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 TH900 is certainly a LOT brighter than Z7.   How does the Sony TA-A1es compared to PHA-3?  I tried connecting my HAp-Z1es to PHA-3 via analog and the sound was distorted (overload).  Sad that Sony ever tested that combo. 
 garbage against garbage is still garbage.  
working on a BIG shootout.  Stay tuned everybody.  
It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  :)    
 Congratulations!  We look forward to hearing your listening impressions after a good burn-in (50-100hrs). 
A customer just shared a couple of pics of his new WES and SR009 with us.  Although the wait was about 4 weeks, he's really happy with the amp.   #WooAudioStories "The amp is simply amazing. It was a huge upgrade over the old amp..." - @ShanghaiT (customer)      
WA7 received the Positive Feedback "Writers' Choice" award 2014.  A shout out to @mikemercer for he great review. and for choosing our WA7 Fireflies.   Michael Mercer   This year has been a little overwhelming, in terms of the sheer amount of decent gear that's been offered. The personal audio space in-particular, has seen even more innovation that's resulted in some amazing products that don't cost an arm and a...
Whoa!!!! That's not to be missed at CES
Is it just me or does iPhone 6 plus sounds better and does not clip like iPhone 6 does?
  A replacement "matched pair" is on its way to you.  Please feel free to reach out anytime if you have additional questions or concerns.  We're here to help.  :)
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