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 all wa6 built after 2009 has PDPS (Pseudo-dual power supply).
XBA-A3 is good for the money, but Z5 kills it in every way.  
 Put a "b" on it then it would be a concern...    both are worth owning and hard to beat. Two different usage.
unboxing video if anyone is interested.  
New beyerdynamic T5p 2nd gen second to TOP in my opinion. At $1099, it's a steal! To best it you'll have to spend nearly double.  
 T5p 2.0 beats nearly every closed-back I own or have used. Only one other hp beats it and it cost nearly double. New T5p 2.0 is stupid good for only $1099 retail. Great job beyer! Mine has less than 36 hrs. of play time and it's already sounding better with every use. LOVE this hp!!!
 It's a Nordost Heimdall2.  http://nordost.com/norse2/heimdall2/heimdall2-headphone-cable.php
 exceptional pairing...  My personal WA7 system. 
  only stating the facts... maybe TH900 MK2 is better. For stock TH900 owners, I recommend going with Denon D7000 ear pads, genuine ones. Not the eBay specials...
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