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I voted for 8 colors in total after adding Gunmetal Black. lol
    If its not a special adapter, then it could just be the end of the cable that goes into the headphone.   ...Also i looked up Merzbow and listened for 10 seconds to Minus Zero and it scared me to near death.
  You'll probably get it launch day or maybe the day before.   Just don't forget to post impressions here the day you get them though! lol   Same goes to the other M100 winners. =P   *Anxiously waits*
  They already sent you the random M100 prize from the Recycling contest? o_o
  I think we can say for sure it will be $300.
Ah, my apologies Doc. Sounds like a good idea for the M100.   After looking at AnakChans repost of those two pictures i just realized how the folding actually works and that picture on the left shows no second jack.   However that was a prototype right? So i guess theres still a possible chance for that dual entry jack in the finalized version? Haha   Say AnakChan, is that one of the ends of the cable on the table right under the "a"?
  I think it is dual cable entry. Not only does Val have his head turned in the second pic, but look at AnakChans picture with the M100s right cup being folded and hiding the bottom of it in the shadow where the jack would be.   And to eliminate other certain possibilities:   An amp Doctor? I do not really see this in the M100, just saying.   We know they have made a new mic, and we know there is a coiled cable in the works (Picture on FB with Erick Morillo using...
The Subsisters?
Oh no i was just talking about all the stock M-100 colors not the PPUs. lol
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