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Your chance to hear one of the BEST headphones systems on the planet is about to come.  We will have the WA234 Mono Block amplifiers and the Abyss Headphones along with the legendary AKG K1000 headphones on hand for demos.  Visit us in room 902 at the Hilton Hotel during T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach and have the listening experience of a lifetime.     In addition to the main attraction, we will have up to nine systems for you to audition.  So come spend some time with us...
Look forward to hearing everyone's sound impressions on the WA7tp.  Please tag your posts with #WooAudioStories if posting on our Facebook,Twitter and Instagram page.  :)   1 ft. DC cable is coming soon.  We'll add it to the web site when ready.
new video!  In case you guys are interested.  ;)  The new XB70 certainly have more details than XB60.  A good update to the XB60.  I like em'.    
There are a lot of options when it comes to 12AU7 tubes.  We are currently testing to see which brand is best for the WA7tp and will offer it to our customers as an upgrade path.  Stay tuned.
The XBA-H2 have been in my Amazon shopping cart for a long time.  Should I do it!?!?  I have H3 and H1.
$699 USD here.  :(   I'm enjoying one right now.  Does yours say "Director" or "Direct DAC"?  mine says Director.
 Saving my money now.  :)
 D100 is $2K less than MHA-100.
I just added the Meridian Direct DAC to the P2.  Wow!!!!  Listening on my classic Sony MDR-V600 and you would not believe that this HP sold for $99 USD.
There are many options on 12AU7 tube.  We are currently testing which brand would be best for us to offer as an upgrade path.  Stay tuned.
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