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 That's good to know.  What's the retail on the DA-10?  $399 USD?
 Current IEMs in my collection.  Let's start with the Sonys since this is a Sony Z5 thread. - MDR-EX1000, EX700SL, MDR-7550, MDR-EX800st, XBA-4, XBA-40, XBA-3, XBA-2, XBA-1, XBA-H3, XBA-H2, XBA-H1, and a bunch of XB models Etymotic:every model Sennheiser:IE-800 AKG:K3003 Klipsch X11i, x10, x7i Beats:every model and color Noble Audio:Noble 4 & 6 RHA:T10i Logitech:UE900 Sony XBA-Z5 left a solid impression when I used it at CanJam.  Will have it here in a week along with Z7....
 DAC in DA300 is very impressive.  Amp is not so much with high impedance headphones.
 I'm trying to get my paws on both.  I will have Z5 here in a week from JP.  Love that earphone!  Love it!!!!
 Sorry that we missed your call.  We try to be by the phone as much as possible.  :)  You are welcome to email me or Jack directly or PM here.   - -
Very nice pics guys.  Thank you for sharing.
we're super excited for this.  What gear would you like us to bring?
 Glad you were able to check out our products at the show.  Sometimes a more private setting would yield better results when auditioning headphones.  Perhaps a visit to Addicted to Audio?  :)
great coverage on the show.      
Check out what you missed at CanJam 2014.  
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