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  It was mentioned back in June in the M100 thread.......NEVER AGAIN.  
Val's update 5 months later from the January post.   Like WiR3d said:       M100 is supposed to be an M80 with 50mm drivers, bass improvement and other tweaks as we all know so it can't be a step down especially if it doesn't require an amp to sound as good as the M80s anymore. We all want the M100 to sound significantly better than the M80 unamped (and even more so with one) otherwise we might as well carry an amp around which i agree with you that at that point it is no...
Somehow i guessed exactly who would be wearing the DT770s before i even clicked the thread.
  Quote:     I can't think of anything creative for the hinge name so i vote for this:       Lol
      Also im curious, what was the final color scheme you chose for the M100 Val?
x2   Makes it a good thing that I can't buy a PPU. I plan on getting a market one only if it has a lot of good reviews and lives up to its price.
Some people like me have Photoshop Elements, which doesn't cost hundreds of dollars like the CS versions.
Ah seems i was mistaken, thank you for the correction.
I love the V-80 color scheme with red shields. Stop making me jealous! lol   Anyway, how do you guys think this would look on an LP/LP2/M100 size shield?     Got the idea from a friend when he showed me one of these in person and i liked it. He let me take a non-tilted picture of it like this one is so i could try and outline it and possibly use it for a shield design. Already did it so now I'm just debating on putting a design on the inside.
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