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128GB iPhone 6 here in the U.S.  Through my AKG K3003, it sounds really really great! 
these have a LOT of bass.  Vibrates my head.
 I'll bring a pair.  :)
 We are equally as excited.  :)  We''ll have two prototypes at CanJam for everyone to see and hear. 
 Yes, even without the glass.  Looks can be deceiving.  :)
it's very comfy too!
I have pics and unboxing video on the non-BT version here.   BT version unboxing to come.
uploading unboxing video right now.  Initial listening impressions are that these rattles your face!   Op: can you please add "Extra Bass" in the title?      
 You will need Android (OTG) adaptor (USB cable).  No audio drivers required.
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