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 If you currently own a WA7, we'll make sure you're taken care of.  ;)
 You should receive shipping info by Friday or early next week.  
 Sounds like a party!  Keep us posted in the impressions thread.  :)
 I'll try to grab some pics for ya.  ;) We will have the system for everyone to audition at AXPONA.
order page is now live.
 Great choice!  I love my HD700 as well.  Far better than HD650 IMO.
 Love the pic!  That tube looks maniac!  hahaha...
 To be clear, new individual orders of WA7 ($999) and WA7d ($1199) Fireflies headphones amp/DAC (without the new WA7tp) does come with WA7p solid state power supply.  
 new orders of WA7 ($999) + WA7tp ($399) + WA7p ($250) = $1648  new orders of WA7d ($1199) + WA7tp ($399) = $1498 ​We think most customers would opt for our new WA7d instead of getting a second PSU considering the additional cost of the WA7p (solid state PSU).
 $50 discount was made to take care of current WA7 owners in appreciation of their support in our products.  You must own your WA7 prior to today in order to take advantage of the discount.  
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