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@Mercer  sorry for the delay on your WA7tp order.   Should be able to ship yours next week.  @dL. I recommend you to give the Nordost cable a try.  A word of warning though.  You can't unhear it.  My first taste of Nordost was with @Mercer.  He leant me his Heimdall2 RCA cable and said just try these for a week.  Mind you, I was using MIT cable which are not cheap stuff.  Changed life.....  I blame Mercer for getting me hooked.
 Yes. Even better when you add the upgrade tube power supply. 
WA8 feature two tubes or three tubes operations.  Three tubes for more difficult to drive headphones.  No optical input.  Only USB B and analog input.
 Oh, you'll be amazed with the performance and look of WA8.  It's no toy....
 A2 is worth owning.  Pairs incredibly well with Beyer cans and all the IEMs I own.  
 WA7 is a headphone amplifier, not recommended to drive speakers.  You can however use WA7 as a DAC via the RCA output to a powered speaker.  This output is a Fixed Line Out so the volume control is handled by the powered speakers.
 the chip is only one piece of a BIG puzzle.  I may be a little bias.  NO there isn't  ;)
 Yes, WA7d features RCA analog input for external analog sources.  WA7d does NOT feature RCA output like on WA7.  That turns WA7d into a standalone headphone amp so the sound from your digital source is processed by external DAC.  Which may be better OR worst than internal DAC.  :)
 Those pads are not the same as OEM.  Original pads are not flat like that.   Sony Part Number 234530601
Hi @coinmaster,   Sorry that I didn't see this post earlier.  WA7 + WA7tp pairs very well with TH900.  We use this combo at trade shows with wonderful results. WA7 system pairs well with your HD800 too!  So it's a win win.  I think WA7 + WA7tp would suit your needs more than WA22 + WDS-1.  When you're ready to change up the tubes, we offer and upgrade set on our web site.  I think you'll be pleased with a WA7 system.     Mike  
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