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I just found out yesterday of the lower price deals for the Amperiors. I am finally ready to jump on these headphones after the long wait of a price drop, but if anyone owns both the Amperiors and V-Moda M80s who could give me more of an idea of what to expect than just what I have read from tiny comparisons here and there, I would greatly appreciate it. xD
Yeah the other thread sometimes loaded fast and sometimes slow for me (Resubscribed).
I have to ask, Will the M100 case zipper be possibly made more durable than the M80 zipper?   I went to class this morning and when i was putting away my M80s in their carrying case and i tried closing it the little zipper hook and the zipper itself just broke off after it got stuck and i tried to move it back to try and go forward again. .__.   Before i had sent in my M80s once when the left driver stopped working the zipper hook also got pushed a bit from the...
Val mentioned in the comments of that picture on V-Modas facebook that it is possible for them to do grayscale.   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150709946113092&set=a.10150249433353092.370339.106696703091&type=3&theater
As far as i know its pretty good. The only other music player i could've actually compare it to would be an E series Sony Walkman which i do not have anymore as i gave it to a relative of mine. The 4.2 has a Wolfson chip like the 4.0 so when it's finally rooted I could put Voodoo Sound on it.
  They only released the Galaxy Player 4.2 a few months ago and i received a 4.2 a month later after it was released in May and now there's a new one already. I was hoping to at least feel outdated after a few more months had passed. :|   I wonder what the DAC will be?
  Yeah, someone mentioned that Val mentioned that the M100s wouldn't have changeable wing shields.   Its pretty much true since you don't see screws on any of the wing shields from the pre-released M100 pictures.   (miceblue just beat me to the picture while making this post lol)       Maybe Val can give an entire certain wing assembly color to M100 owners for replacement of the wing shields, he could make an extra box that asks you put in whether you have an LP series...
While the picture of the white LP with black shields, black wing shields and a black headband underneath is an awesome color scheme. You can't change the wing shields on the M100 so in my opinion from how i imagine the M100 without the black wing shields, it messes up the look. The headband on the M100 for White Silver won't be black either so even more so. :|   I have actually grown to like the Matte Black a lot, and personally i would just get that with 1 or 2 custom...
Well with the folding feature it is a pretty Portable Full-Size Headphone. lol   I'll be skipping out on the PPUs, so i can't wait to hear impressions.
[[SPOILER]]   First image was traced manually in Photoshop from a Modular Eight Sided Origami Star picture.   Second one I had decided to take a 3D approach of the first image after seeing that 3D Linsanity Basketball shield design on Facebook so i tilted the image in illustrator and did some extra work on it.   Third one I found from a tatto website, but i edited it a bit.   Fourth one, I'm a fan of this game series and before hand i was looking to make an X out of sword...
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