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This and i have a tiny wish for Velour Pads on the M100. Still waiting for them to be developed and released for M80s. xD   I imagine Velour Padded Over Ears would be beyond comfy. :o
Hello, I have been looking to upgrade from my Sony Walkman 4 GB NWZ-E353 Model to something new and was wondering if someone could help me find a suitable new audio player?   I have been looking at:   1.) The Cowon J3 (8 GB) 2.) The Samsung Galaxy Player 4 (8 GB) 3.) Sony Walkman Z1000 (8 GB)   Budget is about $200-$250.   I just want an audio player, to me Web Browsing, Apps & what not is just like icing on the cake for the device.   I would like...
    I also think they look identical in size, as for buying the aluminum cups I'm pretty sure they have already predicted that people will do that IF they are able to fit the HD25 1-II's drivers.
Watching the NBA Playoffs and saw a Sportscaster with a Sennheiser HD 25 1-II. lol  
Man if only i had money, they look awesome!   Today a friend pulled the cord on my M-80s while i was wearing them on my head and they smacked down to the ground and the left shield scratched, also the left wing plate and the left of the earcup plastic just above the shield scratched a bit to. Needless to say i started raging because i baby my M80s so much for that to just happen. Lol   Anyway I would trade my Shadows in for a Pearl White one in a heartbeat.
I never would have guessed for Gamestop to be a retailer now. Lol Now gamers will blow up V-Moda's popularity more. xD  
    So i can make a V-Moda Advertisement? (Not trying to be a kissup, just saying) I have something in mind, but I'm still hoping to improve the idea.       Same here, i know i will only have money for an M100 around Christmas time too. =/
    Pretty clever! I like it! Now i need to find my inspiration. xD What headphone did you break though?
    Your opinion is very much respected, but you gotta admit even if you don't like the M80s that they are still better than alot of other headphones. *cough*Beats*cough*
What about a Cranberry color?     I'm also going to break a pair of cheap headphones i have for the recycle promo. lol
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