GB and Sandisk 200GB + AK380 + ZX2 so I'll give the them a listen and judge for myself.
 In case anyone wants to try it. http://amzn.to/292mTgg 
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