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some great vintage ES.  Thank you for sharing.
Get D100 and Beyer A2 amp.
 Genuine.  New packaging and price $108 is new retail.
My genuine CD900st ear pads are finally in the U.S.  I'll do a video on how it compares to genuine V6/7506 pads because they are not the same.
 it could use a shirt clip.
I've got red, blue, and white Solo2.  Love this little headphone.      You guys know that I've been a fan of Beats headphones since the divorce from Monster and I've been telling people here to give their new products a try.  Here's another tip for y'all.  The current Tour 2.0 is a basshead's dream.  Imagine the sound of 15" subs in your ear canal.     Drive the Tour 2.0 on a very good clean amp and I'll come alive.  It can handle volume level that would be dangerous to...
 Thank you for the kind words.  We're glad you're happy.  :)  Look forward to seeing some pics. 
A2 and T90 Jubilee....  yummy.  :)  
a quick pic of my T90 Jubilee  :)  
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