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I look forward to checking it out at the meet this weekend.  
We can't wait to get a pair to use to demo our amps.  :)  
Jack will bring WES amp and STAX SR-009  
Have we discuss parking at the venue?     If I can't get a replacement ETHER on time, I'll bring Abyss    WA5 + Abyss or ETHER   WA6 + Audeze EL-8
Looks like everyone had a great time.  Maybe I need to make a trip out next year.  :)
this thread is bad for my wallet.  
We'll bring WES + STAX SR-009.    
 I am dying to try the MHP1000 in my system.  
 the DAC in MJA-100 takes a second or so to lock.  It may be that Spotify is dropping data each time the song ends.  So yeah, it's likely a Spotify issue.
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