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got me a few new ear pads.  :)  
Depending on the date.  I'm down if I'm not traveling.
 GES electrostatic amp with Stax SR404-LE headphones was feed by WDS-1 dac.  WA22 and WA6 by Sony HAP-z1es server.
Anyone here got a chance to hear our upcoming product WA8 prototype #2?  We received very positive feedback on the performance.  A few guys came back a couple of times to listen to it again.   If you heard it, let us know your thoughts.  
Here's my collection of pics.  The show went by so FAST.  Wish we had one more day.                                  
Prototype #2 on our upcoming WA8 'TransPortable' DAC/amp.  :)  
 Beautiful...  we look forward to your listening impressions after a good burn-in period. :)
Prototype #2 will be at SoCal CanJam and Montreal Audio show this weekend.  We can't wait to show it to you.  :)  
Upcoming WA8 'TransPortable' DAC/amp Prototype #2.  We can't wait to show it to you.  :)  
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