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Posts by Mike96   For those that dont mind earbuds, V-Modas got an End Of Season - Private Sale with Bass Frequency Earphones at $8.88 (Reg. Price: $50) right now and they have their Vibe earphones on sale for $29.99 (Reg. Price $101).   Personally I'm not a fan of earbuds and i wouldn't pay more than $20 for a pair at regular price, but these two are a definite steal!
All i see are Beats and Skullcandies. One of my sisters friends i believe has a pair of Audio Technicas (Dont know which one, i have yet to learn all the headphones in existence xD). Maybe one or two times i've seen Sony headphones. I'm like the only one with Crossfade M-80s in my school, and i've never seen anyone with something V-Moda related where i live.
The price was raised a while back (Maybe a month ago?) and they use to be at or a bit below $350. If you want, you could try getting a refurbished HD600 under $300. If you find one under $350 refurbished, you could also try a refurbished HD650 (if its really any better than the HD600 as some say, i wouldn't know since i have never heard either of them :/).
  Couldn't you make a modification to the regular HD-25-1 IIs that might make them sound nearly the same as the Amperior because they said their goal was to make it sound like the HD-25-1 IIs? In your video you said that the change of material provided the Amperior with sound quality improvement.
It's not, but when you look at price and performance people are going to go for the cheaper and still good sounding headphone option. And 23 years of waiting? I would definitely be irritated! o_o
Im with you on that, on a place like amazon i can get the HD600's for $50 more brand new or find a pair of them or the HD650's for $200-$350 used/refurbished. (The price was raised on both of those headphones though, If they were the same price before the raise wouldn't they have been a better deal then?)
Yeah i agree, i like the silver one better than the blue honestly, but i still prefer headphones that are black, red or a mix of red and black (V-Modas lol). I've seen customized paint-job Sennheiser HD-1 II's if you really want to change the color, but of course that would scrape off easily as compared to what i heard watching Judes interview with the Director of Sennheiser Consumer about the color scraping off.   And in general i would like to know why headphone...
Has anyone heard these new headphones Sennheiser released?   I read InnerFidelitys review and according to him they sound great!   Really want to hear these.
V-Moda's Crossfade M-80s.
I recommend the M-80s, they sound better than all the Beats and as a plus they are built like a tank.   Never heard the Bose OE2, cant give you any info on those sorry. lol
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