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 Pro500 are a failed.  Get their 220 instead.  10x better.
I recently unboxed the new AK120II.  I am loving this new model.  Sounds better than original AK120 and I love the sexy design.  
EX1000 cable is killer.  I really love the 7550 because it's a steal at only $249.
MDR-V6 is no comparison.  V6 sounds nasally in comparison to CD900st.  I'm using CD900st with Apogee Duet2 with lovely results.  Bought a second pair and extra ear pads as spare.  The ear pads on CD900st are NOT the same as v6 or ones being sold on eBay.  I does effect the sound if you don't use genuine Sony pads (part# 211569501)
 This is interesting...  Does it actually sound better than through the headphones jack on 5s or iPod Touch 5th gen?
Bought a second pair of H3 as spare since they were on sale for only $239 shipped, new.
Is this the same sound as standard version?
As with all trade shows/meets that we attend, there will be special pricing on the show demo units.  Come by our table for details.  :)
Thanks for the link.  I need to buy the RCA800 then.  Anyone know where to get one?
I am disappointed in the IE800 for all the reasons you guys mentioned and the lack of RCA800.  Does the RCS800 work with Apple devices?  It looks to have three buttons as well.     Anyone know where to buy either RCS800 or RCA800 in the U.S.?
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