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If you have AK player with 2.5mm balanced, I recommend this upgrade cable, Linum® Balanced.
Unboxing in case anyone is interested.  
 AKG K3003 is rated at 8 Ohms load. Typical loudspeakers are 8 Ohms. This is like driving loudspeakers with your headphone amplifier. Most HP amps are not rated to drive below 16 Ohms. For the ideal technical pairing, the amp's output Z should be less than 1 Ohm for balanced-armature IEMs at this load. But this is only tech talk. What sounds best to you is more important.  Westone W80 are 5 Ohms Shure SE-846 are 9 Ohms Beyerdynamic Xelento are 16 Ohms
 new 1A and 1Z runs on Sony custom OS, not any version of Android.  ZX2 is not a phone, it was designed to playback hi-res music from its internal storage and it does an excellent job at it. There is no need to update to newer version of Android. 
 Even at retail price, with insurance for $1000 and Direct signature by FedEx Ground from NC to NY does NOT come close to $70. We normally provide the customer our FedEx (volume discount) rate to help with shipping cost on out of warranty services. 
Been using W80 with Sony TA-HZ1ES amp & gold Walkman with this 4.4mm balanced Kimber Kable. It is world-class sound!   
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 I have both in hand. Xelento has warmer sound, fuller bass and easier to drive. AKG K3003 is a very difficult load for most amps. K3003 is a great IEM, but today there are many others that's superior. 
 Yes it does play via USB and charge, 160GB iPod Classic (last production, MC293LL). It won't work if you have earlier iPod Classic. 
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