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Hello,   I would like to sell my Lawton Audio Walnut cups. I believe they fit on Fostex TH-600 (currently on mine), TH-900 or Denon DX000's.   Please PM me if you're interested!   I also have a pair of TH-900 cups which I might sell, but I prefer to sell the Lawton ones.
Hi,   I have either a mint pair of TH-900 cups or a pair of Lawton Audio cups (Walnut) for sale (I believe they fit on both Denon / Fostex, currently using a TH-600 myself). Please PM me if you are interested!   Jimmy
They said it's correct!
Will do! I think I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day... Does make me wonder if I'd notice the difference between the Multibit and the Modi 2 for example (never heard it).
All this time I was not using a DAC. I just plugged in the Modi Multibit, connected to my Vali and TH-600. Holy Schiit.
I just got my Multibit in, but is it normal that the input is this far off center?
I'll buy them!
Does anyone have experience with swapping the TH-600 cups for the TH-900 cups? Does it affect sound positively / negatively?
 Sounds great! I'll have to wait until Schiit Europe (Sonority Audio, the dealer for the Netherlands) has one in stock... Seems like they expect one next week. Gives me some time to think about it too (although I think I've gone without a DAC for too long)...
Mostly Electronic or (K)Pop. Also use it for gaming!
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