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Thanks for the list, I love Beatport for its HQ DJ music now!   A link i'm dying to see though is one that will have lossless format (Wav) rock music (Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, etc.).    
Seriously? Darn, i was planning on getting one of these because of the all the praise its gotten like the audio quality and the large battery life. I hope there is a successor because if not then im just going to have to wait for the TBA Ipod Touch 5.
Until i can get money for headphones to use for gaming most likely (Thinking of the Sennheiser PC360), any idea of how the Crossfade M-80s would sound? By the way, i know i found it in one of these threads but i can not find it again however it might be a different one for my TV, what type of RCA cable should i buy to connect wired headphones (like my M-80) to my Toshiba TV (Has a green, white, orange, blue and two red ports in the back)?
Not a really big fan of Battlefield, i have BF: BC2 . Its not bad, the whole concept of the big maps and realistic graphics is good, but i prefer COD for the more closed maps (Really big maps just aren't my taste). Plus i have never been a big fan of vechiles in shooter games because they are always those who over use it to win. (I have Mw3 and my preferred mode is Barebones so people cant constantly use their airplane killstreaks and what not.)
This thread might help your search:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/574617/review-comparison-beyerdynamic-dt1350-t50p-sennheiser-hd25-1-ii-hd25-13-ii-pioneer-hdj-2000-v-moda-m80-aiaiai-tma-1   Has a comparision of 6 good portable headphones in the range of $200 to $300.
Actually saw some Sennheiser HD212s today, was surprised. lol
I'll join in, let's see how my luck treats me! Haha.
Same here too if you don't mind, please & thank you.
We could change the cable if we wanted right? As for the price, lets hope during christmas season they will lower the price a good amount (Black Friday/Cyber Monday lol).
So if i got a different cable for the HD650 instead of using the stock cable, it would improve it a good amount?  
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