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One of the wonderful things about our tube amps is that the user can 'customize' the sound by experimenting with a variety of tubes to achieve the sound that best match their system and personal preference. Look how much fun @Shini44 is having. 
 That is surprising to hear. We reply to emails generally within 24 hrs. even on weekends. Please resend to info@wooaudio.com and someone will get back to you.
 congrats on the system. They pair well together. We would love to see a pic if possible. 
 power ratings are not all equal... a good example is look at the power ratings on a receiver vs. high quality power amp.  There are many reasons. Price of the final product aside; the battery life, heat it would generate, output noise level, size of the output transformers, size and weight of the final product. Just to name a few. WA8 was never meant to be the "end game" desktop amplifier + DAC. It is however the best sounding battery-operated tube amp on the market...
 Audible distortion can happen if the tubes output (2 or 3 tubes) is switched without powering OFF the amplifier first. The output stage needs to reset... This is mentioned in the quick start guide included with WA8. 
 To be fair, most solid state desktop (full-size) amplifiers on the market can NOT drive LCD-4 and Abyss effectively and sound good. Off the top of my head, our WA234MOMNO, WA5 / WA5-LE, Sim Audio's Moon NEO 430 HA and Cavalli Liquid Gold can drive LCD-4 & Abyss headphones; all cost nearly $4K or more, requires AC power and not travel friendly. WA8 was not designed to be the "end game" desktop amp and will never be. What it is however, is the best sounding travel friendly...
 Thank you! 
Shootout to AudioQuest for using our WA7 Fireflies amplifier with the NightHawk headphones. Let us know your listening impressions.  
I got good quality aftermarket ear pads to compare to genuine Sony pads. Overall, not bad for $10 pair. Genuine Sony ears are $38 each + shipping! Sony still sell the pads if you really want OEM.        
New Posts  All Forums: