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Hi Everyone.  I've been skimming through various threads and noticed that there aren't any threads specifically discussing preferences between the Sovtek 6C45 and upgraded Harmonix 6C45 tubes.  I've only had my WA7 (paired with my HD800s) for a week now and think I am going to stick with the Sovtek tubes.  I feel like the Harmonix is a little easier on the ears, however, I feel like I lost a bit of the detail that I am enjoying with the WA7.  I'm a little surprised this is...
Planning to bring: Hd800s D5000 VDac II Fiio E7/E9
Just stumbled onto this thread. I'm in + 1 as well. I'll read up and see what these are all about before posting the gear that I am bringing. Looking forward to it!
Hey Everyone,       Just got my D5000s a few days ago (first set of nice headphones) and loving them so far.  I primarily bought them to listen to classical music while at work, but have quickly found myself listening to everything because it all sounds so damn good :-).  Can't wait to hear what these sound like after some break in time.  Anyways, one concern I have with the phones is the cable.  I'm afraid that it is going to wear quickly while moving them around on...
Hey Guys,Sorry to bump this, but I figure posts easily get lost in this thread. Does anyone have any good advice based off of what I posted above? Thanks again!!
Hey thank for the reply. No, while it would be nice, I think I will mostly be using an amp at work (or taking it home at times).
Hi Everyone, First time poster, but have peaked into this forum for years. I finally decided that I listen to so much music at work, it would be worth investing in a good setup ($800 max for phones + a dac). I listen to about 70% classical, but also regularly listen to house and rap. I began narrowing down the headphones to the sd600 or k701s, but when I mentioned them to my friend, he informed me that they are open back headphones and wouldn't be good for work (I work...
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