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 Sorry if we haven't respond to you.  Somehow we did not get your inquiry.  Please resend to and I'll provide you with purchasing info.  
 There's an Abyss Lite for a little less money if you don't need all the accessories.  I won't link you to it.  Just google it.  :)
 Great feedback.  Where do you find NOS Mullard CV4003?  
Reviewer Steven Stone compared WA7 against others in its class.  A good read!
 I've tried and current own a lot of DACs.  I don't want to mention the brands here to respect those manufacturers.  I am confident that a standalone DACs costing as much as WA7 is not more musical or have significantly better sound than the internal DAC on WA7.   We're talking about sound alone, not all the bells and whistles standalone DACs have.  :)  WA7d feature optical (TOSLINK) input so out from your sound card would work.  The RCA jacks are input on WA7d so no...
 Tom really enjoyed the system.  Thank you for sharing the link.
 HD700 is more forgiving with lessor quality recordings so I enjoy it more than HD800.  I own both, but only one of each.  :)  Next purchase is Fostex TH500rp and TH600.
I urge/challenge everyone to compare WA7's internal DAC against DACs costing up to $999 on sound alone.  You'll be surprised and pleased to know how well WA7's internal DAC stacks up.  Just use the analog RCA input on back of WA7 and switch to RCA on the 3-postiion switch.  This will turn WA7 into standalone headphone amplifier.    Ask yourself if you're enjoying music or are you just hearing sound.
I guess I'll open mine and inspect it.
tube reference DAC is certainly interesting.  :)
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