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 Very nice pairing. 
 Edition X pairs well and Sennheiser HD800S too. 
WA8 Eclipse with HD800S.     Learn more here:  
Abyss AB-1266 is TOP :)
Sorry for the wait on the upgrade option. We'll have more details and open the gates when production is more caught up. We have a lot of patiently waiting WA8 Eclipse customers. A good problem to have I guess... 
 Happy to help. 
 This hiccup pushed us back approx. 3 weeks. We're working with a second vendor to hopefully avoid this from happening again.
 New high-retention USB connector and entire new digital board.
 They are completely different design. WA2 is OTL while WA7 is transformer-coupled. If you have or plan to have headphones under 100 Ohms, go with WA7.
See this post if you have the new USB-C MacBook.   post #220  
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