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Hey man, I've really been on and off all forums this year, but have time to look at them now. We should probably still exchange feedback? ^^ How's the D2k?
Today I got an excellent deal on the D7000... Excellent condition, the plug is just a bit dirty, but that's not the problem here! I had the D2000 earlier, but I forgot how much I loved the Denon sound... The Hifiman HE-400 is also very good, but this bass is just...
Yeah, I love her! Wish I had money for a sister...$_57.JPG
DBV #3!
Hey guys, I have a modded T50RP for sale. It was probably used for less than 1 hour, it was for a school 'study'. However, I need some money or a portable headphone / good IEM more Jimmy
What I want to know: what is that leather backpack in the video...? I can't read the brand
PM sent, I just realized I sent you one earlier too, but no response...
Hey, I'm looking for a Heir Audio 3. Ai or 3. Ai (S). Please contact me if you have one!   Thanks! Jimmy
By the way guys, the black (rubber?) square with 4 things sticking out I assume are the feet, but they are attached to each other? Am I supposed to cut them myself?
The JEM series is the Steve Vai (signature) series; those are the guitars he uses :D
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