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 Looks like the article may have been written in 2010 judging my the first comments date. Lots have changed since (battery cells & controllers).
New video! Custom case done for customer with Focal Utopia + Sony Walkman + KimberKable.  
 We are working to finalize the sound. If all goes well, we'll have a WA22-SE (prototype) for auditioning. Bring your headphones! We look forward to seeing you.  Thanks for being a fan!  
v1.10 is now official. Learn what's changed here.
 It's a Lotoo (Diana Edition).
I love the W60 so I'm stoked to try the new W80. Have about 20 hrs. on them now and it's opening up nicely. Upgraded to the "thin" cable because it is super light and comfy on the W60. It's arriving later today. Yay!!!   Hip tip! Change the right faceplate to RED color and the left to Blue to easily identify the L & R channels.   
 Can you link us to the original source to learn more about this version? Thanks!  
Got the official MDR-Z1R headphone stand from Japan. The top and base is covered in leather.   
 I removed mine upon unboxing. Note that the process is not for the faint of heart. 
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