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 You will need Android (OTG) adaptor (USB cable).  No audio drivers required.
Woo Audio WA6-SE with Sophia 274b tube, Denon D7100 and Benchmark DAC2 HGC.  No one can say Denon D7100 doesn't sound great or HiFi with this combo.  
I ordered the PS1000e.  Hope it's an improvement over original.  I own RS1i right now.  :)
 Thank you!  I'll search for the posts.  :)
anyone compared the PS1000i vs. PS1000e?
the T10i looks great with the exception of the 3.5mm connector.  I don't understand why they choose that BIG bulky connector.  Needs to be a slim right-angle connector IMO.   See the Beats Tour 2.0.  Fantastic connector.
 $249 for H3 is a steal.  I bought two!
is this still relevant now that the PHA-3ac is shown?  Pair PHA-3ac with cheaper Walkman and the combo should KILL the ZX1 right?
Woo Audio warranty is transferable.  :)
I'm eyeing these too.  Love my H3.  
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