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New Record Day reviews WA8 Eclipse.  
There was a pair on eBay sold for $20. They were offered in 1975. Made in Japan is interesting.   http://tinyurl.com/jr6afpd         $21.95 in 1975 = $100.03 today (2016).  
WA22-SE (prototype) drove HE-6 effortlessly. Two attendees tried their HE-6 on the amp. Wish I took a pic. Hope they'll chime in.  
We still make WA3 ($599) and WA6 ($699).  Rockin' new tubes on my personal WA6.  I love this little amp!  WA22-SE (prototype) currently outputs 10w @ 8 Ohms. It's a powerhouse! 
 Pricing is not set, ballpark may be $5000–$5500. Look for more info at RMAF and production in Spring or Summer 2017. Some pics from the show.      
A quick pic of WA8 Eclipse in Space Gray color. What ya think?  
 We will have features and look finalized by RMAF this year. Our engineers will continuously work on the performance leading up to official release in early 2017. If you're coming to the S.F. meet this weekend or RMAF, bring your favorite hps to try out WA22-SE (prototype).  
Here's another quick pic before we pack the amp up for FedEx. We can't wait for you to hear it!  
AKG Q701 in lime green Quincy Jones Edition. China (right) vs Austria (left).   
 We will have WA22-SE driving Abyss AB-1266.
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