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  Let's just hope they are not outdated by then. lol
Can't wait either, looking forward to the M-100s!   Happy Birthday Val!
What in the....?   Clearly something is very wrong here and i have NEVER heard of someone waiting a month to get an item from amazon even with the free shipping.
Thanks! But after looking, can i assume that these cases are available in Japan only?
I'm definitely visiting Tokyo one day in the future with LOADS of cash just for headphones. My jaw dropped when i saw those headphone stores.   The Fostex TH900 and the Audio-Technica 3000ANV look Amazing! I have never seen wood look so stylish before! Just like those wooden Iphone cases (How much are they? And could i use them for an IPod Touch since they are practically alike in design? lol)!   Sadly those two headphones are out of my budget for my age. I'll...
I wouldn't doubt that the drivers are the same for the HD 25 and Amperior, they said all they changed was the impedance, the cable and the material of the cups.
Anyone know if it will be cheaper at any authorized dealer? Or do you expect Sennheiser to strictly put the MSRP price?
I appreciate you taking the time to review the Boomphones in your opinon KKees, but when you write a review its easier to read when everythings spaced out and not packed together. lol
From what i hear, the SMS By 50 Cent is worse than Beats. lol
A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars    
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