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The M80. I haven't heard the LP or LP2, but based off reviews i have read about them the M80 is the best sounding one out of all three. (Of course your personal preference will determine that)   If your looking for a good amount of bass you might want to wait to hear the impressions of the new M100 which will be like an M80 with 50mm drivers and over-ear with a bit more bass and other...
Anyone know how the new Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 sounds? Same or improved sound?
For anyone that buys music from, they have half off AIFF and WAV lossless file upgrades for one week only right now.  
Anyone that can give an elaborate comparison of the Amperior Vs. DT1350s if i possibly upgrade from my M80s in the future?  
I only use my V-Moda M80 right now, but i'm looking to get a pair of over-ears in the future for home use only.  
Still have not gotten one yet. lol I'm probably going to go with the Cowon J3 when i do.
The M-100 Gunmetal Black looks great! However I'm still probably going to get the flashy Gold and Black one like Mr.Morillo since i like it so much. lol
What if i purchase it from Amazon, Can i ask for an exchange if a problem were to occur?
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