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  I know, but those are the only colors he has mentioned that the M-100 will be in for now I believe.     Your not alone with that wishful thinking. :P   I like the Shadow color scheme and all, but i don't want my future M-100 to have the same color scheme as my M80. I wouldn't mind having any of the other color schemes he has mentioned, but i would like to have a Gunmetal one most of all if not then Black/Gold. lol
  Yeah no mention of releasing a gunmetal one yet. :|
  These might improve as you burn them in, you have 14 days with Apples return policy so they have plenty more time to improve like Ok-Guys'.   (I just noticed when did he get banned? O_o)
Same, when one of my cables for the M80 broke i had the second one in the case just for that issue.As for shortbreadninjas idea of a back pocket on the back of the case I think that is a very good idea. It will completely separate the cable from the headphones and prevent any chance of scratching.
Entered. Thanks for the chance!
From the M-100 Thread:       Revolvers been in the making for eight years dang. lol   Anyway congrats Alpha101, your really lucky to be the random winner! :P
You could try asking here:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-updated-6-10-2012-ultrasone-pro-2900-added-many-edits  
Congrats WiR3D! You really deserve it, that revolver really is a wonderful and amazing creation.
  Well the isolation is little compared to other On-Ear headphones like the HD25 or the DT1350 as i have heard.   The M80 & LP2 have vents on the shields to give them a good soundstage at the cost of weaker isolation for letting noise such as wind come in through while wearing them.   (Spider beat me to the question. lol)
Thanks for the chance!  
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