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@spykez  thank you for sharing with fellow Head-Fi members.  It sure seems like we can't make enough of these stands.  I guess it's a good problem to have.     How the fulfillment works is when your order is in our system, it will be placed in a queue.  We will dispatch every order in accordance to their position in the queue.      Current lead time is end of March.  For those interested, we recommend to get your order in before the lead time falls any further. 
It's important to note that not every system is transparent enough to hear the smallest changes.  The music file type is also important.  Not going to hear much difference testing with heavily compressed MP3 files.
 The volume on Virtuoso is nothing like the previous Conductor, no pops when you change the levels.  
Anyone here successfully modified their D2000/5000/7000 with a detachable connector on the cups?  If so, what did you use and can you please share some pics?
 but Z2 doesn't have 3.5mm balanced outputs.  We are talking about Z2 here right?
 who makes a 3.5mm balanced cable?
Man, this sounds amazing. Appgee Duet for iOS and Mac running in dual mono balanced to Z7.
Movies are great too. 
 How about WA22 + WDS-1?   
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