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 I'm working to see if I should do a review on all in one article or make them separate.  I'm leaning on all-in-one because I think it's easier for the reader or the personal in the market for a portable DAC/amp.
Does Z1 sound better than A17?  What's holding me back from getting Z1 is the background hiss reported by reviewers when using IEMs. 
 WDS-1 is sadly underrated because it doesn't play the DSD game like 99% of DACs on the market today.  I can tell you that it is a very natural sounding DAC.  
Z5 pairs very well with Apogee ONE for iOS.  I like that pairing more than PHA-3.
Have the new Kimber cable, unbalanced. :) Apogee ONE for iOS pairs very well with Z7 and Z5.
 If you purchased your WA7 prior to 4/21/2014 the cost is $399 for WA7tp (tube power supply).   Please email a copy of your receipt or the serial number of your WA7 to  The serial number can be found on the bottom of your WA7.
 I just received the DJE-1500.  Perhaps I should open it.  I'm really enjoying Z5 with Apogee ONE for iOS.  Have the Z5 upgrade cable coming today.  Should be interesting to see if it's better.  the upgrade cable looks like it doesn't have the wrap-around part like the stock cable.  Anyone used the upgrade cable?
Woo Audio WA6 is an excellent pairing.  HD598 is already a lush sounding headphone so you don't want to make it too slow and soft, just a dash of tubes love will do the trick.  
Woo Audio WA5 or WA5-le should do the trick.  :)    
Initially I thought the Auralic Aries was the Wadia Intuition.  LOL....  
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