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CES 2016 will be the one to watch....
Did you guys hear the new IEMs at RHA exhibit at CanJam London?  
I am surprised that P2 drives the AB very well.    
 I'll take it!  
Mine arrives on Thursday as well. Damn UPS! Stay  for my unboxing/first look video. I will also take it to CanJam@RMAF. Stop by the Woo Audio exhibit for a listen. 
 pencil us down. Jack will bring our new toys.  
 There were many things changed under the hood. The marquee feature on new WA5 and WA5-LE are the user selectable headphones output switches on the front panel.  - Hi/LO POWER output setting - Hi/LO IMPEDANCE output setting - HI/LO LEVEL output setting When used in combination, new WA5 and WA5-LE can drive any dynamic headphones on the market today regardless of power demands. New WA5 back panel. see the audiophile-grade ultra premium WBT connectors and spk terminals? :) . 
the KING for HD800 is the new WA5-LE!     Set that baby to HI power (8w), HI impedance, and LO level and you'll be amazed....   
 Do you know which resistors and what values to replace with? Bryston wants me to send in my unit + $80 for the work. I prefer to do it myself if possible.  With mine, even on T1 and HD800 I can hear music coming through with the volume set at the lowest (0). I like the amp and its features, this is my only gripe. 
Will we get to see and hear the new baby at RMAF?   Hey, how can I get AB smiley face??? I want it in my signature! 
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