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 I'm jelly.  I have WA6, but now I want WA6-SE.
 What headphones will you be using?  I love the WA22 with AKG K812.
I need to get me a raffle ticket too.   Some good stuff in the basket.  :)
 How does the TEAC compares to the Sony PHA-2?  Build and sound.
 it was $89 yesterday.
Woo Audio is taking 10% OFF (cash deals) and 8% OFF (credit card) on show demo units (including HP).  No CA. tax because we are a NY company.  That is an additional 9.75% in savings and you get to enjoy it immediately.  The amps are brand new for the show.  It’s so new that they are still on the way to me from NY.  :)   - WA22 Black   - WA7d and WA7tp Black   - WA7 Silver   - WA2 Silver   - WA6 Black   Upgrade tubes and headphone stands are well.   Look...
 Check the input cables.  Switch from left to right to see if the noise moves to the left side.  Also try swapping the tubes from left to right as well.  Please email us at or PM me if you need guidance.  
I love this setup, BUT once the battery goes down to 50%, it won't power the DF any more.  :(
 Unfortunately no, the volume Up/Down does it work.  We have Apple to blame for that due to their rules and costs for MIF cert. I wonder why they included two L and only one M.  M fits be best.
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