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Xelento and T8iE looks like these custom Sony. I don't have these, but would love to hear them.  
Our customer in Japan has an amazing listening room with TWO SR-009 and our WES amp.  
 Peter at Double Helix can make you a simple adapter like mine, I think. Or Kimber can make you a "pigtail" adapter.  
I don't get the mod of the ground is not connected?   Most homes in the U.S. have ground-loop issues. A two-proung AC cord eliminates any buzzing noises if the user's home has wiring issues.
Right now, I am enjoy the sound quality Sony's Hi-Res Audio app a lot. The bad part is it must be used with Sony DAC. This app is VERY basic, all about the sound. It actually sounds better than Amarra which I've loved for many years and have been a supporter since v1.0.  
 Can you post pics under the hood on the mod?
 that one is old model. Here's the new and improved one MUC-M12SM2.
 I ordered one from that seller too. The pkg is MIA.... USPS is total crap. 
 I have iSine20 in review right now. Had them for about two weeks. So far, IMHO the Cypher cable is best if you listen to streaming music such as Spotify or Apple Music where the boost in needed to offset the compressed music. If you have a dedicated music player such as Astell&Kern, Lotoo (Diana Edition), Sony Walkman, etc. and play uncompressed CD quality or higher music, the standard cable gets you the house sound of Audeze LCD headphones from an in-ear. For me, the...
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