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I had a fun time at the meet. Thanks Levi for putting it together for us.              
Been enjoying my WA8 with new beyerdynamic Amiron Home headphones at my work desk.  
New beyerdynamic Amiron Home headphones + WA8 Eclipse in Space Gray.  
Enjoying beautiful music today. We have these in stock and ready to ship.    Amiron Home + HPS-R Space Gray headphones stand + WA8 Eclipse in Space Gray.  
 Congrats!  We would love to see a pic or two of your system. :)
 Production cost today would be 3x the original sale price. 
 This works. I would post a link but mods don't like it. 
 I want to audition R70X as well. High impedance phones from AT.
doing the dirty work of breaking in a fresh pair of Focal Utopia + Nordost Heimdall2 upgrade cable for the meet. It's a tough job but someone has to do it...   
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