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 Be sure to bring an XLR cable if you have one.  (y)
 We look forward to everyone's impression on the WA22.  I'm using one right now as I type this.  :)  The way to audition an amplifier is to bring your own headphones.  Be sure to bring balanced XLR cables if you have.  WA22 sounds best running fully-balanced. 
 TH900 is far from warm.  Go with LCD3.   WA7+WA7tp can drive LCD3 effortlessly.  We use this combo at trade shows.
this is a seriously amazing combo.  
 I prefer the H6 more.
Looking forward to seeing everyone again.  I will have ETHER on hand as well.
Does the DJ Khaled have more bass than standard without messing with the rest of the sound signature?  I love the standard H6, but wish it had a bit more bass.
I listened to these two tracks when I auditioned the HE-1000.  Wish I had more ear time with it.  :)    
The new Oppo PM-3 was another gem at CanJam.  My initial audition was driving it with my iPhone 6.  I felt that was decent so it got my interest.  Jason Liao of Oppo was so kind to let me take the PM-3 to my table for more intense workout.  I plugged the PM-3 into the Woo Audio WA5 and boy o' boy, it came alive.  I know it's completely crazy to even go that route, but it told me that the PM-3 is a serious performer when driven properly. It scales very well.  I can't come...
I got to audition the upcoming Questyle QP1 for the first time at CanJam.  I saw it at CES back in Jan., but didn't get to hear it.  Although the QP1 shown at CanJam was a prototype, it sounded very good.  My headphone of choice for the audition was the Focal Spirit Professional (my personal fav.) because I know it is a neutral headphone.  The QP1 sounded very musical and engaging.  Vocals came through organically which is most important to me.  The UI wasn't finished but...
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