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Hey guys, I was looking for an IEM to buy... Would running these on just an iPhone 6+ be a 'waste'? Is it worth buying a DAC / amp? I feel like I want to travel as light as possible, so maybe these are not for me?
Hey DeLuX, those look interesting! The only thing that worries me is import tax, so they would probably end up around 200 euro. The worrying thing to me looks like the cable, it seems kind of flimsy? I've had cable issues before, not sure how well this cable would hold up, and it doesn't seem replacable?
Hello guys,   I was wondering if you guys could help me find what I'm looking for. I own a Fostex TH-600 which I like a lot and a V-Moda M100. However, after trying an IE80 I would love to find a nice IEM that suits me. I think the M100 is very good, but isolation can be an issue since I'm on public transport all the time, I feel I'm not using it to its full potential.   However, in the past, I've had a Monster Turbine Miles and at times it struggled to fit properly...
 I have a receipt for a thousand euro... Retail was definitely not 400 :(
So far the offer is €700, ideally looking for €800, but that might not be possible.
Hi guys,   I have my Denon D7000 for sale. It is in great condition, low hours... Everything you would want from a D7000. Throw me a nice offer and we can talk about it! Will ship anywhere, PayPal +4%. Everything is original, box and cleaning cloth included!   Jimmy
Hey guys,   I have my backup headphone for sale, the amazing and legendary Denon AH-D5000. It definitely has its battle scars, but it still sounds perfect. I tried to show all of them. A small part of the headband front leather cover is missing and displays the inner softer padding, but it's not like the padding will fall out. I have a Fostex TH-600, and they are a little different, but I need the money too...   On a more positive note, the 3.5 -> 6.3mm screw on...
Which product(s) you would like to review (you may rank the products if more than one): E5 -> Wireless Speaker -> In-Ear3 Head-Fi username: Location (City/Country): iJimmy, 's-Hertogenbosch Do you own any similar products? If yes, which: I have a Schiit Vali as my normal amp and used to own the Monster Miles Davis Tribute in-ears. Link(s) to a previous review(s): http://www.head-fi.org/t/624885/fiio-g01-review-mini-guitar-amp How would you help us to evangelize the...
Hi,   As the title states, I'm mainly looking for the XL pads. Please PM me if you have a pair for sale, I'm located in the Netherlands (Europe).   Thanks! Jimmy
Hello,   I have a pair of TH-600's that are for sale or for trade for a good offer... Bought them earlier this year from another Head-Fi'er, original purchase date was November last year. They about three-four paint chips on them (one about 2 cm long, the others very small), but are in excellent condition otherwise... Let me know what you have to offer! Updated pictures soon, original box is here.   Thanks! Jimmy
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