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in case you guys missed it, there's a HD700 and Woo Audio WA7 giveaway running right now.  
 I would say that GS1000i and RS1i are the best Grado models.  Pairs well with WA7. 
My first encounter with iDSD was from Jude.  Without even hearing it yet, I was really impressed by the features set and build quality.  The USB input for iOS devices is brilliant! 
 If it has't shipped, we'll honor the discount.  ;)  Thank you for your continued support.  We'll definitely take care of fellow Head-Fi members when the WA8 is ready.
For those who are on the fence.  Here's my unboxing video.  See what it looks like in video and what you get before spending a dime.  The iDSD gets an A+ from me!   
Finally got my paws on this.  A shout out to everyone who recommended the iDSD to me.  This little guy gets an A+.   Unboxing video:
Hot off the press!  
For the first time EVER.  Take 10% OFF Woo Audio amps and dac + FREE shipping within continental U.S.  Don't missed this chance to save BIG!     Take a look at the crazy low prices.   
 try this?
The fact that companies needs to have lawyers and their involvement in a giveaway is the real problem in my personal opinion.  Someone can't even give away something nice without the worries of getting sued.  What is wrong with the society we live in?  Sad....
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