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We had the Noble 6 by the WA7+WA7tp system for demo.  Next time you see us we'll have Noble 4, 6, & K10 available for you to audition.  :)
 AppStore reviews states otherwise.  Charges per device too?  CRAZY!
anyone knows how to get artwork to show up on DSF files?  I've imported some but the artwork are missing.
It sounds really good.  Very quiet noise floor and plenty of gain.  
 it's worth every $$$.  I would pay $2k for a portable version.
 Z7 is not the KING.  Wait for the KING to come.  Save your money now.  It's not going to be cheap.  :D
I want a portable Sony HAP-Z1es.  That server is F***.... amazing...
 Like this?  :D 
iPhone 6 sounds better than iPhone 5 (because of the DAC, not the amp) so I wonder if ZX1 is still relevant.  The ZX1's dynamic range is interesting to say the least.  I wonder if the new A17 Walkman measures better.
@centrance Michael Goodman needs to make a balanced adaptor for Z7 to M8.  I should email him.  :)
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