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  Sorry, but i was gifted the 4.2 almost about a month & a half ago close to when it came out and i only had a Sony Walkman from the E Series, which i gave to another family member not long after so that is the only device i could compare it to, but i can't remember it well enough to give you a good comparison.
Well over the 4.2, again,  the GP 4.0 & 5.0 can be rooted and being given the voodoo app which i hear helps pretty good with the SQ on both devices.   If you don't mind not having that then you could go with the GP 4.2s stock player or get a different one from the Play Store and in the future a rooting method will probably be added to the 4.2 to give it voodoo sound.
Let me see how much i can help.   For starters here is a website that can let you do good Spec comparisons between 2 or more devices (Already got the GP5 and Walkman Z comparison set up for you):   Now for SQ, I don't own either of the devices to be honest (Well i do own the GP5s newest younger brother, the GP 4.2) so i can only tell you what i have heard about them.   The Sound Quality for the Walkman Z i...
I very much prefer the Gunmetal Color Scheme on this picture to the Phantom Chrome, Chrome is too flashy in my opinion.     However like RPG said with the Teal picture, i feel uneasy about the "claw" being colored also. Yeah its been colored on the other color schemes for the Crossfade LP, but something about it being colored makes me like it and not like it at the same time. lol   Matte Black Metal? I do like the Matte Finish on it and how it isn't glossy,...
Or they could use the good old saying:"Big things come in small packages."
  You could use a random number generator,   1 to 37 unless you plan to exclude those who have already won something.
Congrats on the accomplishment Val!       How many more colors do you plan to release after launch of the M100?   And speaking of the poll, top five colors right now are:   1.Shadow (Red + Black) 2.Matte Black Metal 3.White Silver 4.White + Blue 5.Black & Purple (Nero)
Thanks for the chance Val! May the luckiest man win. lol
Awesome! I'm glad i never gave up on siding with the dual jacks! lol Before he had even put that picture i was sure there was dual jacks after finding this:    
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