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2016 Beats urBeats in Rose Gold hits HARD driven by my pink MacBook.      
 The one I'm using is Blue Heaven. They make a next level Heimdall2 with 4-pin XLR. I am thinking of upgrading to Heimdall2. http://nordost.com/leif/blue-heaven/blue-heaven-headphone-cable.php http://nordost.com/norse2/heimdall2/heimdall2-headphone-cable.php
Too bad we don't make the chrome headphones stand anymore... this system looks SICK.  
 Sony WM-Port to USB adapter. This allows digital pass-thru to WA8.
More Sony MDR-Z7 + Nordost cable porn...     NEW! Space Gray color Woo Audio headphones stand.  
 Very nice pairing. 
 Edition X pairs well and Sennheiser HD800S too. 
WA8 Eclipse with HD800S.     Learn more here:  
Abyss AB-1266 is TOP :)
Sorry for the wait on the upgrade option. We'll have more details and open the gates when production is more caught up. We have a lot of patiently waiting WA8 Eclipse customers. A good problem to have I guess... 
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